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Reusing old i5 3570K + ASUS P8Z77-V to build a PC for next few years?

Jose wants to build a PC based on Intel's Core i5 3570K and is wondering if it's usable for the next few years.

Question by Jose from United States | Answered by in Computer Systems on

What are your opinions on reusing my old PC parts to build a PC for my mom? She would like a desktop build for streaming meetings and presentations along with apps like MS Office.

I currently have an Intel Core i5 3570K, ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard, and 8GB of DDR3 memory. I am just wondering if it would be enough for some years to get by. Thanks!

Hi Jose,

Thanks for the question! Let's get into this build!

Reusing old i5 3570K + ASUS P8Z77-V to build a PC for next few years? 1

First, I'm entirely all for you reusing your parts to build machines for others. I've been doing it for years now myself.

As for the build itself, you have a good set of parts for a simple build for your mom with the 3570K and Z77 motherboard. The 8GB of RAM might be borderline if she starts running multiple presentations, streaming, etc. If it does get to that point, you may want to look at the second-hand market for a 16G kit of DDR3 RAM.

Otherwise, I would throw a decent SATA SSD, Samsung 860/870 EVO, or Seagate Barracuda 120 on the grey ports, load up Windows 10 and all of the needed apps, and send it! I would expect it works just fine for the next few years without issue. Do remember that with you having a K series chip and Z77 platform, you may be able to overclock the system to get more out of it if it does happen to feel slow at any point.

I hope this helps you with your decision!

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