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Video Cards Posts - Page 137

ATi R250 (Radeon 8500 MAXX) Scoop!

By: Array

A little birdy handed me some information about the new Radeon 8500 MAXX from ATi - As far as I know, this is what you can consider scoop. Take a look at it now, because I don't know how long this page will be staying up for, once ATi find out about it.


I've posted the full spec list, details and a picture of the new graphics card in the New Products section of our forums. The internal document also includes bits and pieces of information about the highly anticipated R300.


More information in the New Products Forum.


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Soltek release GeForce4 Ti4600 and Ti4200 cards

By: Array

Soltek let us know about the release of their nVidia GeForce4 Ti4600 and Ti4200 graphics card releases today. As usual I have posted information and pictures in the New Products section of our forums. The Ti4600 does look like it would be able to overclock quite well with it's dual fans!


Soltek's Ti4600 & Ti4200 graphic cards are specially designed for power users, these two graphics cards provide users with the leading graphics technology, the latest video features, and the most innovative entertainment solutions.
More information in the New Products Forum.


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SiS & nVidia Graphics Quality Compared

By: Array

OC Workbench has a screenshot from of 3DMark 2001 comparing the graphics quality of the new SiS Xabre 400 to the nVidia Ti4600 and the older GeForce 3 Ti200. While the differences are hard to spot, it's easy to see the lighting of the GeForce 4 is more enhanced, everything stands out much better. nVidia's drivers are much more mature compared to SiS's drivers, and it's just one screenshot which can hardly make or break either product especially since we weren't even told what graphics settings were used.


More information at OC Workbench.


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VisionTek Graphics Roundup @ Tweak3D

By: Array

The crew over at Tweak3D have just posted a roundup of all of the latest graphics cards from VisionTek - The MX440, Ti4200, Ti4400 and the king of the hill Ti4600. After talking to VisionTek just yesterday about review samples, they said they had discontinued their Ti4400 series of cards, which is why I find it strange Tweak3D have included it in this roundup, nevertheless good reading is to be had.


Just as the Geforce3 chipset cards penetrated the market throughout 2001 Nvidia has refreshed its image with the Geforce4 chipsets. You can never have enough of a good thing the story goes and Nvidia has noted this abstract rather well with their new line-up. With the introduction of the Geforce3 chipset a new set of features came about set to improve the realism in the latest 3D games and demos fetching beyond the capabilities of the previous achievement, the Geforce2. With the Geforce4 Nvidia decided to take the goodness from the Geforce3 and make it faster. For this reason the true breed Geforce4 chipset (Ti4200, Ti4400, Ti4600) isn't a brand new product as such, but rather a Geforce3 been given a face lift and a new name. While this last statement might seem disappointing for those in the hope of expecting wonderful things from their new Geforce4 based card or system, it's not all as bad as it might sound. To find out why read on.
More information at Tweak3D.


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Soltek break into graphics card market

By: Array

Soltek are a Taiwanese company who are known for their solid line of motherboards which have been released over the past few years. I just received an e-mail from them saying they have decided to break into the graphics card market with the launch of their range of nVidia based graphics card ranging from the power-house GeForce4 Ti4400 all the way down to the aging TNT2 M64.


I've posted pictures and information in the "New Products" section of our forums.


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Updated ATI Radeon Driver Comparison

By: Array

Brad from Tweakers Australia has updated his ATI Radeon Driver Comparison article with extra benchmarks and tests, including an image quality comparison, which demonstrates the development of the ATI Smoothvision AA algorithm. The article compares the latest ATi Radeon drivers in v7.68 to the older v7.67 and v7.60 drivers.


The driver comparison compares the performance of the 3 latest ATI Reference drivers. Don't get these confused with the drivers designed for the 'Built by ATI' cards, as these are updated more frequently than the reference versions. Unfortunately, most people who can actually afford a Radeon 8500 settle with the 'Powered by ATI' models - therefore a reference driver must be used. 7.60, 7.67 and 7.68 are the versions we will be looking at, where 7.68 is the latest driver only just recently released by ATI.
Check it out here.


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Graphics Card Rumble!

By: Array

HotHardware have posted up a comparison between the two kings of the budget video card market, the Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4200 and the ATi Radeon 8500 LE. Which is the better choice? Guess you'll have to read the review to find out!


"If you're reading this page, chances are you're a PC hardware enthusiast who is constantly thinking about his (or her) next upgrade. You may have your heart set on a shiny new GeForce 4 Ti 4600 or 128MB Radeon 8500 All-in-Wonder, but you don't have the kind of coin necessary to support your "hardware addiction". So what are you to do? Do you continue to save your money until you have enough cash for the latest and greatest, or do just bite the bullet and stick with what you have? These are questions that companies like NVIDIA and ATi try to answer for you, by introducing mid-range, "mainstream" cards with most of the features and performance of their flagship counterparts, at a fraction of the cost."


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