Seriously, what's Apple going to do with #BendGate on iPhone 6 Plus

By Anthony Garreffa on Sep 24, 2014 at 11:18 pm CDT

Apple is experiencing a huge issue with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, where the top third of the phone bends after a week or so of living in your pocket. Considering the iPhone 6 Plus has only been available to consumers for a week, this is absolutely damning to Apple. As usual, some of the Apple friendly tech sites and blogs have been steering clear of reporting on it, which shouldn't be surprising to most.

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For the unbiased (and even though I say that, I'll get blasted in the comments for this), this simply isn't good, for a multitude of reasons. First, Apple let this smartphone get out into the world, either knowing this would happen (and if they did, that is beyond poor judgement from every level at Apple, right up to Cook), but if they didn't, then it is irresponsible of them to have not tested it (for just a week?) properly.

The problem is, the bending issue on the iPhone 6 Plus is something that cannot be fixed. It's an engineering problem, a material problem, something that cannot be fixed, period. It requires a recall of every handset. What if the screen cracks into your pocket, cutting your leg? Can the battery handle all of that pressure? We're a week in and the pictures are not looking good.

This isn't like the iPhone 4 #AntennaGate problem, where Apple told people to hold the phone differently, or to buy a case that would fix it. This is a game-changing problem for the company. Apple's first large iPhone, and it has completely stuffed it up. There is no sugar-coating it, this is a problem that Apple can't fix easily, and yet the company is dead silent about it. #BendGate is all over the Internet now, on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and everywhere in between, but Apple is nowhere to be seen.

Sure, it has sold over ten million new iPhones in the last week, but how many of those have been shipped that are bending? It doesn't matter if that number is in the hundreds, because the problem we have here cannot be solved.

In the eyes of people who only buy iPhones, people say that they buy Apple because "it just works" and their "craftsmanship is second to none". They think "Samsung phones are made of poor plastic" but I can't remember the last Galaxy smartphone that bent like this - bent to the point of no return, like the iPhone 6 Plus is.

It'll be interesting to see where the coming weeks take Apple, and whether they handle this issue with poise and rationality, or make up some excuse as to the tightness of the pants worn, or those customers should've been using a case on their new iPhone 6 Plus.

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