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Adidas' MiCoach Smart Run fitness tracker gets Spotify offline support

Music has become one of those must have things when it comes to what many consider a successful workout, and Adidas knows this. Today the company announced that it would be adding the ability to play Spotify offline tracks to its MiCoach Smart Run wearable fitness tracker. While the fitness tracker has had Spotify support for some time now, offline track playback was not enabled.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37464_1_adidas_micoach_smart_run_fitness_tracker_gets_spotify_offline_support.jpg


Several websites have confirmed from Adidas that the offline functionality will be enabled and that more features will be coming to the MiCoach Run before the end of the year. Most likely the software update will arrive for users to download around the holiday season later this year. No word was given on what the new features may be, but we are sure that they will be awesome!

Google's Glass cost only $80 to build, so why does it cost $1500

While Google Glass has been regarded as a major advancement in wearable technology, the general public has been, for the most part, hesitant to purchase a pair of Google Glasses themselves. While I am sure that there are thousands of early adopters, techies, and trend followers who have dived head first into the world of Glass, the $1500 price tag makes it very hard for many consumers to swallow, including myself.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37445_1_google_s_glass_cost_only_80_to_build_so_why_does_it_cost_1500.jpg


According to new estimates, Google Glass is only comprised of about $80 in components which leaves one to wonder why exactly the new technology is worth the $1500 premium that Google has placed on it. Now before anyone jumps on me, I am sure that manufacturing, packaging and marketing cost are factored in as well, but at tops, I see Glass being worth only about $350-500. I also get that Google needs to recoup some of the R&D cost on Glass, but even then a $550-700 price tag would see fair.

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Latest update for Google Glass adds photo and video backup, and more

Another update is coming for Google Glass, which will see photo and and video backup, as well as the ability to remove photos and videos from your timeline, and smarter phone answering.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37409_05_latest_update_for_google_glass_adds_photo_and_video_backup_and_more.jpg


Backing up photos and videos only takes place when Glass is on charge, and connected to your Wi-Fi network. If you want to force a backup, this is now possible, where you simply swipe up to the Auto Backup card in Settings and tap it to begin backing your Glass up. Clearing videos and photos from your timeline, according to Google its: "one of our top community requests". Clearing all of the photos and videos from your timeline can be done by tapping the Auto Backup card, and then swiping up forward.


The last part of the update is to Glass being smarter at answering phone calls. If you answer the phone call with your smartphone, the smartphone will take over the audio, if you answer on Glass, the Glass will be responsible for audio. If Glass is left inactive (such as when it detects it's not on your face) then phone calls won't be blasted to it. opens new online storefront specific to wearable technology

2014 has definitely been the year of the wearable, and with the sector growing more with every passing day more retailers are finding better ways at capitalizing on this trend. Today announced that it has launched a new online storefront that is dedicated 100-percent to wearable technology.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37395_1_amazon_com_opens_new_online_storefront_specific_to_wearable_technology.jpg


"Wearable technology is an exciting category with rapid innovation and our customers are increasingly coming to Amazon to shop and learn about these devices," said John Nemeth, Director of Wireless and Mobile Electronics at Amazon. "We're thrilled to bring our customers a store with the largest selection and great prices that helps eliminate the guesswork when deciding which wearable devices best fit their needs-whether that is tracking activity, staying connected through smart watches or capturing their next adventure with wearable cameras."

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Oculus Rift used to show how bad Internet lag really is

Sitting here in Australia writing my news, I'm tethered to my smartphone because my 4G access is faster than my 8Mbps home Internet connection. I know what lag is, but do you? Well, Swedish broadband provider,, has used Oculus VR's Rift headset to display how lag would be if it were in real-life. used an experiement it called "Living with lag," where four volunteers went about in their daily lives using an Oculus Rift, strapped up with a Raspbeery Pi, webcam and noise-cancelling headphones. This gave the volunteers simulated lag in two parts: 0.33 seconds, or a full 3-second delay. The results are quite amusing, with the lagged out volunteers stuffing about in their normal daily lives.

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A working Pip-Boy 3000 has been thanks to NASA's SpaceApps Challenge

Most people who have played Fallout 3 loved the idea of the wearable Pip-Boy 3000 device, well, a five-member group called Team Reno have done just that - created a Pip-Boy 3000 like device.



Team Reno created the device as part of NASA's SpaceApps Challenge, which saw designers creating wearable technology for future space travelers. Team Reno's device was capable of displaying relative humidity, altitude, latitude and longitude, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, object temperature, and radiation levels.


The team wrote about their entry, saying: "We wanted to make a piece of popular science fiction into a reality so we chose the Pip-Boy 3000 from the game Fallout 3. The goal was to bring environmental sensors into an easy-to-use cuff device that could help a wearer determine if their environment is safe for navigation or helmet removal".

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Virtuix receives $3 million in investor funding for its Omni treadmill

There are some incredibly exciting devices coming out this year, with the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill being one of them. Virtuix, the company behind the VR treadmill, has just received $3 million in a round of investment.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37276_03_virtuix_receives_3_million_in_investor_funding_for_its_omni_treadmill.jpg


Virtuix has said that it will use the investment to increase the amount of staff it has, improve the mass production as well as the distribution of the Omni treadmill. The Virtuix Omni begins shipping in a few months to its Kickstarter backers, after which it will go on sale to the general public - and hopefully arrive at my house for a good old thrashing.

Zuckerberg tested Sony's VR headset before acquiring Oculus VR

When you're about to put down $2 billion on a company that hasn't released a product to consumers yet, you might want to test the waters first - especially when there are other VR companies on the market. This is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook did, before deciding on acquiring Oculus VR.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37272_01_zuckerberg_tested_sony_s_vr_headset_before_acquiring_oculus_vr.jpg


GameSpot is reporting that this information came from PlayStation Marketing executive, Guy Longworth. Longworth reportedly said during the Games Marketing Summit 2014 that Zuckerberg asked "Can I have a tech demo?" of Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset. Longworth was curious as to why Zuckerberg wanted to test out Sony's VR headset.


Longworth then joked around, saying: "I wish he bought ours," adding that VR is a trend that isn't going to disappear. He said: "I think that being able to have experiences that are truly deep and immersive...that it somehow makes you feel you are something that people want. If you could really deliver that in the future, that would be huge".

LG's G Watch will feature an always-on, water-resistant screen

LG has been teasing its G Watch smartwatch for quite sometime now, but more details continue to leak out about the Android Wear-powered device. Now we're hearing it will come in two colors: stealth black and champagne gold.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37209_04_lg_s_g_watch_will_feature_an_always_on_water_resistant_screen.jpg


Not only that, but the display will be an always-on screen, with the G Watch being both dust and water-resistant. The always-on screen should be the biggest thing to take away from this news, as it would make sense to have it always-on, and always-listening thanks to the "OK Google" commands that you can use.

Oculus Rift receives teardown treatment, done in stop-motion

If you haven't used an Oculus Rift headset yet, whenever you get the chance, you really should. Jake Roper from YouTube's Vsauce3 has torn the VR headset apart in a new stop-motion video.



It's a very cool way of taking a look at the VR headset, in a very unique way. It gives you a look at the internals of the Rift, but if you wanted some pictures and a slower walkthrough, you can take a look at our unboxing video and article right here.

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