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AMD FX-Series line up revealed, kisses hand and blows a kiss at Intel

Anthony Garreffa | CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs | Tue, Mar 15 2011 6:07 AM CDT

The first wave of AMD's FX-series processors based on a Bulldozer micro-architecture will include four different models with eight, six or four cores and a TDP of either 95W or 125W. The first batch of AMD FX8000, FX6000 and FX4000 chips currently known as codename Zacate will completely support all of the advantages that the Bulldozer architecture has to offer.

AMD FX-Series line up revealed, kisses hand and blows a kiss at Intel |

This includes the new Flex FP floating point processing unit. The new chips (including the eight-core) are projected - by AMD's internal documents - to offer roughly 50-percent performance improvement over the Phenom II-series of microprocessors in multimedia applications.

The main family of AMD FX-series CPUs will feature two eight-core models, a single six-core model as well as a quad-core model. The FX-series chips will support dual-channel DDR3 1866MHz memory, it will also support Turbo Core dynamic acceleration technology and will come in AM3+ form-factor which will have a 95 and 125W TDP.

All FX-series chips will fit into an AM3+ socket, they will all feature an unlocked multiplier (Black Editions) and Turbo Core 2. The FX-series is being fabricated at Globalfoundaries on a 32nm SOI process.

These FX-series processors are not a direct competition for Intel's Sandy Bridge-based i7's, but it will show a change for AMD. Something to finally combat against the constant tick tocking of Intel's lineup instead of trying to compete with the Phenom II-based offerings.

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Microsoft Rolls out IE9, Web that has Beauty

Trak Lord | Software | Mon, Mar 14 2011 11:02 PM CDT

Microsoft just released the "final" version of Internet Explorer 9, the Browser That Started It All. Sort of.

Microsoft Rolls out IE9, Web that has Beauty |

Though there are bound to be bugs nonetheless, Microsoft is touting some pretty impressive features. Though the browser comparison on their website is a bit outdated, here are some of the options that a user just won't be able to find in Firefox 4 or Chrome 9 (Betas):

- Full hardware acceleration for text, graphics, and video provided by default

(IE9 utilizes your computer's CPU and GPU to optimize performance)

-Notification when add-ons slow browser performance

(this would be very useful with all the plug-ins and add-ons available for any browser

-Visual search suggestions as you type

(don't Google and Bing just..already do this, in any browser?)

-Jump Lists and thumbnail preview controls for pinned sites

(Mirrors Firefox's Panorama in function, re: a better bookmarking/tabbing system. Also the added feature that you can set the "pinned" sites to notify you when content changes- sort of like an RSS feed, but controlled by the Browser rather than the host site. Pretty cool)

-Accelerators for quick access to web services without leaving the page

-Most protection against socially engineered malware

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 shown off in 12 minute video, picks up the tab at the bar to seduce you

Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices | Mon, Mar 14 2011 8:30 PM CDT

The first video of Samsungs upcoming iPad 2 competition, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is out and is titled "One day with The New Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1," has been posted on YouTube. It's 12 minutes of hands-on footage and is bought to you by AndroidHD. This is not an official video, with that being discovered subtly by the video's description.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 features a 10.1-inch WXGA TFT LCD display with a 1280x800 resolution, 1GHz dual-core processor, weighs in at 1.23 pounds (599 grams), features a SIM slot, 3.5mm jack, BlueTooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11. It uses Samsung's proprietary charging cable and doesn't have a USB or HDMI port. Galaxy Tab 10.1 does however feature dual surround-sound speakers, an 8MP rear-racing camera with Auto Focus which is capable of capturing 1080p video, a 2MP front-facing camera and is set to become available in 16 and 32GB versions.

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AMD mobile GPU roadmap for the next two years, leaked

Anthony Garreffa | Laptops | Mon, Mar 14 2011 7:30 PM CDT

Wimbledon, Heathrow, Chelsea and Thames - these are the codenames of AMD's next-generation mobile GPUs. The 28nm-based GPUs are expected to be released over next 12 months or so with the first three, Heathrow, Chelsea and Thames set for production starting Q4 2011 with a release of November 2011. Wimbledon behind them with a release sometime in Q2, 2012.

AMD mobile GPU roadmap for the next two years, leaked |

APU's have changed the market and thus, the releases feel this love. The 28nm product lineup shows a redefinition of the categories - "Value" is gone. In its place will be the mainstream/performance GPU, Thames. Thames uses a 128-bit memory bus and has twice the performance of the 2011-based "Seymour" mobile GPU (which is the Radeon HD 6400M). The thermal envelope on Thames will be 15 - 25W which is quite a bit higher than the 10W associated with previous entry-level mobile GPUs.

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Twitter Turns 5 on 3/21/11

Trak Lord | Gaming | Mon, Mar 14 2011 6:27 PM CDT

Five years ago this week, what would be the very successful Social Media site Twitter blossomed into existence. March 21, 2006 saw the world's first tweet.

Twitter Turns 5 on 3/21/11 |

You only get one!

To commemorate Twitter's fifth birthday (5 years in this social media ecosystem is an eternity), Twitter posted a plethora of interesting stats regarding then and now:

[From Twitter's Blog]


3 years, 2 months and 1 day. The time it took from the first Tweet to the billionth Tweet.

1 week. The time it now takes for users to send a billion Tweets.

50 million. The average number of Tweets people sent per day, one year ago.

140 million. The average number of Tweets people sent per day, in the last month.

177 million. Tweets sent on March 11, 2011.

456. Tweets per second (TPS) when Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 (a record at that time).

6,939. Current TPS record, set 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Year's Day.


572,000. Number of new accounts created on March 12, 2011.

460,000. Average number of new accounts per day over the last month.

182%. Increase in number of mobile users over the past year.


8. 29. 130. 350. 400. Number of Twitter employees in Jan 2008, Jan 2009, Jan 2010, Jan 2011 and today.

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Hasbro & Jagex Announce Transformers MMO

Trak Lord | Gaming | Mon, Mar 14 2011 4:19 PM CDT

This morning, Hasbro (King of Toys) and Jagex, creators of RuneScape, announced a strategic development agreement on releasing a Transformers massivley-multiplayer-online-game.

Hasbro & Jagex Announce Transformers MMO 77 |

CEO of Jagex Games Studio Mark Gerhard said in a press release,

"TRANSFORMERS is one of the most iconic brands in the world and we are delighted to team up with Hasbro in order to bring our shared vision to reality. There is a huge appetite for an online TRANSFORMERS game and we will utilize every bit of our development and publishing expertise to deliver a dynamic and action-packed game that TRANSFORMERS fans will find irresistible."

Damn straight you will, Mark. The backlash from a shitty Transformers game is going to be a lot worse than the backlash for a shitty Transformers Film.

Get excited though- the game debuts sometime in 2012 (hopefully before the world ends).

I am absolutely riddled with DINOBOT fever. Here's hoping.

Hasbro & Jagex Announce Transformers MMO 08 |

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Delays Net Frustrated Gamers Product Premiums

Trak Lord | Gaming | Mon, Mar 14 2011 2:57 PM CDT

Thought the iPad 2 lines/delays were a travesty? Quit whining, you knew it was going to happen anyway. Instead, imagine for a moment that you had pre-ordered one of the most acclaimed fighting game's amazing sequel back in January and had still not received it by mid-to-late February? Wouldn't you expect that benevolent game-making enterprise to give you something for your troubles?

Despite initial shipping issues back in February, Capcom has been very generous in its apologies (check out the 3rd entry down in that last link), according to recent Capcom blog post:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Delays Net Frustrated Gamers Product Premiums |

We've been working on this for a while now and some of you may have thought we'd forgotten about you.

We've put together something we hope will help make up for the delayed delivery of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. A free copy of the really tasty Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Signature Series Strategy Guide by BradyGames! It's 400 pages of full color MvC3 goodness.

We're still working out the logistics but look for more information coming to the email address you used to place your order.

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indiePub Announces SXSW Independent Propeller Awards

Trak Lord | Gaming | Mon, Mar 14 2011 1:19 PM CDT

SXSW just had its first game dev competition, offering a $50,000 Grand Prize (It's no Seumas McNally, but still nothing to sneeze at) sponsored by the online and independent gaming development community, indiePub, who is in turn sponsored by Zoo Entertainment Inc.

indiePub Announces SXSW Independent Propeller Awards |

Feel free to check out the press release below, but you might want to know that ALL OF THE WINNING GAMES ARE PLAYABLE at

Cincinnati, Ohio - Online independent gaming community indiePub, sponsored by video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOG), today announced the winners of South By Southwest's (SXSW) first ever video game development competition, the Independent Propeller Awards, held during SXSW ScreenBurn Arcade, the gaming portion of SXSW Interactive.

Selected from 150 submissions, the Grand Prize winner received a $50,000 cash prize, as well as the opportunity for a publishing deal with indiePub, in cooperation with Zoo Publishing. In addition, subcategory winners were offered a supplemental $25,000 prize in the categories of Best Art, Best Audio, Best Design and Technical Excellence, and both the Intel AppUpSM developer program and Unity Technologies sponsored awards recognizing innovation and development.

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YouTube to hire 30% more staff

Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Sun, Mar 13 2011 10:53 PM CDT

Google have had a great time with YouTube and have said that 2010 has been a great year for YouTube. The results of this success are leading YouTube to hiring more staff to allow YouTube to grow. The plan is to expand its staff by 30-percent which makes it the largest hiring year in the history of YouTube.

Right now, YouTube has between 600 and 700 staff, a 30-percent increase would create 200 new jobs. YouTube launched on February 14, 2005 and has enjoyed rocketing success since. YouTube sees 35 hours of video uploaded for every minute that passes and well in excess of 2 billion views per day!

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Nintendo Pods in Major Cities, Including Mine

Trak Lord | Gaming | Sat, Mar 12 2011 9:16 PM CST

From a March 10th press release, Nintendo announced that they would be mounting a cross-country major city Nintendo 3DS promotional campaign in which "Pods" would be showcased in metropolitan areas around the United States (and Canada). Living in one of those major cities, I moseyed over to San Francisco's Pier 39 to check out what was going on.

Nintendo Pods in Major Cities, Including Mine 68 |

The Pod has 8 play-testing spots with different games at each one. The games at the SF location included AR Games, Face Raiders, Street Fighter IV, Madden, Pilotwings, Steel Diver, and the much anticipated Nintendogs + cats. The latter is a Tamigotchi-style virtual pet raising game, in which you can pet your pets with a cursor, feed them, take pictures of them, post them to various social netoworks and even hold in the palm of your hand (thanks to an AR Card). Nintendo is also providing a Mii-maker kiosk adjoining the Pod, where you can make a Mii based on a couple default settings and an intuitive process that adds features based on a self-photograph. As you could post this to Facebook or send this to up to 3 email addresses, many people were enjoying this feature, including Mii. I mean, me.

Nintendo Pods in Major Cities, Including Mine 03 |

Most popular game to demo was a three-way tie between Face Raiders, AR Games and Nintendogs + Cats. All of these games have AR elements or are entirely AR based, so this bodes very well for Portable AR experiences in the near future.

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