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A night of new beginnings - first blog post, and first custom cable

By: Charles Gantt | Posted: Nov 17, 2013 @ 21:30 CST

So all of the editors here at TweakTown have been author blogs, a new space on the site for us to talk about what ever we would like. Naturally these post will be filled up with content about our hobbies, extended testing results, and even a hand full of Op-Ed pieces. I am going to attempt to chronicle more of my smaller 3D printing endeavors here as well as highlight my new PC build / mod as well. I may also cover topics like my adventures into fine-art photography as well as my forays into astrophotography.


For tonight's installment, I just want to take a moment or two to brag on myself for my first successful custom sleeved cable. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I am at the very beginning stages of building a new PC that I will be modifying slightly to conform to a very loose Battlefield 4 theme. I wont go into much detail right now on hardware specifications or project sponsors as that will come in another post later this week. I will however unveil that Silverstone sent me an 850W Strider Gold from its S-series of Power Supplies for the build along with a complete set of pre-sleeved cable extensions.

Unfortunately these cables are black and I need a black and neon green combo for the theme I am shooting for. After researching several sleeving methods, I decided to go the complete DIY route and use 550 Para-cord. This is a time consuming process as one must remove the secondary strands from within the para-cord leaving just the hollow tube in which the power cable will slide. Being an avid DIYer and expert maker, I had no doubt that I could accomplish the task, but had no idea how tedious the task would be without removing the crimped connector. Luckily a very conservative application of tape was all it took to smooth out the process and make inching on the sleeving a much less troublesome task. I haven't sleeved the entire cable yet, but will do so later this week.


When it came to the task of selecting how much heat-shrink tubing to use, and how far to place it back from the crimped connector, I kept finding back links to a popular cable sleeving site that sold an acrylic tool for about $10 that gave you a jig of sorts to ensure an even placement across all the cables. $10 was more than I wanted to spend on the tool, so I just simply took a rough guess on the dimensions based on images that contained a wire inside the gap of the tool. Knowing the wires OD was as easy as measuring one of my own. From that I built a 3D model of what I feel is a very close approximation of the tool being sold online. I hope to write a full article on sleeving with para-cord, and how to use the tool in the coming weeks. Until then, if you have access to a 3D printer, you can head over to Thingiverse and print a copy of the replica tool I drew up.

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