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Sony impressed at Mobile World Congress, while Samsung floated along

By: Anthony Garreffa | Posted: Mar 8, 2014 @ 21:58 CST

Mobile World Congress is over for another year, but just who came out on top at the biggest event for mobile devices in the world? Most would say Samsung, but I don't agree. This blog is the perfect outlet for me to vent my disappointment in Samsung, when it really should've gone for the hearts of all of its competitors.


In a time where a manufacturer can go from top dog to second, third or last place, Samsung didn't impress me with its unveiling of the Galaxy S5. There was nothing that stood out feature wise, apart from a few possibly useful features like Driving Mode and Kids Mode. The latter will be a big selling point when telcos get their hands-on the Galaxy S5, especially parents.

But from a technology point of view, the Galaxy S5 intros nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, and nothing revolutionary. Apple has bored me for years with its iPhones, slowly but surely evolving its safe platform. I wanted Samsung to capitalize on Apple's lack of innovation, but was disappointed. My savior? Sony.

Sony impressed me with its Xperia Z1 when I first got my hands-on it a few months ago - unfortunately, I've yet to review it - but it the evolution on its Xperia Z2 was impressive. Sony has baked in a new IPS-based display, something the company calls Live Color LEDs. From the shots and videos I've scoured over, it looks beautiful. A nice upgrade on the already impressive display in the Xperia Z1.

Inside of the Xperia Z2, is a snappingly-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor clocked in at 2.3GHz, a decent 3GB of RAM, and something that Sony has used for a while: waterproofing. The rear-facing camera is 4K capable, which is something all flagship smartphones should sport going into the Ultra HD age of 2014 and beyond.

I don't know what I expected from Samsung, but in a time when I can buy a top-of-the-line Nexus 5 smartphone for under $400, why would I spend over double that on a smartphone that is barely better than what I have right now?

I feel Samsung knows its place in the market, just like Apple does. Why go for a revolutionary change on your flagship device when it already sells tens of millions of devices per year and people are seemingly happy about it? Samsung could've unveiled a new Premium line of Galaxy handsets, something that I've reported on, and now expect the company to do after a disappointing Mobile World Congress.

Sure, the Xperia Z2 from Sony isn't something that I would jump to, but its thinness and 3200mAh battery has me slowly reaching for my wallet...

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