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Sapphire 6GB 7970 Toxic cards are not cancelled

Contrary to rumors flying around the internet, Sapphire has not cancelled the 6GB 7970 Toxic graphics card they produce. It seems that because one major reseller put "discontinued" instead of "out-of-stock", or something similar, enthusiasts freaked out that they wouldn't be able to get the super fast card.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25311_1_sapphire_6gb_7970_toxic_cards_are_not_cancelled.jpg


At Gamescon, however, Sapphire has a large booth and sitting right in the middle as the pride and joy of the booth was the 6GB 7970 Toxic card. KitGuru asked Bill Donnelly for a little more information regarding the rumor flying around the web. The short answer? It's not discontinued, just facing production constraints.


Production on a card like this will always be limited, because of the tight selection process that every component needs to go though. To ensure that the clocks are stable at the levels our engineers have set for the top end Toxic cards, you will always be limited in terms of how many cards than make at once.

We think the rumour started when all of the cards made so far, sold out in every store that was carrying them across the globe. In almost every case, the resellers put a message saying 'Temporarily out of stock' or 'Pre-order only', but one of the largest resellers showed 'Discontinued' instead. And that caused a bit of a panic among enthusiasts who really wanted one.


Production is supposedly running smoothly and cards should start to become available again soon.

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AMD announces updated HD 7950 featuring higher clocks and Boost

The red camp fires back. AMD has just announced an updated version of the 7950 in the same vein as the 7970 GHz edition update. What this means is that the card is getting faster base clocks as well as a new feature that boosts the core clock when the TDP isn't fully loaded. With AMD and NVIDIA nearly matched on performance and AMD losing in power efficiency, they've decided to go for the best performance-per-dollar.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25292_1_amd_announces_updated_hd_7950_featuring_higher_clocks_and_boost.jpg


So, aside from throwing power consumption out the window, what else have they changed? Not much really. The new base clock is up to 850MHz from the original 800MHz. Boost clock speeds allow the clock speed to jump to 925MHz. The reason power usage will jump is they have increased the core voltage to support these speeds.


With the 7970, it wasn't too bad as they had top bin parts. With the 7950, they are dealing with either broken chips or chips that wouldn't hit clock speed requirements. Because of this, AMD is using 1.25v which is higher than the 7970GHzE's 1.218v. It will be interesting to see how this increase affects benchmark results.


The card will launch with an identical name: HD 7950. The upgrade is a BIOS and driver change so all the board partners have to do is update their BIOS and re-qualify them. Once done, the physically same cards will begin shipping using the same name which could easily cause confusion. Way to go AMD!

RumorTT: NVIDIA GTX 650 specifications and launch date leaked

NVIDIA is having lots of trouble with the launch of the Kepler series. It seems as though information about every single card leaked out before the actual card was released. We previously told you about the GTX 660 Ti specifications and launch date, and have now provided a review for your viewing pleasure.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25091_1_rumortt_nvidia_gtx_650_specifications_and_launch_date_leaked.jpg


This time we bring news of the GTX 650, a new card that will be aimed at the sub-$200 market and launched in time for back-to-school shopping. It's important for NVIDIA to get a Kepler card into this price range as AMD completely controls that segment of the market right now. This market segment is also where most of the money is made.


The GTX 650 is rumored to launch on September 17 and will be packing a chip based on the 28 nm GK107 ASIC, which is based upon Kepler. The chip will utilize 384 CUDA cores, a 128-bit memory bus, and 1GB of memory. A quick guess at performance based upon CUDA core count would put the card competing with the AMD 7770.

GeForce GTX 660 Ti, 650 launch will see the GTX 560, 550 series discontinued shortly beforehand

According to a report from DonanimHaber, the launch of the GeForce GTX 660 Ti, GTX 660 and GTX 650 from NVIDIA will see the discontinuation of the GTX 560 and 550 shortly before the launch itself.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25064_06_geforce_gtx_660_ti_650_launch_will_see_the_gtx_560_550_series_discontinued_shortly_beforehand.jpg


This is not usual, but when you start seeing the stock dry up on the GTX 560 and 550, you'll know its nearly 660, 650 time. So if you're looking at grabbing a new GeForce GTX 560 or 550, we would suggest waiting it out for a little bit.


The new 660, 650 GPUs are expected sometime in August-September, so if you're content with your system now and can just hold out for a little bit longer, it might pay off. You could also grab a GTX 560 or 550 cheap if someone is moving on up, too.

RumorTT: NVIDIA to launch mid-range GeForce GT 660 Ti on August 16

SweOverclockers is reporting that NVIDIA are set to launch their mid-range GPU, the GeForce GTX 660 Ti on August 16. We've had a few previous posts on this, but the date is getting closer and closer.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25059_10_rumortt_nvidia_to_launch_mid_range_geforce_gt_660_ti_on_august_16.jpg


August 16 is just over a fortnight away, remember. NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 660 Ti is based on NVIDIA's GK104 core, which is the same core that is baked into each GTX 670.


It will sport 1344 stream processors, a memory interface of 192-bit, 2GB of GDDR5 memory, and core/boost/memory frequencies of 915MHz/980MHz and 6008MHz, respectively. TDP comes in at 150W, 20W less than the higher-end GTX 670 GPU.

AMD Radeon HD 7990 6GB is on its way, will arrive with four 6-pin PCIe connectors, 6 display outputs

AMD's elusive dual-GPU "New Zealand" Radeon HD 7990 has been hiding in the shadows for quite a while now, with the last time the card getting spotted was at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, WA.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25051_01_amd_radeon_hd_7990_6gb_is_on_its_way_will_arrive_with_four_6_pin_pcie_connectors_6_display_outputs.jpg


According to a piece from VR-Zone, AMD have communicated to its partners that the HD 7990 would be ready in Q3 of this year, with a sampling date of June, which then led to a slip into July. The latest information comes from "confidential sources" who told VR-Zone that the boards will be coming in late-August at the earliest.


Considering NVIDIA have been enjoying the dual-GPU game with their GEFORCE GTX 690, AMD are considerably late to the party. The new HD 7990 is said to come with a very unique power system, consisting of four 6-pin PCIe connectors which will replace the usual dual 8-pin connector. These four 6-pin connectors give the card a multiphase power regulation, which is divided into three groups. The major groups are made up from Tahiti XT, 3GB GDDR5 memory per core (clocking in at 1.5GHz) and finally, the PLX PCIe 3.0 controller.

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Poll Results - Let's settle this! AMD GPU vs. NVIDIA GPU

Our latest poll had 6,600 people who answered, Let's settle this! AMD GPU vs. NVIDIA GPU.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25041_1_poll_results_let_s_settle_this_amd_gpu_vs_nvidia_gpu.png


NVIDIA got out to a strong lead in the beginning, but we let this poll run longer than usual and AMD clawed its way back slowly.


In the end NVIDIA came out in front with 50% of the votes with AMD taking 43%. Seven percent of our readers didn't understand the question. Oh, they must be console gamers, shame on you - kidding!


For the actual numbers, go here. In our latest poll, we ask you... What download speed internet access do you use? Let us know! Go here to vote!

RumorTT: NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti specifications and launch date

A report is claiming to know the launch date and specifications for the upcoming NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti. Nothing has been confirmed by NIVIDIA, so for now it will be treated as a rumor. According to the latest data scored by SweClockers, the GTX 660 is nearly identical to the GTX 670 and the launch is only about 3 weeks away.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25028_1_rumortt_nvidia_gtx_660_ti_specifications_and_launch_date.jpg


The GTX 660 Ti is said to be a 28 nm GK104 GPU with 1,344 CUDA cores enabled, exactly the same as the GTX 670. In fact, the 660 Ti is said to have the exact same clock speeds for both the core and memory as the 670. The memory remains identical at 2GB, as well. It turns out that the only difference is that the memory bus is reduced to 192-bit, down from 256-bit on the 670.


This change will yield a 25% lower bandwidth for memory. It's likely to be arranged with four chips using 32-bit wide paths each and four other chips sharing two 32-bit wide paths. According to the report, the card will launch on August 16. Coincidentally, this is the first public day of the GamesCom event held in Cologne, Germany. This will likely serve as the launchpad for the product.

RumorTT: AMD 7990 dual-GPU card launch pushed back until late-August

If you've been saving your money patiently waiting for the next big thing to come out of AMD, you may just get a chance to save a bit longer. Reports are coming in that the dual-GPU card based upon the 7970 silicon may not be released until late-August. This is directly opposed to other reports that it could be available this month.


TweakTown image news/2/5/25007_1_rumortt_amd_7990_dual_gpu_card_launch_pushed_back_until_late_august.jpg


It's not fully clear why the card has been delayed. AMD certainly needs to challenge the GTX 690's performance and hopefully win the performance crown back, so it's not like AMD is liking having this delay. If they were ahead, then a delay like this could be the result of them trying to keep it in reserve as a later challenge to NVIDIA.


One possible reason for the delay could be due to a shortage of PEX8747 PCIe bridge chips by PLX. These chips have been reported to be experiencing a shortage and are needed at the heart of every dual-GPU card, including the GTX 690. Another issue could be AMD is trying to work out how to provide the best price-performance and performance-Watt ratios.


Throw on top of all that NVIDIA's upcoming 660 and 670 Ti launch and AMD is starting to feel the heat. They really need to get this card out the door, as long as it is ready, so as to put some pressure back onto NVIDIA and possibly slow down their momentum created by Kepler.

NVIDIA's 'A New Dawn' GeForce GTX tech demo looks mighty pretty

NVIDIA have released the tech demo for their latest and greatest GeForce GTX 600 series of GPUs dubbed 'A New Dawn'. It features the ever-so-gorgeous Dawn, looking (or is that rendered?) better than ever.



I don't have any GTX 600 series cards myself, but if I did you'd be hearing my personal thoughts on it. But, The Tech Report, er, reports that that on their test rig, which is powered by SLI GTX 680's at 2560x1600 looks "incredible".


TweakTown image news/2/4/24980_08_nvidia_s_a_new_dawn_geforce_gtx_tech_demo_looks_mighty_pretty.jpg


You can check it out yourself by downloading it here (a shave under 800MB). I've heard it runs on GTX 500 series cards, so let us know how you go, and what you think of NVIDIA's 'A New Dawn'.

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