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ASUS' ARES polishes up the Futuremark Hall of Fame

By: Array

The folks at Nordic Hardware share a report from reknowned overclockers Kinc and Elmor this week in which they had hold of 4k worth of ASUS' suped up ARES video cards that have been hyped up for a while now and for good reason. But we're still yet to be assured of any form of mass production worldwide (possibly never to be).


TweakTown image news/1/4/14863_27.jpg


With such a nice array of cards to tinker with, the occassion called for some liquid nitrogen loving and already there's been two world records broken under 3DMark Vantage in the Entry and Performance presets.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14863_28.jpg


More specifically, with two of their four cards on hand in CrossFireX they managed to push them up to 1150MHz on the GPUs and 1300MHz on the 4GB of GDDR5 memory which then gave them the ability to obtain the WR scores of E93549 and P51651. The rest of the system specs were as follows :-


• Intel Core i7 980X @ 5,8-5,9GHz (LN2)
• ASUS Rampage III Extreme
• Corsair Dominator GTX2 Triple channel
• 2 x Corsair TX950 950W


This link gives the pretty picture in clear detail; a look at the Futuremark Hall of Fame.


Considering the ease of getting WRs so soon after having the cards in hand, it's likely this won't be the ceiling and we might be seeing some even higher scores by the end of the coming weekend.


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MAINGEAR Launched new Quantum SHIFT PC for Graphics Professionals

By: Array

With the launch of Adobe CS5 today comes another announcement of some import. The gang over at MAINGEAR has announced a system called the Quantum SHIFT. This is a dual CPU (Intel Xeon) system with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU inside. The system will be built specifically for the needs of photography and videography professionals.


The Dual Xeons will give more than enough CPU horsepower while you can chose either a Quadro FX or a GTX 480 to handle the new CUDA accelerated Mercury Engine found in Premier Pro. The shift also uses a vertical design to keep these GPUs cool. The new MAINGEAR SHIFT certainly looks like an excellent entry into the high-end professional market.


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NVIDIA to release another high-end GTX 400 card soon

By: Array

With the new top dogs released in their latest generation of cards, NVIDIA shifts its attention to the mid and lower market segments and we await DX11 models in these lower market segments. But the latest word from EXPreview gives sign that there will be at least one more member to enter the GTX 400 series line-up, too.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14804_20.jpg


NVIDIA will apparently be branding this card the GeForce GTX 460; it will position this card to hit the market with similar pricing to ATI's HD 5850 in the sub-$300 segment.


This GF100 card will include 1GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit interface, but clock rates and stream processor count is yet to leak out.


NVIDIA is said to be giving AIC's their own design rights on the GTX 460 model, meaning there should be a good mixup of GTX 460 based cards on the market quickly following launch as companies fight it out to get the most attention.


EXPreview state that this new SKU is scheduled for launch in early June.


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Dish VIP 922 DVR with Slingbox built-in surfaces

By: Array

I picked DirecTV over Dish mostly because they had more HD channels for me to surf looking for something to watch. I have some serious DVR envy right now though.




Dish Network has unveiled its latest DVR called the VIP 922 and the thing has integrated Slingbox tech. That means you will be able to shoot the content on the DVR to other screens in the home.


The DVR also has a 1TB HDD, which makes my junky 20GB HDD in my DirecTV DVR look pretty pathetic. The DVR will sell for $695 according to reports with a lease cost of $200.


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AMD gives DX11 support and Eyefinity to professional/workstation crowd

By: Array

AMD has just brought its Eyefinity multi-monitor technology together with DX11 support to the enterprise market segment with the introduction of its new ATI FirePro V8800 series graphics card for professional workstations.


This card is essentially a HD 5870 catered to a different crowd of users that call upon its capabilities for such things as digital content creation and CAD. It includes 2GB of GDDR5 memory that will be more appreciated in other areas than what it's able to do for gamers.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14768_05.jpg


Businesses will also appreciate the card's ability to fully support the OpenGL 4.0 standard, not to mention the $300 lower price tag over its predecessor, the FirePro V8750 that was $1,800.


If its performance results you want to see in a number of different testing environments, check out a couple full reviews over at PC Perspective and Hot Hardware.


AMD's full press release on the FirePro V8800 can be found here.


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NVIDIA says don't worry about heat with the GTX 480

By: Array

The gaming and computer tech circles were aflutter when NVIDIA went official with its GTX 480 and 470 video cards based on the new Fermi architecture. The video cards promise some big performance for gamers.




When the cards started hitting market and specs were unveiled, some were aghast at the amount of power the GTX 480 consumed and how much heat the thing puts out. This lead to some worrying that the GPU might have a shorter life because of all the heat it creates.


NVIDIA has posted on its official blog that gamers and enthusiasts need not worry about the GPU. Big green says that the GTX 480 GPU was designed to operate at high temperatures and the power consumption was a concession to the performance wanted from the GPU.


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NVIDIA's Fermi finds a new use

By: Array

Today our moles were hard at work. They have uncovered a couple of rumors for you to gobble up with your chocolate bunnies and peeps. The first concerns our old friends at NVIDIA. The rumor here is that they have decided to take Fermi GPU's that do not pass QA at any acceptable speeds and resell them to Matel for their new model of Easy Bake Oven.


Jen Sun Haung, NVIDIA's CEO was quoted as saying they felt that by using a Fermi over the traditional light bulb new owners would be getting a 50% decrese in cooking times. The new program will be dubbed TWIMTBB (The Way it's Meant to be Baked). Easy Bake Ovens with Fermi inside will hit the stores sometime in June. There was no word on pricing, but some sources are saying they expect the new Fermi based "nuclear" Easy Bakes to be over $200. An ASUS engineer was also quoted as saying "we can overclock it, too" while a source at GIGABYTE referred to needing more copper in the design.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14698_33.jpg


Next up was an interesting rumor that was heard in the executive wash room over at Google.


It seems that some at Google are not overly happy with this year's April Fool's joke. Google renamed themselves Topeka poking fun at Topeka which renamed itself Google, Kansas. Eric Schmidt was heard to exclaim while in a stall "have you ever been to Topeka?! People will think we are nothing more than a bunch of Malls and liquor stores now!" Schmidt then said, "Why can't we just make another comment about Net Neutrality or say how much we respect people's privacy?"


Of course the real joke came a day early when Google sneaked in the three letter sting "rfa" into all searches originating from China. RFA is often use to stand for Radio Free Asia. This funny little joke caused all internet searches that were put through Google to be blocked by the Great Firewall of China. One executive at Google was heard to call the joke a "Hoot" while buying a Soy Latte in a local Starbucks, while another said "we wanted to put in "boobies" but it just didn't work out.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14698_34.png


Well that wraps up our April 1st Edition of the Water Cooler Rumors. We hope you had fun with it. Also please remember, it's a joke...


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NVIDIA continue GPU importance push with ION IE9 demonstration

By: Array

Any chance it gets, NVIDIA will take a stab at Intel and push the importance of the graphics processing unit over the traditional CPU for a whole range of computing tasks with modern computing. Especially when it comes to Intel's low-cost Atom processor platform, NVIDIA will jump through hoops on fire to bring the big Intel down whenever, wherever and however they can.


That is business though, don't mistake it and in this particular case, we like it - a lot. Microsoft just released its Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview and if you didn't know, IE9 will support GPU-accelerated HTML5, JavaScript and Direct2D technologies. Chris Pederson from NVIDIA in a video recently uploaded to YouTube, discusses the performance of a next-generation ION netbook compared to a standard netbook without ION graphics.


In a side by side presentation, Pederson shows off a few examples of how in the future consumers will want to have a system with adequate graphics to improve the changing Internet experience. Demonstrations are displayed such as map rendering and some test games from Microsoft and puts a very good light on ION equipped netbooks.



Keep in mind, this is what NVIDIA does best - marketing and that is exactly what you are seeing here. Who is to say that Intel isn't working hard right now with Microsoft and other software companies to add GPU acceleration even with its current netbook graphics chips? Nevertheless, it was a cool demonstration of IE9 and what to look forward to when it is released later this year.


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XFX said to be abandoning NVIDIA's GTX 400 series

By: Array

NVIDIA's new Fermi (GTX 470 and GTX 480) graphics cards have caused a fair bit of a stir in the video card market leading up to and post release last week; some in awe of their performance whilst others in disgust for a number of reasons.


But who would have thought one of NV's own partners, XFX would be so negative about the launch of these new cards that they'd go so far as to tell NVIDIA 'where to go', abandoning this new line-up of high-end cards altogether and refusing to give support; because that's apparently what's just happened!


TweakTown image news/1/4/14679_02.jpg


It's becoming more clear that XFX has a more positive outlook on AMD/ATIs direction in the desktop graphics card market, at least at the high-end segment. In recent press content regarding XFXs Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition, it put the hurtz on NV with comments like "XFX have always developed the most powerful, versatile Gaming weapons in the world - and have just stepped up to the gaming plate and launched something spectacular that may well literally blow the current NVIDIA offerings clean away" and "GTX480 and GTX470 are upon us, but perhaps the time has come to Ferm up who really has the big Guns".


WIth that said, the company has indicated it won't be shutting the doors on NVIDIA completely and will continue to carry variants of NVIDIA's more budget-focused models into the future.


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ATI's HD 5870 Eyefinity6-ready graphics card makes its debut

By: Array

Following ATI's promise of a video card that would be capable of running six monitors using its new Eyefinity6 technology, after months of waiting that card finally arrives today based on their highest single GPU model, the HD 5870.


Dubbed the Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition, the main difference about this variant compared to the standard HD 5870 is the re-arrangement of the I/O area, giving six mini DisplayPort connectors and also double the memory on board at 2GB to assist in driving this significantly extended setup.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14677_04.jpg


AMD/ATI are particularly proud of this technology, knowing their direct competitor NVIDIA have just released new high-end cards to market which still lack the ability to run more than two displays, giving ATI a significant edge in multi-monitor gaming and productivity tasks.


Of course, our VGA man Shane Baxtor managed to get hooked up with one of them for testing and you can see how it goes in a bunch of multi-monitor gaming tests compared to non-Eyefinity6 variants with lesser memory.


There's also a few other Eyefinity6 articles now floating about on the web, which you can get to via the links below :-


- PC Perspective
- Hot Hardware
- Toms Hardware
- Neoseeker


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