Low-Profile HD 6850 graphics card from AFOX on shelves in Japan

Steve Dougherty | Video Cards & GPUs | Aug 10, 2011 10:48 AM CDT

A particularly interesting looking HD 6850 graphics card has been found in Japanese stores by a company unheard of to most, AFOX. It's not just the brand name and box design that stands out, though. More interestingly, this card is quite a big step away from the reference design in that it is of low-profile stature and without the need for external power.

The low profile heatsink/fan design is also a standout feature with its dual-fan aluminum setup. AFOX appears to have left the stock clock rates on the card alone, however, which are 775MHz on the core and 4000MHz on the GDDR5 memory.

Due to being a low-profile card, it only has 1 x DVI and 1 x DisplayPort output. AFOX does ship the card with a separate full-profile bracket.

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ECS releases a trio of A55 based FM1 boards for budgeteers

Steve Dougherty | Motherboards | Aug 10, 2011 7:27 AM CDT

If you're on the hunt for an aggressively priced A55 chipset motherboard, budget conscious motherboard maker ECS could well be the go with three models introduced today.

These FM1 socket motherboards, suited to the AMD A-Series APUs (Llano) include the full ATX sized A55F-A for the home/budget gamer crowd, microATX sized A55F-M2 which would be a good little base for a HTPC, and also the mATX sized A55F-M3 that looks to be more so aimed toward office desktop machines.

All three have a single PCI-E x16 slot for discrete graphics options if more VGA grunt is needed down the road, but many will find the quite capable integrated GPU core in the A-Series APUs more than decent enough for a budget build while also giving the ability to get a bit of 720p gaming in too.

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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November - Anonymous vows to destroy Facebook on November 5

Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Aug 9, 2011 9:30 PM CDT

Anonymous has had quite the resume built up, responsible for attacks on the Pentagon, News Corp and others have now set their targets on Zuckerberg's love child, Facebook. Anonymous have vowed to destroy Facebook on November 5 citing privacy concerns and the difficulty involved in deleting a Facebook account. Anonymous hopes to "kill Facebook," and the "medium mof communication [we] all so dearly adore."

The full announcement is below (and in the full post of this news) for your reading pleasure. Let's just hope V for Vendetta is not involved because we all know what happens on the 5th of November.

Operation Facebook

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Dylan Ratigan goes off, accuses Congress and the President of being corrupt, entire MSNBC studio stops and listens

Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Aug 9, 2011 8:52 PM CDT

This is not something that you'd find on the front page of a tech site, but while I'm employed to write news for TweakTown, I'll post in my own image. This story covers hundreds of millions of people and further more, the entire financial system of the Western World and beyond. The current financial crisis is not something that "just happened", it is something that has happened over decades and is something that is not being fixed.

It is not something that they should be surprised of and there needs to be huge, systematic changes in the entire US government, Congress, Banking, Law, and virtually everything in-between before we see a true change. Dylan Ratigan of "The Dylan Ratigan Show" really drives his point home and I found myself getting goosebumps and nearly tearing up at just how... I don't even know how to word it, how, genuine and patriotic he seemed.

He comes off as loving America and seeing the problems within the country from Banks, to the President himself. He really touches on some amazing points and I agree with him 110%. If he were to work together with Ron Paul, I believe we could see a true change in America and something the entire world could be proud of. It would bring America back to something Americans could truly be proud of instead of the war-mongering, police-state, corrupt, BS America that we see today. People just don't want to swallow the truth, but as Dylan says, think of yourself and your children - what world will they grow up in? It's only going to get worse if we don't fix today's problems ASAP. Watch the video above for yourself and if you like it, please do pass on the link to this news. Back to original programming after this!

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Facebook Messenger released, a new way of keeping in touch with friends

What's the best way to reach a friend quickly? Facebook message? Wall post? Text message? Well, it seems to be getting easier with the introduction of Messenger from Facebook, a new mobile app that is said to simplify how messaging works, giving you a faster way to message friends and small groups. Messenger is a separate app and only takes one click to get to your messages or send a new one.

Messages are delivered through notification and texts, so your friends should get them virtually instantly. Messenger is capable of reaching all of your friends, whether they're on your friends list on Facebook or part of your phone contacts, all that is required is for you to type their name. The new Messenger app is an extension of Facebook messages which means all of your conversations are in the single place, inclusive of texts, chats, emails and messages. So if you're on your phone or on the Web, you'll have a full history of your messages.

But, that's not all - Messenger also uses locational services to spice things up. If you're planning something or a last minute change to a trip, with Messenger, you can quickly start a group conversation and message everyone at once. If you choose to add your location, the people you're messaging can easily find each other on the map. Also included is the ability to attach photos so that everyone included in the message can see and comment on what you're looking at.

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Toshiba unveil World's first glasses-free 3D laptop

Anthony Garreffa | Laptops | Aug 9, 2011 11:00 AM CDT

Toshiba have paved the way with their new Qosmio F755 which is the world's first laptop capable of delivering glasses-free 3D and 2D content at the same time on one screen. The Qosmio F755 3D laptop sports the latest in auto-stereoscopic display technology, equipped with a 15.6-inch full HD TriBrite display with Active Lens technology, the double parallax image display is able to project two sets of images at the same time, splitting them between left and right eyes to create the 3D effect.

Toshiba also includes their Face Tracking technology which uses the in-built webcam to perfect the projection of the image by reacting to the motion and position of the user, which delivers a broad viewing zone from which to view 3D content. The result? Glasses-free 3D goodness. As the only laptop of its kind to offer simultaneous viewing of both 2D and 3D content on the single screen, it provides users with the option to watch 3D content in a full-screen or condense it to a smaller window, preserving the 2D desktop to browse the Web or do other tasks.

Also included is the Toshiba Blu-ray Player which adds to the laptop's flexibility by delivering "one-click" 2D-to-3D content conversion for DVDs and videos, which gives the user the oppurtinity to enjoy the latest Blu-ray 3D movies or experience their existing 2D movie library in a whole new way.

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NVIDIA ForceWare 280.26 WHQL drivers released

Steve Dougherty | Software & Apps | Aug 9, 2011 8:56 AM CDT

NVIDIA have just released the first major WHQL approved software suite for August, designed for all GeForce cards from the 6-series up as well as the ION platform.

The new 280.26 drivers include updated builds of the Physx system software (v9.10.0514) and HDMI audio drivers (v1.2.23.3) as well as implementing support for SLI on AMD's 990FX, 990X and 970 desktop chipsets (on certified boards).

One of the biggest changes however is in relation to the 3D Vision component, with its controller driver now included in all GPU driver installations. 3D Vision Monitor support has been extended to include some of the latest compatible monitors, including the ViewSonic V3D245 as well as 3D Vision compatible projectors including the Acer X111, BenQ W710ST and NEC NP-V300W.

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Apple sued because OS X boots too fast, seriously

Anthony Garreffa | Software & Apps | Aug 9, 2011 12:58 AM CDT

Yes, you read that right. Apple have been sued over the startup process for Mac OS X. Florida-based company, Operating Systems Solutions recently sued Apple in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, claiming Apple's desktop operating system violates a patent they own for quickly booting an OS. The patent reads:

"a method for fast booting a computer system, comprising the steps of: A. performing a power on self test (POST) of basic input output system (BIOS) when the system is powered on or reset is requested; B. checking whether a boot configuration information including a system booting state which was created while executing a previous normal booting process exists or not; C. storing the boot configuration information from execution of the POST operation before loading a graphic interface (GUI) program, based on the checking result; and D. loading the graphic user interface (GUI) program."

Operating Systems Solutions does not cite a specific version of Apple's Mac OS X in the suit. But they do claim that "Apple sells or offers to sell within this district, computer systems, including but not limited to the MacBook Pro, that utilize the Mac OS X operating system that infringes" its patent.

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All GIGABYTE 6-series motherboards will support Ivy Bridge, PCIe 3.0

Anthony Garreffa | Motherboards | Aug 8, 2011 8:49 PM CDT

GIGABYTE has today announced that their entire 6-series of motherboard are set to support the next-generation Intel 22nm CPUs on the LGA1155 socket, as well as providing support for PCI Express Gen 3 technology which delivers the maximum data bandwidth for future discrete graphics cards. GIGABYTE have enabled PCIe 3.0 support across the entire 6-series range, including the recently launched G1.Sniper 2 motherboard.

All that is required is a new BIOS to be installed and users can rest assured that they are ready to power the latest and greatest when it becomes available. If you're packing a 6-series GIGABYTE board, grab the latest BIOS update for your motherboard.

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HP's TouchPad Tablet PC unboxing video

Nicole Scott | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Aug 8, 2011 12:29 PM CDT

There are only a few tablets on the market where the operating system and the hardware are all made in house. The Apple iPad is the most famous, Blackberry has the Playbook and now we've got HP releasing the TouchPad. However, unlike the iPad, both the Playbook and the Touchpad launched with a somewhat beta-ish feeling.

The operating systems on both units are glitchy at launch, but I'm happy to say that the Playbook has matured nicely into a market ready tablet in just a few short months. HP's TouchPad seems to have a similar pattern, but has only been on the market a few weeks, so they've got a few major updates to go before they get there.

Having said that WebOS, the TouchPad's OS, is a great piece software. It seems naturally suited to the 9.7-inch screen size, with a card-based interface that makes multitasking easy and even fun. There's no rear-facing camera and the selection of native apps available for the device is minimal, but for basic browsing, emailing and reading, the device performs beautifully and the app selection should only get better in time.

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