Toshiba to tease with glasses-less 3D TV

Anthony Garreffa | Displays & Projectors | Sep 28, 2010 8:18 PM CDT

Toshiba are set to show off a 3D TV on Monday that doesn't require 3D glasses.

Toshiba to tease with glasses-less 3D TV |

3D TV's have been out for less than a year from the big manufacturers, all of them require the user/s to wear special glasses to see the 3D content. At the moment the technology involved in the glasses are presented with similar images, then rapidly change between each eye - this is how the 3D effect is shown to your eyes, but because it's going so fast - you don't notice the flicker, you just enjoy the 3D effect, albeit - with glasses on.

Toshiba's new technology throws the glasses away. Exact details of the technology won't be unveiled until Monday - but research by other companies has relied on a filter being placed on top of the TV screen - this filter sends a slightly different image to each eye.

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ORIGIN Unleashes $22,799 PC-Xbox 360 Hybrid Gaming System

Anthony Garreffa | Computer Systems | Sep 28, 2010 8:07 PM CDT

Checked your piggy bank lately?? Been doing the paper run for your neighborhood? Good. You'll need it for this beast.

ORIGIN Unleashes $22,799 PC-Xbox 360 Hybrid Gaming System |

ORIGIN have revealed a $22, 799 PC-Xbox 360 hybrid gaming beast.

This thing is the absolute bees-knees of high end tech, kinda like Cold Rock ice-cream, it mashes together things that shouldn't be mashed together - but ultimately, it tastes awesome. Mixing a high end, overclocked, liquid-cooled PC with the popular Xbox 360 gaming platform is a pretty ingenius idea.

Just look at the specs!!

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Antec's breath of fresh air - Antec LanBoy Air

Anthony Garreffa | Cases, Cooling & PSU | Sep 27, 2010 7:39 PM CDT

Antec have a new case that's about to be released, in the famous LanBoy range, the LanBoy Air.

Antec's breath of fresh air - Antec LanBoy Air |

It seems like a great case for lanners, or for people who like a change (within the case). I think I might end up getting one - I loved the previous LanBoy cases and this seems like a next-gen change on that same great case.

Antec have the following speel on it:

"The LanBoy Air sports unprecedented top-to-bottom mesh construction for extensive air ventilation and includes five 120 mm fans (two front-adjustable speed 120 mm blue LED fans and three 120 mm TwoCool™ two-speed blue LED fans) with space to mount up to 15 total fans. The fans are positioned to create positive air pressure, bringing cool air in and around hard drives and graphics cards, and expelling hot air and dust through the chassis' perforated panels.

The LanBoy Air has an entirely reconfigurable interior with 11 total drive bays (including nine modular bays to accommodate six internal 3.5" drives and three external 5.25" drives.) The 3.5" drives can also take advantage of Antec's exclusive AirMount™ suspension mounting system, which suspends hard drives in the drive bays, reducing vibration and increasing ease of use. Additionally, the 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays can be easily configured in three horizontal orientations: facing the front, right or left to accommodate users' desired chassis arrangements. This chassis also comes with two internal bottom-mounted 2.5" SSD drive bays.

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German newspaper claims Nintendo 3DS hits Japan in November

Shane McGlaun | Gaming | Sep 27, 2010 1:04 PM CDT

The mobile gaming market has several players and for years the players were the console companies like Nintendo and Sony. With the iPhone and iPod touch becoming more popular, those devices are now taking some of the market from the console makers. The clear leader in mobile gaming has been the Nintendo DS for a long time.

German newspaper claims Nintendo 3DS hits Japan in November |

The DS is very important for Nintendo as its best selling console so any update to the machine is a big deal for the gaming firm. The next update for the DS will be the 3DS that we heard about months ago. A launch date of November 20 leaked a while back from a tweet posted by a designer claiming to have made accessories for the 3DS. A German publication is now offering a different launch date for the 3Ds.

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Sony refreshed Vaio notebook line with new color and options

Shane McGlaun | Laptops | Sep 27, 2010 12:02 PM CDT

Sony has announced a refreshed line of Vaio computers that has new features and a new color that users can pick from. The refreshed line is Sony's winter product offering that will carry the retailer through the holiday season. The new updates include CPU options and a few other updates for some machines.


The Vaio EB/EA/AC line of laptops has new CPU options with Core i5-580 and i5-460M CPU options now available along with a new Pentium processor for those looking for a budget notebook. The machines can also be had with a 1GB video card of some sort. Sony is offering free HD screen upgrades while supplies last through October 9 as well. The new color for these notebooks is purple. Sony has updated its AIO L series machine with a Blu-ray drive that can play movies and burn to Blu-ray media.

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AMD Radeon HD 6700 series spec chart leaked

Anthony Garreffa | Video Cards & GPUs | Sep 26, 2010 8:04 PM CDT

This could be a rumour - but from all the information provided, leaked and the stellar 5k series that preceded it - this could be true.

AMD Radeon HD 6700 series spec chart leaked |

It looks as though the mainstream entry from AMD, the 6770 is going to be faster... yes, faster, than the current 5850 cards. If this is true, NVIDIA is in for a next-gen world of hurt.

A <200W part, which could sell for <$250 which would beat current ~$400 NVIDIA GPU's, as well as being a next-gen card - this will sell better than hot cakes being sold by Miss Universe, naked edition.

AMD's own leaked slide says "AMD Radeon 6700 series - twice the horsepower".

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AVADirect ships powerful X7200 gaming notebook

Shane McGlaun | Laptops | Sep 24, 2010 12:04 PM CDT

Gaming notebooks are some of the most powerful notebooks that you can buy and because of all that power, they tend to be some of the largest and most expensive machines you can buy. AVADirect has announced that it is now shipping a new notebook called the X7200 that has some insane specs that will make mobile gamers drool.


The big notebook can be fitted with a pair of the new NVIDIA GTX 480M GPUs in SLI mode. A single 480M is powerful on its own, but a pair will make the notebook performance better than many gaming desktops. The X7200 has an aluminum skin and can be fitted with up to 12GB of RAM. It also features a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

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Panasonic and Charlotte Motor Speedway to install world's largest HD video board

Shane McGlaun | Displays & Projectors | Sep 24, 2010 11:04 AM CDT

If you watch football games on TV, you have undoubtedly seen the huge video walls that many of the stadiums in pro and college football have giant screens that help fans in the stadium get closer to the action even if they are in the nosebleed section. NASCAR and racing fans that visit Charlotte Motor Speedway will be to see the world's largest HD video wall built by Panasonic.


The screen is set to start construction on October 13 and the schedule will have the screen finished by April of 2011. The gigantic screen will sit trackside between turns two and three. The size of the enormous screen is hard to fathom. It will have a total of 16,000 square feet of space. That is the size of some grocery stores.

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HiSaver power strip uses motion sensing to turn off peripherals

Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Sep 24, 2010 10:02 AM CDT

Power strips are something that just about every computer user has a few of around the house or office. There are a number of green power strips on the market today that use a switch to turn off all the power to connected devices when not needed. There are also some that are on timers to turn things off at specific times to save power.

HiSaver power strip uses motion sensing to turn off peripherals |

A new power strip called the HiSaver has turned up that uses motion sensing technology to determine when no one is in the room and turn off your gear. The power strip has a motion sensing box that sits on the desk. When it senses no one in the room it waits ten more minutes and then shuts devices attached to three power saving outlets off. The device has one outlet that is always on.

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Epson debut new Home Theater Projector category

Anthony Garreffa | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Sep 23, 2010 6:44 PM CDT

Today Epson announced the world's first HT Projector with 3LCD reflective technology with contrast ratios up to 1, 000, 000:1

Epson debut new Home Theater Projector category |

The new models are to be named, PowerLite Pro Cinema 61000 and 31000 and also the Home Cinema 21000. Designed for custom installers and HT enthusiasts, these projectors feature a world first 3LCD reflective technology as well as featuring Epson's "UltraBlack" technology for exceptional picture quality and astounding contrast ratios.

"We are very excited to debut our new home theater projector line-up to the custom installation channel," said Marge Ang, senior product manager, Epson America. "These powerful, feature-packed projectors demonstrate Epson's commitment to provide dealers with top-of-the-line products that allow them to design customized home entertainment systems for their customers."

The Pro Cinema 31000 and Home Cinema 21000 round out Epson's mid-level offerings in the sub-$4,500 and sub-$3,300 categories, respectively. Available in black with a silver lens ring, the Pro Cinema 31000 offers 500,000:1 contrast ratio as well as the professional-level ISF Certification color tools featured in the Pro Cinema 61000. The Home Cinema 21000 is cased in a white design and delivers outstanding image quality for a reasonable price for home theater enthusiasts who don't require the professional-level color tools and installation management features.

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