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Rumor mill says mass production of Apple Watch starts in January

A rumor out of Taiwan indicates the Apple Watch will enter mass production starting in January, with Quanta Computer reportedly prepared to manufacture up to 24 million units during the first year. Quanta is stepping up employees from 2,000 up to 10,000, and should be extremely busy trying to keep up with orders.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41928_01_rumor-mill-mass-production-apple-watch-starts-january.jpg


Final pricing of the Apple Watch hasn't been published, but entry-level pricing begins at $250.


The wearables market is gaining steam in the United States, and the Apple Watch is expected to drive the industry to new heights. Microsoft, Samsung, LG and Motorola already have smart watches available on the consumer market, but Apple is predicted to quickly dominate all rivals.

Researchers studying confrontations with police via body cam footage

In addition to providing an enhanced view of police interactions with the public, there is another benefit of police officers being equipped with body cameras: researchers will be able to study video and audio footage to help create more realistic training scenarios for officers. Researchers from UCLA will pull video and audio material from up to 100 officers at an undisclosed police agency.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41902_01_researchers-studying-confrontations-police-via-body-cam-footage.jpg


"While we focus attention on things that escalated all the way to extreme outcomes, we know a lot less about other events," said Jeff Brantigham, an anthropologist from UCLA, in a statement published by the MIT Technology Review. "Things that went down a dangerous path and ended up being okay. Why did it end up that way? That would provide a huge benefit in terms of training."


The Obama Administration has promised $75 million in funding for body cameras, as many police departments across the country show interest in deploying them.

Report: Smart wearables will blend in as normal accessories by 2017

The smart wearables market is growing at a rapid pace, and it won't take too long before these high-tech products are "completely unobtrusive" to the eye, according to Gartner. By 2017, 30 percent of consumer smart products will no longer be eye-sores that owners don't want to wear on a frequent basis.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41891_01_report-smart-wearables-blend-normal-accessories-2017.jpg


"Already, there are some interesting developments at the prototype stage that could pave the way for consumer wearables to blend seamlessly into their surroundings," said Annette Zimmermann, Gartner research director, in a statement.


Even though consumers are still curious about the market, there is a strong push to help ensure smart wearables blend in - as prices drop and technology increases - should only help the market mature even faster. Companies already are working on smart contact lenses and smart jewelry, catering to new revenue streams that tech companies sometimes miss.

Wearables market will receive strong boost in the business world

The wearables market is still growing, but could end up being a major emerging technology - especially in workplaces, as businesses embrace them for employees. A third of companies in Europe plan to roll out some form of wearable technology in 2015, according to a survey from IT and systems monitoring company Ipswitch.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41860_01_wearables-market-receive-strong-boost-business-world.jpg


The French (34 percent) and German (33 percent) governments should lead wearable adoption, ahead of the UK (25 percent) and other European Union countries. Even if companies don't provide wearable products to employees, many of them - led by the Apple Watch - can benefit from increased demand.


Analysts are still unsure what to make of the wearable market for consumers and business employees, only simply saying that it will see tremendous growth over the next few years.

Jawbone announces new initiative to keep company's employees healthy

Jawbone wants to see the workplace become a health competition with its latest Up for Groups initiative, which is their latest ecosystem for its range of wearables.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41845_01_jawbone-announces-new-initiative-keep-companys-employees-healthy.jpg


Up for Groups will give employers a bunch of tools that can keep their staff motivated and reaching different fitness achievements, while using Up24 and Up Move trackers. Up for Groups has a slew of features like leaderboards, activity logs, and detailed performance ratings from group members.


Jawbone's ultimate goal is to have corporate health stretching outside of the normal 9-5, but it'll be up to the individual if they can pull through for their group.

Virtuix Omni final design shown off at CES 2015 after $2.7m investment

Virtuix is ready to show off the Virtuix Omni's final design at CES 2015 in January, with the company securing itself $2.7 million in investment funds.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41834_06_virtuix-omni-final-design-shown-ces-2015-2-7m-investment.jpg


The $2.7 million cash injection has perfect timing, as the company is ready to push its product into the commercial space. Virtuix is currently preparing the shipment of Omni units to its Kickstarter backers, as well as the full commercial launch. But first, they'll be showing off the final design of the Virtuix Omni at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, in the first week of January, just weeks away.


In February 2013, the company took in over $1.1 million from Kickstarter for the Virtuix Omni, and since then the company has been right on the edge of VR development. Virtuix CEO Jan Goetgeluk said: "Virtuix's mission is to take virtual reality beyond the chair. The Omni transforms VR into an active experience. These funds ensure that we can accelerate development of that mission beyond our upcoming commercial launch".

Intel learning from past mistakes, heavily promoting wearables

Hardware maker Intel hesitated as smartphones and tablets became popular, making it extremely difficult for the company to compete with competitors. However, the company appears to be learning from its mistakes and is working diligently to create new opportunities in the growing wearables market.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41808_01_intel-learning-past-mistakes-heavily-promoting-wearables.jpg


In addition to internal hardware development, Intel also has purchased smaller companies and created new partnerships as the industry advances. The Silicon Valley company will continue to manufacture new chips and sensors, and wants to help the Internet of Things (IoT) market develop - further accelerating the growth of wearable devices.


"It hasn't come to fruition as much as the hype would suggest, but we really think something's there," said Mike Bell, Intel's New Devices group leader. "Most people don't want to have a square screen that uses this technology."

US consumers embracing wearable tech, while Europeans shrug

It appears 2015 could be a breakout year for wearable technology in the United States, as consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing - and wearing - different devices, according to the Forrester Research analyst group. The Apple Watch is expected to have at least 10 million users in 2015, and the overall wearable market should triple.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41797_01_consumers-embracing-wearable-tech-europeans-shrug.jpg


During the survey, 45 percent of Americans have shown interest in wearables, while only 32 percent of Europeans believe they will purchase a wearable device.


"The wearable market will take off as brands, retailers, sports stadiums, healthcare companies, and others develop new business models to take advantage of wearables," said JP Gownder, Forrester Research analyst and the report's author, noted.

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The Sundance Film Festival features nine VR movies

VR movies are coming, whether you like it or not, but they might be making a splash much sooner than most thought. The Sundance Film Festival has teased that nine of the 13 'New Frontier' art installations at its upcoming event next year will be using VR technology.



One of which is Perspective; Chapter 1: The Party, which gives you a very personal look at the trauma of a social encounter from both perspectives, while another one dubbed 'Kaiju Fury' throws you right into the heat of a battle between monsters who try to destroy an entire city. There are other projects will want to immerse you even further, pulling your emotional strings, such as Project Syria.


Project Syria recreates the scenes from the country, currently in turmoil, where you can explore them all on your own terms.

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New Google Glass patents reveal four new slim designs

The initial Google Glass model was loved by all for its functionality and refreshing new take on mobile computing, but many also complained about the clunky design and poor battery life. The original version was more of a proof-of-concept design than anything, and technological advances are already in the works. The slim new design eliminates most of the sidebar and the box that hangs behind the ear.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41742_01_new-google-glass-patents-reveal-four-slim-designs.png


Recent Google Glass patent applications reveal some of the new changes. News that Intel is going to power the next revisions of Google Glass came about last week, and this will provide Google the flexibility to address the bulky hardware. There is no word if there will be more storage capacity, but new 3D NAND designs could provide amazing density as well. A new processor and chipset will enable better battery life and much smaller designs. The original hardware was based off of a 2011 mobile processor that wasn't the best fit for slim applications. Other new designs (pictured below) break the mold entirely and utilize very tiny components.

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