Which new Lenovo PC should I go with for office-type applications?

Connie is looking at upgrading her aging Lenovo PC with a new one and we provide some advice right here.

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I would like to upgrade my home computer. It is a Lenovo IdeaCentre with an i7-3770 and 12GB of memory. Would a 10th Gen i7 be a noticeable improvement?

I use my computer to surf the internet, store pics, music, and keep financial documents and business forms. Would this be a beneficial upgrade for me?

Hi Connie,

Thanks for the question! Let's look into this!

Which new Lenovo PC should I go with for office-type applications? 1

With your workload mentioned above, you do not have high requirements, as you likely already know. That being said, 10th Gen Intel would be a massive upgrade over the third-generation platform you are currently running, but you do not probably need to go with the i7 variant to get all the benefits.

Instead, you could, if it will save you significant money, go with the Core i3 platform, which is equal in core count to your current i7-3770. One step up from that would be the 10th Gen Core i5 platform, which will offer two additional cores to the CPU. Either way, the platform difference should be substantial with connectivity and storage. The latter should give the entire system a quicker feel to it as long as the PC you choose or build uses a decent NVMe solution.

Assuming you are sticking with Lenovo for your new machine, they offer a solid amount of AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 Pro platforms in their ThinkCentre M75 lineup that would be solid options. On the Intel side, the IdeaCentre 5i looks to be the only 10th Gen platform they are pushing outside of the AIO setups.

I hope this aids your PC choice!

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