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Leaked details on NVIDIA GTX 480 and GTX 470 emerge

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If you are a gamer that has been looking forward to a Fermi video card from NVIDIA, we have some new specs today. The cards are rumored to be landing later this month and pricing and details have surfaced.




The GTX 480 will have a core clock of 700MHz, a shader clock of 1401MHz and a memory clock of 1848MHz with a 384-bit memory interface. The card will have 1536MB of VRAM and a 295W TDP selling at $499.


The GTX 470 will have a core clock of 607MHz, a shader running at 1215MHz, and a memory clock of 1674MHz. The memory interface is 320-bit and it has 1280MB of RAM. the TDP is 225W and the card is said to sell for $349.


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NVIDIA ForceWare 197.13 driver fixes GeForce overheating issues

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It is staggering that NVIDIA even let such a bad driver go through validation and processing when we discuss the GeForce 196.75 driver package that failed to control the fan speeds on certain GeForce based video cards.


The driver caused certain NVIDIA video cards to overheat and as a result caused system stability issues and the like. Not good, at all.


If you are experiencing such issues or just want the latest driver for your system, yesterday NVIDIA released its latest ForceWare driver labeled 197.13 (you can download it here for 64-bit Vista or Windows 7) that fixes the fan speed control issue, as well as adds in a bunch of new features - such as support for the Next Generation ION and the GeForce GT 320, GeForce GT 330 and GeForce GT 340.


Did you experience issues with the bad driver in quesiton? Let us know in the comments below!


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PowerColor busts out HD5770 Eyefinity 5, satisfies monitor fetishes

By: Array

PowerColor today introduced a new video card that should successfully satisfy the sick, sick, sick fetishes of multi-monitor lovers around the world.


The video card is based on a mid-range ATI Radeon HD 5770 GPU that has its core clocked at 850MHz and 1GB of GDDR5 onboard memory clocked at 1200MHz. Gamers can run up to five LCD monitors from a single video card due to the implementation of five mini DisplayPort connectors on the back of the card. Rock on!


TweakTown image news/1/4/14542_01.png


AMD is due to come out with its Eyefinity 6 video card at the end of this month that will bring support for up to six monitors using its Eyefinity multi-monitor technology. We'll have a review of it online here at TweakTown when the NDA expires. For more precise details on PowerColor's Eyefinity 5 solution, you can read the press release here.


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EVGA announces the Classified SR-2

By: Array

If you remember back during CES we told you about EVGA's ambitious project to build a highly overclockable dual 1366 socket motherboard that could run Quad SLI or Quad Crossfire. Well it has finally been announced and given a name. This board will be known as the Classified SR-2.


Just like we told you before this will run two Xeon 55xx or 56xx CPU with up to 48GB of registered DDR3 1333 memory (24GB per CPU) it supports both dual and triple channel setups. It also has a enough PCIe x16 slots to support up to four GPUs in full x16 mode across all of them. However, to get all this in the board has to be huge! It is even larger than full XL-ATX. It is so big EVGA had to come up with a new size name HPTX.


Power will also be an issue, to run Tri SLI and OC both sockets will put you in the area of 1500 Watts of power draw. With Quad SLI you are looking at 2000+ Watts. Most are thinking that to get this off the ground a pair of 1200-1400 Watt PSUs will be needed. Unfortunately there is still no word on when these will actually hit the market.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14534_22.png


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More details on NVIDIA's DX11 demos last week from GDC

By: Array

Over at NVIDIA's company nTersect Blog, Ashu Rege has blogged about the impressive DirectX 11 technology demonstrations that the graphics firm showcased at GDC in San Francisco last week. These demonstrations are designed to show developers what next-gen GPU technology such as the GeForce GTX 480 and 470 can do and also create hype in the community.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14525_01.jpg


We already saw a video of the amazing DX11 hair demo the other day, but now we get a closer look into some of the other demos that were on display to game developers during the event.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14525_02.jpg


There is also the DX11 island demo, which was created to showcase a large scene with simulated waves. Next up is the DX11 grass demo, which displays around 3.5 million blades of grass moving around in the wind. Sadly we haven't discovered videos of these two new demos in action, but even from the pictures and what we saw with the hair demo, you can bet they will be super impressive.


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NVIDIA GTX 470/480 cards won't be available at launch

By: Array

As the launch date nudges closer, the big talk of the town is of course NVIDIA's next-gen GTX 470 and GTX 480 graphics cards that bring DX11 support and expectedly a significant performance leap over anything we've seen up 'till now; these slated for a March 26 launch date.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14503_10.png


However, there's a wee bit of sour news for those of you who already have every intent in getting a hold of one the minute it's available. while NVIDIA originally planned for cards to hit retail shelves only a few days after launch (March 29th apparently), our VGA reviewer has been given indication that the availability date has been forcefully pushed back by NV to April 6.


The most probable reason for this is due to NVIDIA not wanting to make samples available to reviewers until close to launch and then issuing out an optimized working driver for the cards very close to this time to prevent early leaks of performance figures on older non-optimized drivers that could affect initial impressions. To ensure partners don't accidently let leak a sample ahead of time, NVIDIA is tightly holding onto all cards until launch date, so the April 6 availability date gives enough time for cards to reach retailers.


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Voltage adjustments to be made easy on Fermi?

By: Array

Unlike the past when both the manufacturer and AIBs shook their heads at any form of manipulation with voltage on graphics cards to favour a better overclock, these days it's a different story with some companies going so far as to provide software with their cards that promote the ability to do so for your overclocking pleasures.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14489_10.png


With that said, our VGA man Shane Baxtor has learned that NVIDIA won't be cutting overclocking hungry folks out with their latest lineup of DX11 based cards to hit town, GTX 480 and 470. The company is apparently going to be happy in offering people more options when tinkering with their overclock result including the ability to adjust the core voltage via the card's PWM chip, within a respectable limit of course.


What we won't know until cards start to show up on the market is how the various AIBs will provide this ability; whether it's via a unique piece of software that lets the user tap into the voltage levels, or a standard feature directly from NVIDIA themselves.


Providing this pertains to be true, we could be seeing some very serious aftermarket models coming out once the initial rush settles down that house more powerful coolers which in turn give the ability to push those voltage levels even higher whilst keeping the extra heat at bay.


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More box art on GTX 470/480 shared - Palit's turn

By: Array

Whilst we all continue to count down the days until NVIDIA lets Fermi (GF100) off its chains, little has been shared to give a clearer perspective on just how these latest and greatest monsters from NVIDIA dubbed the GTX 480 and GTX 470 will perform.


But, one thing that we're sometimes seeing pop up is the box designs some of the AIBs are going to use to ship their variants in. Not exactly exciting, but sure whets the appetite a bit.


The folks over at Toms Hardware have acquired box art images from Palit for its GTX 480 and 470 models, both using a V designed engine theme.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14468_10.jpg


TweakTown image news/1/4/14468_11.jpg


We can see the 470 gets a silver color theme whilst the top dog 480 gets some gold treatment. All other aspects of the features about the card shared on the box aren't anything we didn't already know. Interestingly there is no mention of DX11 support printing anywhere on the front of these boxes, but we all know that's one of the major highlights of this new family from NV and likely Palit have it printed on the back.


Stay tuned folks; March 26 is going to be a Fermi Frenzy day.


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Galaxy's dual GPU equipped GTS 250 card in final form

By: Array

We've heard bits and pieces about Galaxy's plans to release a one of a kind dual GPU GeForce GTS 250 graphics card to market in the near future and more recently obtained concrete information that it was definitely being produced, but until now have seen very little in terms of performance expectations or how it looks in its final form.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14457_02.jpg


Expreview have obtained some nicely presented images of the final retail version of the card together with a screenshot indicating its performance capabilities using 3DMark Vantage. They were able to confirm it uses 1GB of memory (512MB per GPU) and comes with clock speeds of 600/1500/1000 MHz for the core, shader and memory clocks. Galaxy also bundles the card with its Galaxy Magic Panel HD software that gives the ability to further push the clockspeeds.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14457_03.jpg


The card requires two x 6-pin PCI-E connectors for power and has a unique cooling solution with the heatsink also covering the memory and VRM areas. It uses dual 70mm fans running at 2000RPM, each nestling directly above one of the two GPUs onboard.


In the screenshot below you can see the card clocked up to 675/1000/1696MHz along with a 3DMark Vantage (Performance) result at these clockrates of P13694; somewhere in between the performance of a GTX 285 and GTX 260.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14457_01.jpg


The most interesting thing to note will be the price, something that hasn't yet been mentioned. This will of course determine its success in amongst an already extensive level of options on the market.


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Launch date period for ATI Eyefinity6 confirmed

By: Array

Our VGA man Shane Baxtor has managed to sus out when AMD/ATI plans to officially announce its new Eyefinity6 technology which gives the ability to drive up to six monitors from a single card.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14441_22.png


We can expect the launch to take place during the week of the 29th of this month and it shouldn't be far beyond that date when we begin to see cards surface from AIBs which harness this extended form of multi-monitor support with half a dozen mini-DisplayPorts on their I/O plates. Word at the moment is that initial cards with Eyefinity6 support will be HD 5870s carrying double the RAM (2GB) to better assist the extended multi-monitor abilities.


However, there will be some super duper Eyefinity6 equipped variants of the top dog dual-GPU HD 5970 coming out as well, one of which got some showtime at CeBIT last week from XFX.


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