I'm upgrading my system but need some help with the motherboard choice!

Help me choose a motherboard for my new upgrade!!

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I am going to upgrade my system this Christmas, I have chosen the Core i5 3570k and gskill 8GB (4gb*2)

Now the most difficult part: to choose the MOTHERBOARD

I have shortlisted to the following boards:

1) ASUS Z77 sabertooth = $309(in Indian price)

2) MSI Z77 MPOWER = $272

3) ASRock Z77 OC Formula = $309

4) ASUS Maximus V Gene (<3 ROG) = $254

I will strictly use this system for gaming, which motherboard you suggest for gaming and i have NZXT Lexa S case (will the OC Formula fit in it?).

Thank you, waiting for your suggestion.

Hi Sahil,

This is an answer that will change from person to person, and I'll probably get flak for not giving you a specific answer that others were looking for, but unless you're throwing in a bunch of GPUs and other hardware, a decent motherboard is all you need.

I'm upgrading my system but need some help with the motherboard choice! | TweakTown.com

The MSI Z77 MPOWER board is great value for money and offers some great performance, too. It has everything you need for high-end performance, USB 3.0, tonnes of SATA ports and more.

Alternatively, the ASRock Z77 OC Formula is also a great board, but the real statement that needs to be made here is that all of those boards on your list are going to kick ass in your system. You can choose any of them, and you'll have a great system and you'll have a great time with those boards. If it was my decision, I'd spend the least amount of money - and whatever you have left over could spring for an SSD drive if you don't already have one.

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