Can I replace the HDD in Seagate's Expansion external drive?

Taylor wants to know about replacing the hard drive in Seagate's Expansion external drive.

Question by Taylor from United States | Answered by in Storage on Wed, Mar 18 2020 8:24 PM CDT

Weird question for you guys but I got my hands-on a batch of 10TB WD Red and I'm wondering if you see any technical issues replacing my 2TB Seagate Expansions drive with one of these? I think the Expansion uses a 7200RPM drive so power should be similar.

Hi Taylor,

Hey! I don't immediately see any issues, but you should know a few things. The enclosure for the Expansion will take some patience to open and remove the 2TB drive. More often than not, Seagate externals use Barracuda 5900 RPM drives instead of the 7200 RPM solutions.

Can I replace the HDD in Seagate's Expansion external drive? 1 |

As you mentioned, power shouldn't be an issue, but I would confirm the drive models in question and lookup the datasheets to make sure the included power adapter with the Expansion can handle the startup load of the 10TB WD Red.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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