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RumorTT: No new Radeon GPUs from AMD for most of 2013

During an interview with Japanese site, AMD's Product Manager for Desktop Graphics Products, Devon Nekechuk, revealed some startling information: that AMD won't be launching any new GPUs this year.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28429_05_rumortt_no_new_radeon_gpus_from_amd_for_most_of_2013.jpg


AMD will instead concentrate on their already great Radeon HD 7000 series, by adjusting the price and performance increases through driver releases. A slide released to shows that AMD's Radeon HD 7900 series (high-end), HD 7800 series (performance), and HD 7700 series (mainstream), will carry on the company's mantle "throughout 2013."


It looks like we're seeing a slowing down of GPU releases, which I'm guessing is because there's hardly any games that push GPUs anymore. It's also incredibly expensive in terms of R&D for GPU makers to continue pushing new GPUs out every 6-12 months, but I think the real reason is that a $200-$300 GPU will play most games at 1080p@60 now.

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ReportTT: NVIDIA GeForce Titan outperforms GTX 690

There's a benchmark score floating around the internet that was reportedly earned by NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce Titan. The number shows the new GK110-based GPU besting the dual-GPU GTX 690 by a hefty margin. In 3DMark11, the card reportedly earned a score of X7107. For comparison, a GTX only achieves a score of around X6000.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28401_1_reporttt_nvidia_geforce_titan_to_outperforms_gtx_690.jpg


The details can't be confirmed because the site reporting this won't release their source. The Titan is said to be coming with 6GB of RAM on a 384-bit memory bus. The naming scheme is said to retain the GeForce Titan nomenclature, possibly as a reference to the Cray Titan supercomputer that houses just shy of 19,000 NVIDIA Tesla K20X cards.


Pricing is said to be $899 with availability starting at the end of February.

ZOTAC unveils new GeForce GTX 660 Thunderbolt GPUs, have nothing to do with Thunderbolt technology

ZOTAC have just launched a new GPU, named the GeForce GTX 660 Thunderbolt Edition. With 'Thunderbolt' in the name, most people would expect that ZOTAC have baked in some Thunderbolt interface support, but nope - it has nothing to do with the high-speed connectivity called Thunderbolt.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28256_01_zotac_unveil_new_geforce_gtx_660_thunderbolt_gpus_have_nothing_to_do_with_thunderbolt_technology.jpg


The new ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Thunderbolt Edition, does however, arrive with a high-grade non-reference design PCB, and a very cool new cooling solution. The cooling solution sports a massive aluminum heatsink with heat-transfer helps by three copper heat pipes. This gives us a hybrid-type device, somewhere between heatsinks and fin-stacks. The pictures below show off how a hybrid heatsink is better than fin-stacks.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28256_02_zotac_unveil_new_geforce_gtx_660_thunderbolt_gpus_have_nothing_to_do_with_thunderbolt_technology.jpg


TweakTown image news/2/8/28256_03_zotac_unveil_new_geforce_gtx_660_thunderbolt_gpus_have_nothing_to_do_with_thunderbolt_technology.jpg


ZOTAC calls the cooler features "EClean", which is a mechanism that allows owners of the GPU to easily detach the cooler shroud on which the fans are mounted by simply pressing a retention notch, and sliding out the shroud that's suspended on rails on the main heatsink. All of this provides the ability to clean the heatsink, very, very nice.

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RumorTT: NVIDIA readying GK110-based GeForce Titan card, would retail for $899

A new rumor is saying that NVIDIA is readying a GK110-based GeForce Titan card to go toe-to-toe with the upcoming AMD HD 8000 series of GPUs. The new card would consist of a single GPU die and would have performance between the current GTX 680 and GTX 690, which is two GTX 680 dies on one card.


TweakTown image news/2/8/28033_1_rumortt_nvidia_readying_gk110_based_geforce_titan_card_would_retail_for_899.jpg


The move is likely to steal some thunder from AMD, who will try to take the performance crown back from NVIDIA. Several sources have said the card will materialize late next month with a price tag of $899. The name comes from the Titan supercomputer, which features 18,688 nodes utilizing NVIDIA's Tesla K20X GPU.


The GK110 die powers NVIDIA's enterprise Tesla video cards. The final die configuration will feature 2688 CUDA cores, an impressive number and over 1000 more than the GTX 680. Of course, this is all a rumor, though a lot of it does make sense. The card is likely utilizing chips that weren't quite up to par with the other Tesla chips as these cards have one SMX unit disabled.

NVIDIA plays catch up on GPU rebadging, wave hello to the GeForce GT 730M and GeForce 710M parts

I'm not a fan of rebadging GPUs, as you can see here with our AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series news, but it looks like NVIDIA have also pulled out their huge green rubber rebadging stamp, too. Le sigh.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27738_02_nvidia_plays_catch_up_on_gpu_rebadging_wave_hello_to_the_geforce_gt_730m_and_geforce_710m_parts.png


NVIDIA are pushing new parts out to OEMs, with two being unveiled thus far: The GeForce GT 730M and GeForce 710M, there aren't many details on them at all, but AnandTech have used their magic powers to try and figure out what we should expect, as the picture above shows.


The 730M looks like a GK107-like rebadge, which we have now as the 640M, which supports Kepler-based tech such as TXAA, PCIe 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2. This could end up being a 650M rebadge, but we won't know for a little while yet. The other part listed is the GeForce 710M which should be a GF117 rebadge, and should end up being a rehashed 620M. This chip doesn't support Kepler features such as PCIe 3.0, TXAA or resolutions above 2560x1600.

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AMD begins shipping Radeon HD 8000M, also unveils new APUs

CES 2013 - AMD's new Radeon HD 8000M is something special for mobile computing, as its the first mobile GPU that is based on the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. These GPUs are built on the 28nm process and feature DirectX 11.1 support, as well as the cool AMD tech found in ZeroCore and Enduro.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27730_06_amd_begins_shipping_radeon_hd_8000m_also_unveils_new_apus.jpg


The Radeon HD 8000M lineup will include 8500M models (384 stream processors, 650/1125MHz), 8600M series models (384 stream processors, 725/1125MHz), 8700 series models (384 stream processors, 850/1125MHz) and a higher-end 8700M that will feature 640 stream processors, 700MHz core and only uses GDDR5.


AMD have pulled their rubber rebadging stamp out of the 'why aren't we over this yet' cupboard, and are currently stamping rebrands of the HD 7000 family into the HD 8000 family to OEMs from top to bottom. Even the Radeon HD 8970 is a damn rebadge of the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition which sports 2048 stream processors, 1GHz core clock and 3GB of GDDR5 clocked at 6GHz, all sprinkled on a 384-bit bus.



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ASUS releases the Limited Edition ROG ARES II Graphics Card

CES 2013 - ASUS released the latest edition of its ARES Graphics Card line today and it, as usual, is a beast. The ROG ARES II is the fastest most powerful GPU available to date, and it looks almost as good as it preforms!


TweakTown image news/2/7/27693_1_asus_releases_the_limited_edition_rog_ares_ii_graphics_card.jpg


The ARES II features exclusive ASUS DIGI+ VRM and Super Alloy Power technologies for greater stability and product longevity. This GPU Monster is powered by two AMD Radeon HD 7970's, 6GB GDDR5, and is water cooled from the factory. Clocks are set at 1050MHz Base, 1100MHZ Boost, and 6600MHz Memory. Max resolution is set at 2560x1600 through a DVI connection.


ASUS has only manufactured 1000 of these beauties and each one is numbered for collect-ability. No word yet on pricing for the ARES II but with the previous ARES and MARS cards selling in the $1500 range, it is not far fetched to think the ARES II will be in that same range, if not higher.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27693_2_asus_releases_the_limited_edition_rog_ares_ii_graphics_card.jpg

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AMD Radeon HD 8000M series gets detailed, numbers and specs galore

Just days before the world reportedly ends, leaked details of AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 8000M "Solar System" range of mobile GPUs have made their way onto the shores of the Internet.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27342_05_amd_radeon_hd_8000m_series_gets_detailed_numbers_and_specs_galore.jpg


The new mobile GPUs are set to launch for CES 2013, and will be based on the new Graphics CoreNext (GCN) micro-architecture. GCN supports DirectX 11.1, Enduro Technology and AMD ZeroCore power technology. Enduro is an NVIDIA Optimus-like tech which switches between discrete and integrated GPUs while the ZeroCore tech can completely power down GPUs when they're not needed.


Peering over the slides, we can see there is a new ASIC which covers three product lines - HD 8500M, HD 8600M and the HD 8700M. The sure-to-be-sweet silicon sports 384 GCN stream processors, a 128-bit memory interface that supports both GDDR5 and DDR3. The HD 8500M series sports GPU clock speeds of up to 650MHz, with the 8600M cranking it up to 775MHz. The 8700M series goes one better and sees clock speeds hitting 850MHz.

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LeakedTT: AMD Radeon HD 8990 dual-GPU specs leak out

I'm sure you didn't see this one coming, did you? Neither did I, don't worry. Spanish site has posted what they are claiming to be the specs on AMD's upcoming next-generation dual-GPU, the Radeon HD 8990.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27139_03_leakedtt_amd_radeon_hd_8990_dual_gpu_specs_leak_out.png


The leak reports that we should expect the HD 8990 in Q2 2013, meaning it is not far away at all. The leaked roadmap unveils that there are two Radeon HD 8800 series GPUs to be shipped this quarter, and with just weeks left, if it did happen, it's most likely going to be a paper launch - if it happens at all.


Now that we've got the lower-end gear out of the way, let's get straight to that succulent GPU meat - the Radeon HD 8990 "Venus XTX" which will see two Radeon HD 8970s bound onto the single GPU. The card is teased as sporting a whopping 5.1 billion transistors, 5210 stream processors and 160 texture units per core. The HD 8990 is listed as featuring 48 ROPs per core, and two 384-bit buses. Memory should reach the dizzying heights of between 6GB and 12GB and should come factory clocked at 1250MHz. The GPU cores should be set at 950MHz if the leaked roadmap holds truth to it.

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RumorTT: AMD to release Radeon HD 8000 series in Q2 2013

We've been sitting on the AMD Radeon HD 7000 series for a while now, and like anything else, that is set to change in the coming months. DigiTimes' latest report is that AMD plans to release their next-gen HD 8000 series in Q2 of 2013.


TweakTown image news/2/7/27078_06_rumortt_amd_to_release_radeon_hd_8000_series_in_q2_2013.jpg


The company are currently going through a business reorganization in order to help their poor performance from the quarter just gone, according to DigiTimes' sources from the "upstream supply chain". DigiTimes reports that AMD were set to unveil their Radeon HD 8000 series at the end of the year to compete with NVIDIA, but pulled back.


The Chinese market is huge, and both companies want it - obviously. AMD's market share in the country has dropped to just 30%, and they're hoping that the launch of the next-gen GPUs will swell those numbers up considerably.

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