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Graphics Card Rumourage from The Inquirer

According to a recent story at The Inquirer, motherboard giant ECS will soon start producing their own line of high-end graphics cards - being based on chips from either ATi or nVidia, but from who exactly is anyone's guess, at this stage. The team setup to work on the new cards include ex-employees from ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte which tends to suggest ECS really want to flex their muscles in this department and make a real big hit on this part of the market. ECS will continue to produce SiS Xabre cards in the future, with the Xabre 600 part apparently to be announced in the next couple of weeks.


Next up, the rumor mill says that Tyan said they have produced a better ATi Radeon 9700 based graphics card than the original makers, themselves. The Tachyon G9700 Pro is said to include tweaked drivers and a factory set core clock speed of 400MHz. Better still, Tyan also claim their card will work with all AGP 8x chipsets, unlike other manufacturer's cards which tend to be troublesome now and again. We'll see in time, next week to be exact, when Tyan release this product.


More information @ The Inquirer


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New Radeon 9700 Drivers Leaked

For those lucky enough to own a brand spankin' new ATI Radeon 9700 graphics card, you may be interested to know that Sapphire Tech have released version 7.77 for Windows 9x, 2000 and XP on their website. There is no word on changes, please treat these drivers as betas.


RADEON 9700 - (Ver. 7.77 - for 9X, 2000 and XP) (10,500KB)
More information @ Sapphire Tech


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Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro Review

Sudhian Media today checks out the Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro to see how it stacks up against ATi's own Radeon 9700 and whether you should consider it for your next purchase.

Today we are going to be looking at yet another video card. Just a few days ago the review on Sapphire's Radeon 9000 Atlantis was posted, and today we are going to take a look at another Sapphire card. To reiterate what was said in the last review, Sapphire has been around for longer than you may think, producing OEM boards for ATI and selling mainly to OEM's. This is why you probably haven't heard much of them - but they want that to change. Sapphire's Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro is a retail product with a lower price than one with the "Built By ATI" branding, though it is virtually the same card.
More information at Sudhian Media


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Taking the Radeon 9000 to the MAX

The folks from x-bit Labs have posted an article where they mod the hell out of a brand new Radeon 9000 to obtain some insane overclocking results, with solder and Orb-looking heatsink in hand.


These relatively inexpensive graphics cards have every chance to become popular among those who stick to the principle sounding something like "to get more but to pay less". Many people put this rule into practice by overclocking the newly bought graphics cards. Some quite risky guys go even further and plunge into PCB modification and extreme overclocking.


More information @ x-bit Labs


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New ATI Radeon 8500/9700 Pro Drivers

I was browsing through the Warp2Search postings and noticed they had a post about the latest-greatest ATI drivers. Check 'em out!


ATI have released some new Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP drivers that fix the following problems:


NHL 2003: During certain scenes in the game the system may lock up. Alternately, the game may exit back to the Windows desktop.


Windows XP / 2000
Windows 98 / ME


NOTE: These display drivers:


are not Microsoft Certified
include ATI Advanced Control Panels
include language support for English, French and German

Download ATI RADEON 9700 Pro Drivers 6-13-10-6193 for Windows 2K/XP
Download ATI RADEON 9700 Pro Drivers 4-13-01-9068 for Windows 98/ME
Download ATI RADEON 8500 Drivers 6-13-10-6193 for Windows 2K/XP
Download ATI RADEON 8500 Drivers 4-13-01-9068 for Windows 98/ME

More information @ Warp2Search


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Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 Pro Review

The Guru of 3D finished up a big review on the latest and greatest from Sapphire, Atlantis Radeon 9700 Pro. They'll take it through a heap of benchmarks, test FSAA and anisotropic filtering all the way and if that isn't enough they'll even overclock it to levels very high. Combined with awesome high-resolution images this is one juicy read.

This weeks review will be yet another Radeon 9700 Pro review, this time from Sapphire, a company with quite a few ex-3dfx /STB employees.. Sapphire has always been the key ATI Graphics Boards Supplier worldwide. Sapphire designs, manufactures and distributes the most complete range of ATI video boards from mainstream level Xpert98 to the state-of-the-art technology-enriched Radeon 9700 Pro.
More information at Guru of 3D


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Drool? Yes.. *drool* - ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro

I won't lie to you. I've always been a hardcore nVidia fan. I doubt that will change unless something really drastic happens (cross fingers, knock on wood). However, what we have here is something that even us hardcore nVidians can't help but take note of. Anandtech has a nice little preview of this monster of a graphics card.


Today ATI announces the All-in-Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro. Although we do not have hardware yet we were recently given the opportunity to spend some time with ATI in order to give you an idea of what exactly the new All-in-Wonder brings to the table. It is much more than just a Radeon 9700 Pro with a tuner slapped on. Much, much more.
I won't spoil it for you, so head over and check it out!


More information @ Anandtech


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Graphics: nVidia Detonator 40.71 for Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP Released

Today, nVidia has released new Detonator 40.71 drivers. The new drivers boast up to a 25% performance increase, as well as a new second version beta driver that should correct previous problems.



Detonator 40.71 (14.8MB) for Windows 2000/XP
Detonator 40.71 (12.2MB) for Windows 9X/ME
More information @ nVidia


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New Thermaltake VGA Coolers

Thermaltake have launched a whole bunch of new VGA coolers for GeForce4 series, as well as the Radeon series. The one which really stands out to me is their dual cooler for the GeForce4 Ti series.


Thermaltake Design Team offers a very excellent design to worldwide customers. No doubt, Thermaltake is an expert in thermal design and have the full range of thermal products. Our engineering staffs master thermal management and industrial design, so we strongly emphasis that Thermal take has an excellent design team, the solution and design have been rewarded our customer's satisfaction and high valuation. We have developed the new thermal projects and be able to provide any design and perfect solutions to our OEM &ODM business partners.


More information @ Thermaltake


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GeForce4 Ti4200 Roundup @ Bench Test

Bench Test have posted a massive GeForce4 Ti4200 roundup comparing 11 cards over a staggering 25 pages.


Even a passing glance at the hardware websites all over the net would be enough to convince you of the great popularity of GeForce 4 Ti4200 based video card models. For less than 190 euros, you can own a card that is only a few percent slower than the currently fastest Titanium 4600 model. All that is left is to answer the well-known question: "Which one to choose?"
More information at Bench Test


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