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Crytek's VR demo "Back to Dinosaur Island" from GDC 2015 is amazing

Crytek was showing off a demo that was impressing everyone at the Game Developers Conference last month, but it has only seen the light of day outside of GDC 2015 just now.



The "Back to Dinosaur Island" VR demo is embedded above, and was shown off at GDC 2015 on the Oculus Rift to showcase Crytek's impressive VR technology inside of its CryEngine. The environment and attention to detail on the dinosaurs is pretty impressive, with Crytek Producer Fatih Özbayram taking to Twitter to describe the demo:


"Our demo has a variety of interactions. One of them is the interaction with a Hollywood feel T-Rex which mimics your head movements. The narrative [of] our demo is you being a baby dinosaur sitting in the middle of a nest of other dinosaur babies about to hatch. We've chosen dinosaurs as we wanted to nod to the origins of Crytek".

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IBM, Johnson & Johnson want wearables to give doctors more data

IBM and Johnson & Johnson are working together to create a new generation of virtual coaching solutions and services, aimed at making people healthier - and ensuring doctors are more easily able to view medical data.




Johnson & Johnson wants new health and wellness offerings to help joint replacement and spine surgery patients, using data collected and stored in the IBM Watson Health Cloud.


"Healthcare providers and hospital systems are actively trying to make their approach to care more consumer-centric and to understand their patients in new ways," said John Kelly, SVP of solutions portfolio and research at IBM.

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ASUS goes for battery life with fitness focused VivoWatch smartwatch

The upcoming VivoWatch from ASUS is shaping up well, teasing a 10-day battery life according to the latest reports. ASUS is aiming for fitness users with the VivoWatch, a change from the usual market demands for a fashionable, but simple Watch.




The VivoWatch features a stainless steel body, IP67 dust and water rating, a heart-rate monitoring sensor that also tracks sleep, and a black-and-white display with a separate colored indicator bar below it. The display is probably one of the very big reasons ASUS touts a 10-day battery life, but with it concentrating on fitness, that would help with battery life, too. The ASUS VivoWatch doesn't need to worry about doing anything fancy, which is great for long lasting battery life.


Other sources are reporting that the ASUS VivoWatch will feature smartwatch-like functionality, such as notifications, and more. The biggest point of the device is going to be the price, so we'll have to see if ASUS prices the new VivoWatch competitively or not.

Apple Watch should help boost interest, sales of rival smartwatches

The Apple Watch has drawn intense media attention and interest from consumers, but people not interested in spending $349 - or more - have plenty of alternatives they can choose from. The overall smartwatch market is still extremely small, but with a growing number of vendors stepping up to release products, there is great hope that consumers will begin adopting wearables in the future.




"Apple (has) left room for the competition with their fairly high price," said Nick Spencer, senior practice director of ABI Research, in a statement published by CNBC. "I think this enables the consumer scenario of, Apple has launched a smartwatch, therefore I need one, but don't want to pay $349, so I'll buy a (cheaper) Android watch instead."


There were more than 5 million smartwatches shipped in 2014, with Samsung selling 2.15 million units - and no other competitor selling more than 1 million - and those numbers are expected to accelerate in 2015. The launch of the Apple Watch, however, has brought new attention to the smartwatch market, and could help bring even more attention to the market.

Apple opens up pre-orders for Watch, with shipping dates expanding

The day is nearly here: Apple Watch pre-orders have opened up, starting at $349 scaling all the way up to $17,000 for the insane 18-karat gold laden Apple Watch Edition.




Apple's first wearable had its pre-orders secured by consumers in just a few minutes, with the first wave of Watches shipping on April 24. But for those who purchased the Watch with more expensive bands, the shipping dates are already expanding from anywhere between 4-8 weeks, leaving some future Watch owners waiting until June to receive it.


If you splashed out over $10,000 for that Apple Watch Edition, you will be waiting until at least July or August for your smartwatch.

Apple Watch reviews are in, with mostly iPositive things to say

A few technology journalists have gotten some wrist-on time with the Apple Watch, throwing out their reviews on Apple's first wearable: Watch. It looks like most say it's the best smartwatch out there, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows for Watch.




The New York Times has said "unlike previous breakthrough Apple products, the Watch's software requires a learning curve that may deter some people. There's a good chance it will not work perfectly for most consumers right out of the box, because it is best after you fiddle with various software settings to personalize use. Indeed, to a degree unusual for a new Apple device, the Watch is not suited for tech novices".


The Verge was more than happy with Apple Watch, with a snippet of their review teasing: "There's no question that the Apple Watch is the most capable smartwatch available today. It is one of the most ambitious products I've ever seen; it wants to do and change so much about how we interact with technology. But that ambition robs it of focus: it can do tiny bits of everything, instead of a few things extraordinarily well. For all of its technological marvel, the Apple Watch is still a smartwatch, and it's not clear that anyone's yet figured out what smartwatches are actually for".


There are other reviews too, which you can find below:




The Wall Street Journal


Victorinox Swiss army knife maker jumping into smartwatch market

Victorinox, the original Swiss army knife maker, will launch its first smartwatch by the beginning of 2016, according to the company CEO.




"Our concept is something approaching a smartwatch," said Carl Elsener, Victorinox CEO, in a statement to Reuters. "We're looking for the opportunity to expand the functions of our watches. But at the same time the watch must have a long lifespan compared to a mobile phone or a computer."


Traditional watch makers and other consumer product companies are trying to find ways to cater to an increasingly digital customer base. Although some companies want to release full smartwatches, others are choosing to add select digital features that may be appealing to wearers.

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Consumers don't need to be in manic rush to buy new smartwatches

The smartwatch market is about to receive a major promotional push courtesy of the upcoming Apple Watch release - but casual consumers may want to wait a year or two before choosing a smartwatch, according to a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.




Early adopters are going to have the chance to help mold how manufacturers package future watches, helping determine what features they want the most. It will take time for hardware and software options to become standardized, as smartwatches are still relatively new to the consumer market.


"Right now there is tremendous innovation in [display technology for smartwatches]," said David Singleton, director of engineering for Google's Android Wear, in a statement to the WSJ. "Next year's technology will be a step change from lat year's. And, if you asked me which will dominate in five years, I couldn't tell you which will."

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The F-35 fighter jet includes a $400,000 augmented reality helmet

Lockheed Marting has been developing the F-35 fighter jet for what feels like forever, but it could be the helmet that the F-35 Lighting II pilots will be wearing is the most interesting part of the fighter jet.




The helmet itself costs a huge $400,000, with teh fighter jet itself being one of the "most complicated weapons systems ever developed" reports The Washington Post. The helmet allows the pilot to see through the plane, so that when they look down, instead of seeing the floor of the F-35, they see the ground beneath them. If they turn around, they'll see the sky or the enemy flying behind them.


This is all thanks to the F-35 having six cameras embedded into the skin of the aircraft, so that when the pilot turns their head in a particular direction, they're actually just looking through that camera. The camera captures the imagery, blasting it to the projector inside of the headset. The helmet is pretty much a glorified augmented reality headset, allowing F-35 pilots to see things on the ground that they would not normally see, or would have to fly past and turn back around to get a better view.

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Motorola's next Moto 360 smartwatch codenamed "Smelt", arrives in 2015

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Motorola is working on a successor to its Moto 360 smartwatch, as it was one of the most popular Android Wear-based wearables when it was released last year.




Motorola is reportedly working on a successor to the Moto 360, something that has a codename of "Smelt", with Smelt running Android 5.1, and featuring a 360x360 resolution display. But what does "Smelt" mean? Well, according to Phandroid, Smelt is described as a "small silvery fish" which falls in line with the other codenames of the previous Moto 360 smartwatches.

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