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I want to buy a new tablet and would like some advice

I'd like some advice on buying a new tablet, and I'd prefer to have Microsoft Word and maybe a USB p.

Question by Nikki from United Kingdom (Great Britain) | Answered by in Mobile Devices on Dec 26, 2012 10:47 PM CST

Hi there,

I am wanting to buy a tablet but have no idea what sort!

I want one for the usual; surfing the web, emails, FB, photos, movies etc, but I'd ideally like one with at least Microsoft Word, or a way I can record/write anything I need to, a good variety of apps, adequate memory and speed.....and if I was really to be demanding a USB port (but that is not a 'must have').

I'd appreciate any advice on options, cost is not really an issue, but nothing too unreasonable (probably 600 pounds max :)

Thanks in advance,


Hi Nikki,

There is probably one best answer here for the tablet you're after, and that would be Microsoft's iPad competitor, the Surface tablet. They've only started arriving in the UK, where I've read that Surface is available at John Lewis, in both 32GB and 64GB editions.

I want to buy a new tablet and would like some advice | TweakTown.com

The Microsoft Surface 32GB is 399 pounds and you can get it right here.. Surface comes with a single, full-sized USB port which can take most USB devices on the market which makes it a much more versatile tablet than the iPad, or most competitors' tablets.

What you want to do on it, can easily be achieved - email, Facebook, photos, movies and more. Word is available on Surface, where most other tablets don't have Word yet. The USB port that you want, but isn't a must have, is a default on the Surface which makes it the all-round hero here.

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