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Froyo update for HTC Incredible coming August 27th

By: Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 16:49 CDT

It looks like the wait for Froyo if you own an HTC Incredible is about over. The folks at Droid Life got a hold of a leak stating that the official OTA update from Verizon will be coming tomorrow; bringing tasty Android 2.2 goodness to Incredible owners.


The update was expected to hit on August 18th originally, but fell victim to delays. No word on how quickly the rollout will come and how many may have to wait a few days, but I'm sure if you're not in the first group you can find an alternate way to get your hands on the files.

Griffin PartyDock for iPhone and iPad hits FCC

By: Shane McGlaun | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 15:00 CDT

If you have an iPhone or an iPad I am sure you have it crammed full of apps and several of those apps are going to be games. The two platforms have proven to be very popular for gamers and are putting a crimp in the sales of some traditional portable game systems. A new product to allow multiplayer gaming on the iPhone or iPad has been spied at the FCC.


The docking stating is from Griffin and is called the PartyDock. The PartyDock has four individual wireless controllers that allow four people to play compatible games at the same time. The dock will fit the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and comes with three games to start. Those three games include Midway Motors, Fishing Frenzy and Flippin' Frogs.

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Crazy ErgoMotion Laser Mouse helps reduce wrist pain

By: Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 14:04 CDT

When it comes to spending hours and hours each day working at a computer and making the same hand movements over and over repetitive stress injuries can become a big pain literally and figuratively for users. To fight this sort of injury there are all manner of ergonomic keyboards and more available on the market.


A company called Smartfish has unveiled the latest ergonomic mouse to hit the market and the mouse is called the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse. It looks strange and resembles a normal mouse sitting on a stand. That stand slides around the desk and the mouse, tilts side to side, and front to back.

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Canon announces EOS 60D DSLR camera

By: Shane McGlaun | | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 13:04 CDT

Canon is one of the largest firms in the digital camera market and has cameras ranging from cheap point-and-shoot units to very expensive professional level DSLR cameras. The company has announced a new DSLR camera today that fits into the lower end of the market and will replace the 50D called the EOS 60D. It's worth pointing out at the start that the 60D lacks the magnesium alloy body of the 50D it replaces making it a bit of a downgrade in that respect.


The new camera does have some cool features though. One of the cool features is the articulating and swiveling 3-inch LCD that also offers Live View. Swiveling is important when you are using Live View to take pictures. The 60D also has in-camera RAW processing and has integrated creative filters.

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PS4 will have physical media, not download only

By: Shane McGlaun | Gaming | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 12:08 CDT

Years back when Sony launched the PS3 one executive made the prediction that the PS4 would probably not have a physical drive for disc games like the current PS3. After the massive fail that was the PSP Go and its download only catalog Sony has rightfully rethought the download only market.


Sony's Kaz Hirai has stated that the PS4 will have an optical drive and support physical media. He told MCV, "We do business in parts of the world where network infrastructure isn't as robust as one would hope." Hirai continued saying, "There's always going to be requirement for a business of our size and scope to have a physical medium. To think everything will be downloaded in two years, three years or even ten years from now is taking it a little bit to the extreme."

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Edition gets new colors

By: Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 11:04 CDT

Microsoft was out of the peripheral game for a while and then came back with a gob of new offerings. Among those new offerings was a resurrection of its Sidewinder gaming controller name. Today Microsoft has announced a new wireless mouse aimed at notebook users called the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Edition.


The new mouse comes in six different designs that all have the same tech. That tech includes the MS BlueTrack laser senor, 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, a small nano plug-and-go transceiver, and ten months of use on a single battery. The only difference in the mice offered in the series is the different patterns and colors available.

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Sony unveils three new Bravia 3D LED LCD TVs

By: Shane McGlaun | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 10:02 CDT

You won't find a 3D TV in my house until units that need no glasses and have decent viewing angles start to come to market. For now, all we can get are the 3D sets like the new offerings from Sony that need active glasses that cost a bundle. Sony's three new 3D ready LED backlit sets include the Bravia 60NX810, the 55NX810, and the 46NX810.


All three of the new sets have integrated WiFi for connecting to the web and streaming content directly to the screen. That web connectivity also provides a link to the new streaming Sony movie service. The 60-inch set will land in September for around $4700. That gets 1080p resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate.

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AMD releases Catalyst 10.8 drivers with a good lineup of changes

By: Steve Dougherty | Video Cards | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 4:36 CDT

For the first time in a while a set of new ATI Catalyst drivers have been released which look much more worthy of your time in going out with the old, in with the new.


The new Catalyst 10.8 driver suite give a solid amount of promised performance improvements along with some additional functionalities in the way of better optimied video playback quality, support for hardware-accelerated 3D content in web browsers, anti-aliasing support in StarCraft II and OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

If you're running a Quad CrossfireX configuration with Eyefinity enabled you will also appreciate greatly improved performance with this particular driver update.

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Few more tid bits on Microsoft's Phone 7 and Telstra's plans for it

By: Steve Dougherty | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 3:44 CDT

Microsoft's Tech.Ed conference which took place on the Gold Coast recently gave indication of what might be happening with Telstra's upcoming range of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

One such detail mentioned by David Powell whom is Telstra's manager of Device Management & Operations was that there will be a good amount of different Windows 7 based phones on offer right off the bat, but did not say how many exactly.


When questioned about the exact feature list of these next-gen Microsoft phones, Microsoft evangelist David Glover said while there are defintive features locked in for launch and others still undecided at this point, Microsoft is being super careful about giving stable features on a solid platform as a first and foremost directive.

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Foxtel offering TV Guide gadget with remote recording & much more

By: Steve Dougherty | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Posted: Aug 26, 2010 @ 3:12 CDT

Foxtel has finally delivered on something many of its viewers have been wanting for a long time; a dedicated TV Guide with advanced search abilities, remote recording and more from the ease of their Windows Desktop.


The new piece of software was launched this week and is designed to sit neatly on your desktop as a Windows Gadget. Microsoft played a role in helping with the development and in keeping things simple. At the same time, it has a host of useful features not only limited to keyword searching, but also with the ability to view program summaries, create a separate list of your favourite channels and if you're an IQ or IQ2 subscriber, you can also use it so set Reminders and even Remote Record programs up to 14 days in advance (particularly handy if you're away from home/on vacation etc.).

If you don't like the idea of it taking up space on your spotless desktop, you can also download the new Foxtel TV Guide Gadget as a 'Web Slice' through MS's IE8 web browser. It then sits on your Favourites bar and lets you keep track of that 'slice' at any time with ease.