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Huawei enters the smartband market with the TalkBand B1

MWC 2014 - Huawei has taken the wraps off of its new smartband, the TalkBand B1. The Huawei TalkBand B1 features a 1.4-inch flexible OLED display that supports wireless calling.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35679_09_huawei_enters_the_smartband_market_with_the_talkband_b1.jpg


There's a removable earpiece inside of the TalkBan B1, which is why it is 14.6mm thick. It also has plenty of fitness tracking abilities, where it will record how many steps you've taken, how far you've traveled, and just how many calories you've burned. There's also a sleeping pattern monitor which will keep track of you snoozing away at night, as well as a smart alarm function which will wake you up at the right time.


NFC is featured for pairing, with the internal 90mAh battery good for around six days of use. There's no word on pricing, but the B1 will launch in China next month, with Japan, the Middle East, Russia and Western Europe having to wait until Q2 2014 to get their hands, or wrists, on the TalkBand B1.

Sony to unveil its PlayStation 4 VR headset next month

We've heard about Sony's VR headset quite a few times now, but it looks like we'll see the Japanese electronics giant unveil its PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset at the 2014 Game Developers Conference next month in San Francisco.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35662_02_sony_to_unveil_its_vr_headset_next_month_will_be_teased_at_gdc_2014.jpg


TechRadar has an "inside source" who told them that Sony's VR headset is coming along well, with the source saying: "The quality and resolution are really, really good. People will definitely be impressed with what Sony's built". Sony was expected to unveil its VR headset earlier, but the company wanted extra time on the device before it officially unveils it.


The source added: "Sony has deliberately taken its time to tweak and polish the headset before revealing it". Sony already has a few VR headsets, but this new device is made purely for gaming. VR gaming will be big business in the years to come, so Sony arriving on the market first with a consumer VR device will be a big bragging point for the company.

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Samsung's new Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo smartwatches ditch Android

Mobile World Congress 2014 - Mobile World Congress 2014 kicks off in just a matter of hours, but Samsung has jumped the gun announcing two new smartwatches. The two new smartwatches don't feature the word "Galaxy" in their name, they're just known as Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35655_10_samsung_s_new_galaxy_gear_2_smartwatch_ditches_android_for_tizen.jpg


Samsung has opted to drop Google's mobile OS Android, in favor of Tizen, something we thought would happen. The new smartwatches don't only feature Samsung's open-source OS, but they will feature revamped hardware, too.


The front-facing camera has been moved from the face of the smartwatch into the strap on the body itself, an IR port is provided so that it turns the Gear 2 smartwatches into a full living room remote. As for hardware, we have a 1.63-inch 320x320 Super AMOLED display, single-core processor at 1GHz, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of on-board flash.

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Google rumored to unveil its own smartwatch very soon

We reported about Google working on its own smartwatch all the way back in August of last year, but it looks like the Mountain View-based search giant is reaching the launching point of its new smartwatch.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35650_03_google_rumored_to_unveil_its_own_smartwatch_very_soon.jpg


TechCrunch is reporting that Google will "officially" begin shipping its smartwatch sometime in the second half of next month, but members from within Google's smartwatch team say that the date will be pushed back until June. Alternatively, Google could launch the smartwatch early, without its full feature set, which would be unfortunate.


According to people familiar with the matter, an early version of Google's smartwatch featured a metal band, square face, colorful digital display with a gradient background where colors gently fade from one to the other. Google will reportedly ship its smartwatch with a plastic band versus a metal band, like the Pebble Steel, but it is just one of the many prototypes the company is working on.

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Cuff wearables collection blends tech with high fashion in fun way

Startup founder Cuff recently launched a wearables product line that is more fashionable and appealing, hopefully to cater to customers looking for functional, visually appealing products.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35641_01_cuff_wearables_collection_blends_tech_with_high_fashion_in_fun_way.jpg


Included in the Cuff collection are bracelets, necklaces, and key chains that look like something from a women's magazine as opposed to a geeky tech magazine. The products range in price from $50 up to $150 and are currently only available with Apple iOS 6 or newer - no Google Android support is available, and will roll out a custom app once Android has stable Bluetooth 4.0 support, according to the company.

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Wearable price, form factor need to drop to spur consumer attention

Wearables have tremendous potential for the enterprise and consumer markets, but the industry still has multiple challenges to overcome. Companies are focusing more on the enterprise wearable market at the moment, but technology breakthroughs should trickle into consumer markets as familiarity and stability increase.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35626_01_wearable_price_form_factor_need_to_drop_to_spur_consumer_attention.jpg


(From right to left: Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO; Paul Travers, Vuzix CEO; Fred Ishii, Iron CIty Micro Display founder; Mark Spitzer, Google X Director of Operations; and Jessica Lessin, moderator)


During the recent Kopin Wearable Technology Launch Event in Santa Clara, California, panelists spoke during a round table discussion and shared their views on what needs to change for the future of wearables to accelerate even faster.


"Miniaturization is hugely important - and second to that, bringing down cost (is important)," said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO, during a panel discussion at the Kopin press event. "Consumers are now more aware and willing to adopt it. Technology is now pervasive in our lives and users look for easier ways to access it."

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Broadcom unveils new energy efficient GPS chip for smartwatches

With the 2014 Mobile World Congress just around the corner, some of the major players behind the scenes in the mobile device world are beginning to release info on what can be found under the hood of the next-generation devices we will see showcased next week. Broadcom has just unveiled its newest System on Chip (SoC), that is designed for the smartwatch segment of the market.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35582_1_broadcom_unveils_new_energy_efficient_gps_chip_for_smartwatches.jpg


The new BCM4771 GNSS System on Chip is designed to fix some of the power-hungry issues with GPS on current SoCs on the market. Built on a 40nm process, the chip features a new GPS sensor hub that us designed to not only shrink the component size, but greatly reduce the power draw of the device when used in applications where a small battery may be the only option. This comes in quite handy for devices like smartwatches and smart glasses, where batteries are typically in the 300-500mAh range. Broadcom says the device will launch in late March and will arrive in retail devices by the end of the summer.

Oculus Rift DK1 no longer being produced, DK2 on its way?

The original Oculus Rift development kit (or DK1) is no longer being manufactured by Oculus VR, with the company out of the necessary materials to produce more Rift DK1 units, according to a post on the /r/Oculus section of Reddit.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35567_02_oculus_rift_dk1_no_longer_being_produced_dk2_on_its_way.jpg


Oculus VR is "looking for alternate sources for the needed components", but doesn't have a time frame of when additional Rift units will be made available. The company will sell out of its inventory in each region, but once this happens it will halt sales in that particular region until it can deliver new orders to consumers.


Right now, Oculus VR is only selling and shipping Rift DK1 units to the following countries:


  • United States
  • Canada
  • Countries in the European Union
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Norway


Not so surprisingly, /r/Oculus poster 'cybereality' said: "We never expected to sell so many development kits and VR only made this much progress with the community's support and enthusiasm. Even though we never wanted to sell out, it's a good problem to have -- Thank you!"

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HTC rumored to unveil a smartwatch at MWC 2014 next week

Mobile World Congress 2014 kicks off in Barcelona, Spain next week, and the latest rumor is that HTC will unveil a smartwatch at the event. The device in question would be powered by Qualcomm internals.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35566_01_htc_rumored_to_unveil_a_smartwatch_at_mwc_2014_next_week.jpg


Considering Qualcomm has its own smarwatch in the Qualcomm Toq, this would be an interesting move for the struggling Taiwanese company to pull off. Bloomberg is behind the report, which states that the company might also show off a second smartwatch that would use the amazing powers of Google Now, as well as an "electronic bracelet that plays music". Next week should be quite hot with mobile and wearable devices, that's for sure!

Sony will reportedly show off VR headset for the PS4 at E3 this year

We've heard a bit about Sony's venture into virtual reality, but nothing has entered actual reality just yet. Another tease is here, with an industry insider hinting that Sony would show off a VR headset for the PS4 at E3 2014 in June.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35558_04_sony_will_reportedly_show_off_vr_headset_for_the_ps4_at_e3_this_year.jpg


Ahsan Rasheed, or thuway on Twitter, posted on the social network: "Ugh I just got a bit of info I was sworn to secrecy on :-/. VR is going to be amazing. You will say KANDO". He continued: "Very interesting solutions, multiple prototypes, but the end product is Hnnnnng. Say hello to Gran Turismo 7", suggesting that Sony is indeed working on its own VR headset.


If you were excited with that news, prepare your VR underwear for the next bit: Rasheed also mentioned PS4 VR in one last final tweet, where he listed upcoming Sony projects:


Things to look forward to-


  • 1. Drive Club updated footage
  • 2. PS4 VR + SSM New IP
  • 3. UC 4
  • 4. Guerilla new IP
  • 5. UC4
  • 6. The Last Guardian


This is where things get inteersting, as Guerilla with a new IP working on VR would be quite the title, and so would The Last Guardian. SSM most likely refers to Sony Santa Monica, which is the development studio who made God of War and others.

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