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AMD fill a gap in the HD 5800s - Make welcome the HD 5830

By: Array

Filling the final void in its HD 5800 series of graphics cards, AMD has today released the HD 5830 to market. This card is priced a good bit lower than the HD 5850 at under $250 but promises significantly better performance than the HD 5770, the next model beneath it. Certainly it has its place in the market providing AMD get the price vs. performance ratio right.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14339_15.jpg


To help answer that, there's a horde of reviews now floating about on the web, including our own on the ATI reference model which looks at it in stock and overclocked form as well as comparing it to the two models above and beneath it in AMD's lineup, the HD 5850 and HD 5770 to see how well it nestles into this position.


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I'm sure after looking over the results many of you will be keen to get your hands on one when factoring in the good drop in price vs. the 5850. The potential problem with this is stock. Word is that the supply is short and distributers just aren't getting the quantities they want. Time will tell how badly this will affect the success of the model depending on whether or not AMD can get enough cards shipped out.


Stay tuned for more articles from Shane on the model in the coming days, including one where we Crossfire two of them to see how well they play ball together.


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NVIDIA extends GT 300 family with GT 320, GT 330 and GT 340 for OEM market

By: Array

As we just heard the other day, NVIDIA finally let everyone know of its plans to unveil its next-gen GTX400 (Fermi) series graphics cards on March 26 (during PAX 2010). That's the big day most of us are holding out for so we can get a better perspective on just how well it'll deliver performance wise.


However, the company is certainly not in pause until such time. It is continuing to refresh its somewhat mundane GeForce 300 series of products and has just released some OEM-only cards in the form of the GeForce GT 320, 330 and 340. The folks at Hexus nabbed a picture of the GT 340, as seen below :-


TweakTown image news/1/4/14324_10.jpg


Running over the GT 340s specs, its GPU is clocked at 550MHz with options of 512 and 1GB GDDR5 memory clocked at 3400MHz effectively, whilst the 96 stream processors are clocked at 1340MHz. Hexus ascertain from this information that the card is basically a re-branded GT 240 which was a 40nm DX 10.1 based card that launched in 2009.


Looking at the specs of the lower performing GT 330 and 320 cards, these also appear to be re-branded models simply based on older architecture like the GT 340.


So, the emerging pattern for the GT300 series seems to be a concoction of rebranded or slightly tweaked GT200 series parts.


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NVIDIA indicates official GTX 400 launch will occur at PAX 2010 (March 26 - 28)

By: Array

So, as it turns out, NVIDIA's hyped up announcement which was anticipated to be relating to its upcoming GTX 400 (Fermi) series graphics card line-up has come and gone, but only ended up being an announcement letting us know when the official announcement of the cards would take place.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14315_01.png


NVIDIA plans for the unveiling to be at PAX 2010 which runs from March 26th through 28th. With that said, the cards likely won't reach us in retail form until mid to late April; possibly longer.


In wanting to do a bit more digging for info on exactly what will take place come PAX 2010, our VGA man Shane Baxtor has pushed to find out directly from the horse's mouth over at his Blog site. He was able to ascertain from the feedback that during PAX 2010 NVIDIA will launch their next-gen DX11 desktop graphics cards. But we're yet to hear of what date/time exactly that will be.


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eVGA releases 24th SLI Enhancement patch

By: Array

eVGA has released the latest in its series of SLI Enhancement patches today which supports SLI users by giving superior SLI performance and wider support in the latest games.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14314_01.jpg


This new SLI Enhancement patch is based on the GeForce 196.21 driver and it enables SLI support for Aliens vs. Predator in all DirectX models as well as Zombie Driver. There is also improved SLI performance to be had when using this update for Mass Effect 2.


You can download it for Windows XP, Vista and 7 over at this webpage.


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Sapphire releases couple suped up HD 5850 based cards

By: Array

Sapphire has just released a couple attractive HD 5850 based graphics cards to market which help them stand out amongst the crowd. They have launched HD 5850s under both their Vapor-X and TOXIC series naming which give out-of-the-box overclocked speeds and superior cooling designs.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14289_01.jpg


Both cards use Sapphire's exclusive Vapor-X cooler design which is said to drop temps by as much as 15c as well as being 10dB quieter than stock models.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14289_02.jpg


Where the two cards differ is in the factory overclocked rates. The Vapor-X takes a bump on the GPU to 735MHz and the memory to 1050MHz (4200MHZ effective), whilst the TOXIC is a step up again with a 765MHz core and 1125MHz (4500MHz effective) memory clock.


We have the meaner TOXIC sample in our labs right now and are in the midst of seeing what it's capable of when pushed to the limits. Expect our review online by early next week!


For more info on the two cards, check out Sapphire's official PR here.


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AMD set to release Radeon HD 5830 next week?

By: Array

The rumor wagon is in high gear today with another new product rumor surfacing. According to this rumor, AMD is getting ready to launch a new video card next week. The card is said to be the Radeon HD 5830.




The video card is pegged for a February 25 launch and will boast 1280 stream processors, 750MHz core speed, and 1GB of GDDR5 running at 4000MHz. AMD is also said t be getting ready to launch a new version of the Radeon HD 5870 called the Eyefinity 6 edition.


The card will have the same specs as the stock HD 5870. The stock card has DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort connectivity, which the Eyefinity 6 version will lack. Instead, the Eyefinity 6 version will ditch the stock connectivity in favor of six DisplayPort connections.


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No retail HD 5830 at launch?

By: Array

Our resident video card Guru Shane Baxtor has just posted on his blog some of the whispers that he's hearing about the upcoming HD 5830. It seems that come launch day we won't be seeing retail versions of the HD 5830.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14235_01.png


Tracking down a second sample of the model just two days before CNY holidays was hard, from most companies I was told "We can't ship due to our factory already shutting down". Now this I can understand, and with the NDA date looking to be around the 26th, companies will be able to come back from CNY and get a sample out in time.


I'm a bit closer with some manufactures than others though, I had a few actually tell me that ATI had told them they can't ship out to reviewers and one even told me they weren't allowed to ship to their distributor.


We're not sure if this is going to affect retail supply, but head on over to Shane's blog post here to read a bit more about his thoughts on the situation.


Of course, we'll have a review of the HD 5830 the second the NDA is lifted, but it's a bit disappointing to think that a CrossFire article might not be ready at launch on this new model because ATI are holding back samples from manufacturers.


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ASUS gives HD 5870 based card some MATRIX treatment

By: Array

China based hardware news website Zol has managed to get a number of snaps along with some details on ASUS' upcoming HD 5870 MATRIX Edition graphics card.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14231_01.jpg


the EAH5870 MATRIX is quite radically changed from the reference model with double the amount of memory onboard at 2GB, superior voltage regulators, a much more effective cooling system and of course a big bump in clock rates.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14231_02.jpg


Thanks to the use of a superior VRM circuit, the card can easily reach higher clock speeds and comes clocked at 900MHz on the core and 1225MHz (4900MHz effective) on the 2GB of memory. The card requires 2x8-pin PCI-E connectors for its source of additional power.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14231_03.jpg


At the rear of the card you can see there is connectivity options for DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort, which gives the ability to take advantage of EyeFinity. ASUS will also bundle the card with some of its overclocker-friendly features including VoltageTweak software voltage control and access to a safe-mode button that resets the card back to failsafe mode (in terms of voltage settings and clock rates etc.) should any funny business be going on.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14231_04.jpg


No word on a price or availability as yet, but I'm sure we'll see more on this card come CeBIT.


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Update on the ATI Radeon HD 5830 - It's definitely coming

By: Array

The recent additions to AMD's HD 5000 graphics card lineup still haven't brought the series to a close with talk of the entry top-end HD 5830 still on the way.


We first heard about this model over a month ago, with word that it would arrive in early Feb, but AMD appears to have delayed the release by up to several weeks intentionally and won't give an exact date of launch.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14218_05.jpg


The Cypress LE core which is used in the HD 5850 models is also used for the HD 5830. However, where the 5830 differs is in the way of fewer shaders (1280 instead of 1440), less texture units (60 vs 72), but surprisingly this model apparently runs a higher core clock speed than the HD 5850 at 750MHz vs 725MHz.


The memory configuration will remain the same; 1GB of GDDR5 memory operating at 1000MHz. Physically it will look very similar as well, most probably sticking with the same PCB and cooler design.


Early online store listings reveal the cards pricing to be around the £190 / 216 Euro / $297 mark, but keep in mind that none of the aforementioned information is official as yet.


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Custom-designed HD 5870 and HD 5850s from ASUS on the way

By: Array

There's an early sighting on the web of an upcoming custom-designed graphics card from ASUS based on the HD 5870 which is speculated to come out as the EAH5870-TOP.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14216_01.jpg


Of course, this card will come factory overclocked and uses a superior high-performance cooler as shown above. However, actual clock speeds have not yet been revealed, nor pricing or availability (though it's likely we'll hear more details come CeBIT 2010 next month).


ASUS also looks to be readying up a non-reference HD 5850 based card dubbed the EAH5850 DirectCu. This card looks to be focused more towards providing a quieter and more efficient solution as opposed to pushing the speed barrier. The image below makes mention of the cooler being 20% cooler and 35% quieter than the stock cooler used on the 5850.


TweakTown image news/1/4/14216_02.jpg


Again, no word on pricing or availability for this card as yet.


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