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Slipstreaming SP2 to OfficeXP

By: Array

No, we aren't racing for the fastest lap or best fuel mileage. Totally different in fact but it has the same basic principles when you sit back and consider it. Anyway, the men from DDR Zone have a new article on slipstreaming SP2 to OfficeXP. Overclockers Australia also has a bit of information regarding the same topic, a second opinion is always good.


Ever wanted to create an updated install image for Office XP that contained all the fixes available in the latest Microsoft service packs? Well now you can, following this simple guide we will show you how to produce a pre-patched version of Microsoft Office XP that can be used for both upgrading old Office XP installs as well as doing completely fresh installs.
More information at The DDR Zone


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Leadtek A250LE NVIDIA® Geforce 4 TI-4200 Review

AMDWorld has a look at Leadtek's low cost entry into the TI-4200 family with a 64MB memory configuration and a heatsink of aluminum that you just can not miss.

Slightly confusing is there are two versions unavailable of the NVIDIA® Geforce 4 TI-4200, where one comes in the flavor and sports 128MB DDR SDRAM with a 250MHz core with a memory speed of 222MHz (444MHz DDR) and the other sporting 64MB DDR SDRAM with the same core speed of 250MHz but has a memory speed of 250MHz (DDR 500MHz). All other components are similar has to what is found on the NVIDIA® Geforce 4 TI-46/4400 series apart from the RAM specification again we see a lower grade rating on the specified RAM with *Hynix 64M(4Mx16) DDR SDRAM HY5DV641622AT modules which operate at 250MHz 500Mbps hence the core speed of 250MHz Note these are not the 2.8ns BGA (Ball Grid Array) type ram modules found on the NVIDIA® Geforce 4 TI-46/4400 series these have a specification of 4ns which were familiar on the original NVIDIA® Geforce 3 CARDS.
More information at AMDWorld


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Transcend Radeon 7500 Review

Heatseekerz has take a quick look at a graphics card made by Transcend! The Transcend Radeon 7500, codenamed 'TS64MVDR7'.

If your looking for a card that has good overclocking potential, don't consider this one. But then again, this board isn't made for overclockers! I managed to run the core at 270 MHz, and the memory at 405 MHz DDR, but not entirely stable, so I didn't manage to complete the benchmarks. But I'm confident, with a little extra cooling (ramsinks?) you'll be able to run this card stable at those settings.
More information at Heatseekerz


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Albatron GeForce4 Ti 4600 Review

The GURU of 3D is st it again with Albatron's GeForce4 Ti 4600 video card.

Next stop: Memory ... the card is equipped with a luxury 128 MB of on-board DDR memory. The Ti 4600 rated 2.8ns (I think) memory is from Samsung. I assume it's 2.8 as when you look at the chip this also might be 2B (hard to see) which can be synonym for the 3ns model. When I took a peek at Samsung memory lists it seemed that this model was not included yet.
More information at GURU of 3D


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2x ATI Radeon 9000 Pro Reviews

VIAHardware is first today with their look at ATi's latest Radeon 9000 Pro video card.

The last time we talked about ATI, we introduced the Radeon 9000/9000 Pro and the Radeon 9700 Pro video cards, AKA the RV250 and R300. In that review we introduced you to the technology of the 9000 Pro and 9700 Pro. Today we are going to look at ATI's Radeon 9000 Pro and see just how it compares to other video cards. The Radeon 9000 Pro is an interesting product and we are going to throw it in the mix with a GeForce 4 MX440, GeForce 4 Ti4200, and a Radeon 8500.
More information at VIAHardware




SubZeroTech has also posted a review of the ATi Radeon 9000 Pro. Take a look at it here.


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Triplex Millennium Silver GeForce 4 Ti4600 Review

RadiativeNZ have just finished having a play with the Triplex Millennium Silver GeForce 4 Ti4600.

Triplex recently decided to take on the big boys and signed up to produce both the GeForce and Xabre line of graphics cards. Rather than blend in with everyone else, they decided to try and distinguish themselves from the numerous other start-up manufacturers and have come up with the aptly named Millennium Silver product line - you'll soon see why…
More information at RadiativeNZ


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Make an Office XP CD with Integrated Service Pack 1, aka Slipstreaming

Over at the Viperlair they have a guide up on how to make an Office XP CD with Integrated Service Pack 1.

The whole point of this exercise was to create a CD with Office XP with Service Pack 1. Should there be a Service Pack 2 (likely), this guide should apply to it as well, though I'll be sure to double check. I know some may be thinking that this is a lot of work, but think of it in the long run. You'll now have a backup of your original CD, since I hear a lot of dubious stories like "I lost my originals!!", as well as a backup of your CD key.
More information at Viperlair


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Albatron GeForce4 Ti4600 Review

Icrontic is kicking off with a look at the Albatron GeForce4 Ti4600. Albatron is a new kid on the block as far as video cards go, but do provide an impressive looking package nonetheless.

With Albatron being so new to the video card scene I really had no idea what kind of overclocking results to expect. I fired up Cool Bits registry utility to access the frequency settings. Remember, the card comes stock at 250 core and 650 memory and I've heard of users getting their cards up to 330 core and 750 memory and beyond with stock cooling. I was able to overclock the Albatron card to a maximum stable speed of 310 Mhz core and 720 Mhz memory speed, which boosted my 3DMark 2002SE points from 10,746 to 11,134. With a standard HSF and no memory heat sinks I don't wouldn't expect it to overclock as well as cards from Leadtek, ASUS, and Gainward for example, but overclocking is always based a little bit on luck so your results may vary.
More information at Icrontic


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