My Google Glass arrives next week, and I'm incredibly excited

By Anthony Garreffa on Feb 19, 2014 at 12:29 am CST

The last time I was this excited for an electronic device, would have to be the original iPhone. At the time, mobile phones were just these devices you used to message and call people - there were no apps, decent rear-facing cameras, wireless charging, GPS, and a billion other things they all do now.

my_google_glass_arrives_next_week_and_i_m_incredibly_excited |

Between the original iPhone and now, the smartphone market has been evolving extremely well, but nothing truly, game-changing has been released - until, Google Glass. Even then, Glass isn't released, it's like being accepted into some secret club where you get to test out a device that will change the world - and it will - early in its life.

I'm a daily user of Google services - I use Gmail, Drive, Chrome each and every day. Maps, navigation and more occasionally, and my daily driver is the Nexus 5 smartphone. Google's services are what defines the company for me, as they are world-class - and best of all, free. Google Glass is a wearable extension of these services, especially for navigation - but mostly, for that front-facing camera in the first-person perspective.

The first-person video recording (and picture-taking) function is the biggest thing for me, something I can't wait to use in the real-world. Taking quick shots of my daughter as she's doing her swimming lessons, or jumping on the trampoline outside, or the arrival of our second daughter in just twelve days time. Glass is going to redefine my life, and I can't wait.

Be sure to check back next week, as there'll hopefully be a steady stream of Glass-based content from me.

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