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Shannon Robb

Shannon Robb

Case & Power Supply Editor and News Reporter

Ohio, USA

shannonrobb at tweaktown dot com

I started my PC journey around the age of six in 1989. The 286 had been out for several years at this point, but I started with something far more troublesome to cut my teeth in engineering. I disassembled and desoldered old IBM XT machines to resolder crystals to push clock frequencies by fractions of a megahertz. Then came the 486 shortly after and the inevitable climb of technology through the years.

Now to present day, I have established myself in the overclocking world and even the XOC scene spending many years pushing hardware on LN2 to find the far edge limits of all new and even old platforms I can get my hands on. I have also worked with design and R&D on various components including PC chassis to optimize the layout and performance for enthusiasts like myself. I have a long history of reviewing for sites such as Bjorn3D which is where I had my start in journalism, and even freelance writing many times over my career. I now write as a staff editor for TweakTown and host my own tech YouTube Channel Bare-Metal Tech. I hope my knowledge can help inform pc enthusiasts and even those who are just getting into the PC hobby so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions for their components.

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