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Sorry I haven't blogged yet, I've been too busy playing Battlefield 4

By: Cameron Wilmot | Posted: Dec 3, 2013 3:18 pm

Battlefield 4 is amazing. Forget about all the bugs and random crashes for a moment, when it works - it works damn well. That's one of the reasons I haven't blogged yet since we setup our author blogs here at TweakTown around a couple of weeks ago.


To be perfectly honest, I've never been a big blogger. When I was contributing regular content to TweakTown before I started handling the business side of things, I figured if I was going to write about something (usually tech related), it was best going up on our site. Nowadays, it usually goes on Facebook in a micro-blogging format. This, my first blog post here at TweakTown, is going to explain what I intend to blog about.




Back in the day, that is Intel Celeron 300A days and even earlier (yes, I feel old now), I couldn't take my hands off the latest and greatest PC hardware. If there was something new out, I just had to have it and see how far I could push it via overclocking or tweaking the hell out of it. As TweakTown grew into a serious business and my livelihood, things changed and I started to focus more on the business side of things - selling advertising, managing staff and securing review samples for them, development, making sure the site keeps growing and more. Don't get me wrong - I still build my own PCs and love new technology, things have just changed to how they once were. I guess over 13 or so years, change is inevitable.


One of the things I love about my job these days is making the TweakTown website itself as great as possible. With our developer in India, I focus now not only on making site there is plenty of great tech content on TweakTown, but also make sure the website performs and looks great. I want to make it clear from the very beginning - I am no coding or programming genius, but if I get some code in front of me, I can change it and get it to do what I want pretty well. Being someone who looks to get the most out of hardware, what brought TweakTown to life in the very beginning, I guess it's only natural that would evolve into website performance and optimization as well. You could say I've replaced overclocking CPU's and RAM with website tweaking as my tweak drug of choice.


Be it for increasing SEO or just making the website loader faster or look better, I've learned a lot over the past few years - all mostly self-taught, thanks to Google and the amazing wealth of great information out there. In my blogs, I'm going to share many guides and tips on how you too can improve your website. There are loads of tricks, from easy to advanced, that will make your website better in many ways, and when you get these tasks done, if you're anything like me at least, they will feel extremely rewarding.


John Chow, a longtime friend of mine and a great man who once also did the same thing as me, has made a killing from blogging about telling people how to make money online. That's not my goal here, but if I can be even a fraction as successful as him, I'll be happy - maybe you could think of this blog as how to improve your website, as opposed to making money from it. Advertising revenue is one topic I may cover from time to time, as of course, that is also a topic I have a lot of experience with.


The first tip I'm going to give is a very short one, since this was merely an introduction blog post. It's very easy - run your main page (i.e. and several subpages that vary in design and code through Google's ever improving PageSpeed Insights. It provides a wealth of information on how you can improve your website performance, and hence, user experience. These factors that are provided are very important because Google is placing an ever increasing importance on website performance in terms of search rankings and placement in results. Most people won't wait around in more than a few seconds for a website to load, especially on mobile, so pay attention to it.


I aim to post at least once a week here. The next blog post will cover one of the most important factors in improving website performance. Stay tuned for that and thanks for reading!

Please Note: This blog is not edited by TweakTown staff, and may not represent the thoughts or opinions of TweakTown or its editors.

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