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Getting back precious data memories, Kroll Ontrack to the rescue!

It was during Storage Visions 2015 in Las Vegas just before CES was due to kick off that I ran into the friendly folks at Kroll Ontrack. They gave me an introduction to their business and exactly what they do. After I heard their story, I quickly put two and two together and came out with an answer that would probably make them happy and me.

Getting back precious data memories, Kroll Ontrack to the rescue! 1 |

Kroll Ontrack is in the business of data recovery. Many years ago now, I came back from dinner to see my PC switched off and a pile of water in the bottom of my case. Yep, my water cooling setup failed. After drying everything and cleaning everything, I attempted to boot up my PC. As you may expect, I didn't get very far. The system was toast, but worse so was my RAID 0 hard drive array.

I was foolish to store precious data on a RAID 0 array, knowing full well the risks - I was all about performance. Even worse, I didn't have a backup in place. Since the RAID array was built using the onboard RAID controller on the motherboard, I had lost everything. If I was using a discrete RAID controller card, there was a chance it could have skipped getting fried by the water leak, but I was all out of luck. I was devastated. A lot of the data I could download again, but seemingly the data I couldn't easily obtain (such as important personal photos and videos, and emails, etc.) were gone. I still remember how I felt that day.

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A fix to improve Facebook page EdgeRank? Analyze country engagement

Ever since first seeing the video "Facebook Fraud" by YouTuber Veritasium (embedded below), I knew I had to act or at least analyze the situation of our TweakTown page. Veritasium basically claims that Facebook likes, whether bought legitimately or illegitimately, are not worth it - and can actually hurt your page and how far its posts reach people on the social website.

Veritasium in his popular video identified several countries that are known to host click farms - a new-age kind of factory that pays employees around one US dollar for liking 1,000 pages. Are you going to pick up that $1 off the ground now? Anyway, the video goes on to say your Facebook ads are still shown to those people who work in the click farms and to maintain their legitimacy, those people will like regular ads, no matter whose they are.

A fix to improve Facebook page EdgeRank? Analyze country engagement 1 |

Some of these people like more than 5,000 pages and will never engage with your page or more importantly the posts you make. And Facebook's EdgeRank rewards posts with higher engagement, and hence the post will end up being seen by more people, thus giving you better chances of someone visiting your website and reading your content, or buying something.

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Website and Server Optimization: Images - Optipng and Jpegoptim

Alright, hello guys - I got done with my introduction blog post last week, and now we can get stuck into the good stuff.

I think one of the most important factors when working on website and server optimization and tweaking that is forgotten the most is images. We tend to just upload images, make sure they look good and do no more on the subject. Many of us have fast internet connections now and website images usually load in a snap - not like the 56k modem days where we saw them render piece by piece.

Website and Server Optimization: Images - Optipng and Jpegoptim |

You've probably spent a lot of time on your HTML code and MySQL database tweaking and settings, but images are just as important, especially if you run an image heavy website such as TweakTown. My next blog post is going to deal with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to reduce the latency to users, so that not only images, script files and such load faster, but today we need to cover the first part in image optimization - and you guessed it, that is image optimization itself.

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Sorry I haven't blogged yet, I've been too busy playing Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is amazing. Forget about all the bugs and random crashes for a moment, when it works - it works damn well. That's one of the reasons I haven't blogged yet since we setup our author blogs here at TweakTown around a couple of weeks ago.

To be perfectly honest, I've never been a big blogger. When I was contributing regular content to TweakTown before I started handling the business side of things, I figured if I was going to write about something (usually tech related), it was best going up on our site. Nowadays, it usually goes on Facebook in a micro-blogging format. This, my first blog post here at TweakTown, is going to explain what I intend to blog about.

Sorry I haven't blogged yet, I've been too busy playing Battlefield 4 |

Back in the day, that is Intel Celeron 300A days and even earlier (yes, I feel old now), I couldn't take my hands off the latest and greatest PC hardware. If there was something new out, I just had to have it and see how far I could push it via overclocking or tweaking the hell out of it. As TweakTown grew into a serious business and my livelihood, things changed and I started to focus more on the business side of things - selling advertising, managing staff and securing review samples for them, development, making sure the site keeps growing and more. Don't get me wrong - I still build my own PCs and love new technology, things have just changed to how they once were. I guess over 13 or so years, change is inevitable.

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