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Replica Mario Kart crashed into a Tokyo police station

Ma Yong Kang | Mar 10, 2017 at 06:51 am CST

Even in our wildest dream, we would not imagine a mariokart crashing into a police station until it happened - for real.

Replica Mario Kart crashed into a Tokyo police station |

A Korean tourist who rented a replica Mario Kart from MariCar, a Japanese go-kart company who are currently being sued by Nintendo for copyright infringement since they offer Mario costumes to their renters, has crashed in a police box. The accident took place in the ward's Shibakoen area, at 2:50 pm.

According to The Mainichi, a reputable Japanese news website, the South Korean female tourist, who's in her 20s, "apparently failed to negotiate a turn at an intersection, driving her vehicle onto a sidewalk and then crashing into the wall of the police box. " Luckily, nobody was injured or harmed.

The young woman may have been in a group of other tourists who were driving go-karts rented from the same location: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo-based MariCar Inc.

This raises the question: Did she take part in a real life Mario Kart race? Either way, we hope she's free of troubles, because she did crash into a police station - with a Mario Kart.

Drunk driving Facebook video helped find a drunk driver

Jeff Williams | Dec 31, 2015 at 02:05 pm CST

A man in Ohio wanted a little attention the other day, so he took a 12-second video of himself drinking and driving. But that wasn't the end of the story. He couldn't just share the video with a few friends, that wouldn't nearly be enough.

Instead of doing the sensible thing of keeping his exploits local to his phone, and his close friends who'd no doubt scold yet understand his plight, he posted it to social media. Because that's clearly a very good idea. An anonymous tip to the authorities had the Franklin County Sheriff's Office out looking for him, and eventually they found and arrested him.

On his Facebook, where Dustin Rittgers shared the video, he received a few sensible comments about his reckless activities and even took time to respond to some with "I am a good driver don't worry...I gots one finger on the steering facebooking and it's raining smh I am good. I am a pro."

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This fan-made Millennium Falcon is the envy of all Star Wars Lego sets

Derek Strickland | Dec 28, 2015 at 05:33 pm CST

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens still fresh in our hearts, one amazingly dedicated Star Wars fan re-creates Han Solo's legendary smuggling ship in Lego form.

This fan-made Millennium Falcon is the envy of all Star Wars Lego sets 1 |

Some people use paint to make art, others use shadows, clay or even glass bottles. And some, like this talented brick-building guru, use Legos. As a die-hard Star Wars and Lego fan, I have a soft spot for fan creations set in the Lego universe. I often peruse amazing creations for personal enjoyment, marveling at technical spectacles that combine the sheer nostalgic joys of two of my favorite things.

I've seen quite a few Lego creations in my time, but Marshall Banana's rendition of the Millennium Falcon may take the cake as one of the best. Marshall's creation perfectly reflects the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy" in all of its curving splendor, but this kind of craftmanship calls for extreme dedication: Marshall spent a full year piecing together this massive 7,500 piece masterpiece.

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New McDonald's straw designed in Japan mimics a mother breastfeeding

Anthony Garreffa | Sep 27, 2015 at 04:07 am CDT

It looks like McDonald's in Japan is about to get a few notches weirder, where McDonald's Japan founder Den Fijuta has teased that their new design brief on the company's new straws mimic a mother breastfeeding. Yeah, we're serious.

New McDonald's straw designed in Japan mimics a mother breastfeeding |

The new straws were designed to "pass liquid at a rate comparable to the rate at which breast milk flows to a nursing baby," reports BiongBoing. But according to the McDonald's Japan founder, the straw is designed for McDonald's milkshakes, where he said: "When humans drink something, the speed that produces the most delicious feeling is the speed at which babies nurse...McDonald's straws are designed so that when used with a shake, the speed will be the same as that of an infant drinking breast milk".

Fujita's quote can be found in his book 'Den Fujita's Business Strategies 2: Overwhelming Business Strategies', and we find it quite an overwhelming business strategy indeed. Thanks again Japan, for never ceasing to amaze us.

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iPhone 5S deflects a bullet during armed robbery

Derek Strickland | Sep 8, 2015 at 01:11 pm CDT

Apple's iPhone 5S aluminum-encased body has held up in drop tests, but how far does its durability go? Is it strong enough to deflect a bullet from a semi-automatic handgun? A Fresno State student found out the hard way and now owes a life debt to the metallic mobile.

iPhone 5S deflects a bullet during armed robbery 2 |

According to Fresno police reports, the college student had just arrived at his campus-side apartment when a mysterious stranger approached him from behind, got the student's attention, and fired a single shot into the victim's upper leg. The impact shattered the iPhone 5S' screen in his pocket and miraculously protected the flesh beneath. The victim was completely uninjured.

The phone was encased in a polycarbonate Speck "SmartFlex case", so when combined with the stock aluminum shell that's two layers of protection...but who would have ever thought it'd be enough to stop a bullet? I can't even begin to calculate the odds of such an impact, but they have to be tremendous.

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Max Mad: Fury Road recreated with Go Karts is why the internet exists

Chris Smith | Aug 20, 2015 at 12:27 pm CDT

I'm not sure if you were asking for it and I certainly didn't expect it, but Devin Super Tramp on YouTube has recently uploaded an amazing reenactment of Mad Max: Fury Road utilizing go karts, buggies and paint balls.

Complete with full-on brawls, transitions from car to car, realistic makeup and more, this rendition certainly makes for a cinematic experience.

It's currently sitting at just over 1,000,000 views and the video itself contains a caption from the editorial team that reads "I would love to make more of these. The more people that "like" and share it, the more you can expect more of these" - what are you waiting for, check out the video here.

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Caps lock doesn't earn backers as this Kickstarter pledge earns $0

Chris Smith | Aug 10, 2015 at 04:33 am CDT

Finishing three days ago, a Kickstarter campaign for 'BURTON BROTHERS BBQ' unfortunately reached the heights of a total $0.00 total pledged out of a $135,000 goal.

Caps lock doesn't earn backers as this Kickstarter pledge earns $0 |

Promising to put a "PUT A MODERN TWIST ON AMERICAN SOUL FOOD IN AND UPSCALE ENVIRONMENT TOTALLY DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE COMPLETE WITH DAIQUIRI BAR OFFERING AFTER HOURS ON WEEKENDS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT FREE WIFI AND MAN CAVE !!" This unedited quote unfortunately sets the scene for the overall Kickstarter, with the only reward on offer being a $20 tee or hat.

Without a website, campaign video or a single legible photo on offer, hopefully they come back with a new marketing campaign for 2.0. For a much more heartwarming campaign, check out this little kid called Ari and his pledge to code a sweet video game.

Guest stole $35k of stuff from San Francisco Airbnb host

Chris Smith | Aug 3, 2015 at 10:29 am CDT

In what turns out to be one expensive Airbnb visit for a San Francisco host home, a guest by the name of Jana Dominquez has reportedly stolen around $35,000 worth of goods in a single visit.

Guest stole $35k of stuff from San Francisco Airbnb host |

Lucky for the hosts, cameras were installed and able to capture the action and this goes to show that even though the valuables stolen were secured in a locked closet and office, 'where there is a will, there is a way' with pesky criminals looking to make a quick buck.

Located on 27th Avenue in San Francisco's Outer Sunset district, this theft happened in April 2015 and is currently under investigation by the San Francisco police.

Using Snapchat whilst speeding is never a good idea, here's an example

Chris Smith | Jul 23, 2015 at 06:32 am CDT

One young girl was reminded 'the hard way' as to why using your mobile phone whilst driving is never a good idea. Lead off with a Snapchat captioned "Cuzidoooo," it was all smiles as another 'snap' followed showing a speedometer sitting at "180" kilometers per hour (over 110 miles per hour).

Using Snapchat whilst speeding is never a good idea, here's an example 095 |

The smiles were swiftly removed as Snapchat was instantly informed of this Spanish woman looking for "Socorroooo," or 'Help' in English. Next up came a picture of a totaled car and some friends visiting in hospital.

Using Snapchat whilst speeding is never a good idea, here's an example 097 |

This story not only helps illustrate that using your mobile whilst driving is certainly dangerous, it helps remind people exaclty what can go wrong if you do so. Even more interestingly is the fact that this person took to Snapchat seemingly before all other means, aiming to inform the world of her blunders before dialing for emergency services.

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Always check for cats pre-flight

Chris Smith | Jun 22, 2015 at 09:23 am CDT

Surprisingly enough the pilot of this light aircraft manages to keep his composure fairly well on what was intended to be a scenic flight close around the airport in this soon-to-be viral video.

Not too long after taking off, the pilot was startled by a cat climbing up the wing to say hello and you can see on video the poor captains eyes open wider than they ever have before when he notices exactly what kind of stow-away he has on board.

You've got to be kitten me right meow, this is one of the most unexpected things I've ever seen on YouTube that's for sure. Captain Kitty and all other crew are safe, just in case you can't be bothered watching the video yourself.

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