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NVIDIA QuadroFX 2000

The GeForce FX might have been a let down, but TomsHardware shows that the QuadroFX 2000 will be a hit in the workstation area. Here, the FX 2000 is pitted against several other workstation graphics cards.


Pressure is the ratio of force to area. ATi is certainly feeling that pressure right now - at least in the OpenGL area. While the GeForceFX was remarkable in the consumer segment more for its vacuum cleaner-like acoustics and muscular design than for its superior performance, the workstation variant of the NV30 graphics card is more modestly packaged. With a slower speed and a slimmed-down cooling solution, it takes things more calmly. Pitted against seven other workstation candidates in this test, the QuadroFX 2000 shows that you don't necessarily have to forfeit any power.
More information @ Tom's Hardware Guide


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Atlantis Radeon 9800 Pro

Sapphire Technology, one of ATi's largest partners has just released the first details on its all new Atlantis Radeon 9800 Pro graphics solution, here they are.




256MB or 128MB DDR memory accelerates the latest 3D games
256-bit memory interface removes hardware performance bottleneck and provides end users with faster 3D graphics
Industry's only 8-pipeline graphics solution in its 2nd generation, providing twice the rendering power of any currently competing product.
Supports the new AGP 8X standard, providing a high-speed link between the graphics board and the rest of the PC (2.0 GB/sec)
First to fully support DirectX® 9.0 and the latest OpenGL® functionality
New SMARTSHADER™ 2.1 technology allows users to experience complex, movie-quality effects in next-generation 3D games and applications
SMOOTHVISION™ 2.1 technology enhances image quality by removing jagged edges and bringing out fine texture detail, without compromising performance
128-bit floating-point color precision allows for a greater range of colors and brightness
Unique VIDEOSHADER™ engine uses programmable pixel shaders to accelerate video processing and provide better-looking visuals
ATI's new FULLSTREAM™ technology removes blocky artifacts from Streaming and Internet video and provides sharper image quality


More information @ Sapphire Tech


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FIC Radeon 9800/9800pro spec's


FIC has released details on two new graphics cards based on ATI's Radeon 9800 and 9800 Pro GPU's. The A98 (9800) and A98P (9800 Pro) both feature a 400MHz RAMDAC, 8 pipeline architecture, 256 bit memory bus, TV-out, full DirectX 9.0/OpenGL support, and AGP 8x/4x/2x compatibility. In addition, the A98 will support 128MB of DDR memory and a core/memory clock speed of 325/310MHz. The A98P will support up to 256MB of DDR memory and has a core/memory clock speed of 400/360MHz.


More information @ FIC


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Prolink announce GeForce FX 5800 F1 series

We can't escape the GeForce FX craze as streams of companies continue to make announcements of their FX 5800 series of graphics cards. Grace over at Prolink just let us know about the announcement of their GeForce FX 5800 Ultra and 5800 graphics cards in F1 style. The continually flow of FX product announcements tends to make you believe nVidia won't be canceling the mass production of this GPU after all.


To break through 3D graphics limit, PixelView GeForce FX5800 pack brings VGA to enter graphics new generation-Cinematic graphics¡IPixelView GeForce F1 pack are powered by NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs which usher in the new age of cinematic visual effects on desktop. The power, precision and engineering elegance of the NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs.deliver uncomparable 3D graphics performance and enable cinematic quality in desktop application and 3D games.


More information @ Prolink Microsystems


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Albatron Gigi GeForce FX5800

Venny Yu from Albatron in Taiwan let us know about their Gigi GeForce FX5800 series of graphics cards. We have been promised testing samples on the 20th of March, we suspect Albatron will start shipping into retail channels at this time as well.


Feb. 2003 - Albatron Technology announced its latest graphics accelerator, the Gigi GeForce FX5800, featuring nVIDIA's highly touted GeForce FX5800 chipset otherwise known as the NV30. Albatron rolls out this card with an impressive lineup of lightning fast components including DDR II memory and AGP 8X. The DDR II memory interface comes with 128 MB and can clock up to 800 MHz. The GPU core clock is rated at 400 MHz and is designed with a 0.13-micron architecture which increases performance. In addition to performance factors, Albatron design the brand new image of butterfly-girl named 'Gigi'. This image will put on the color box of product's and all of other promotion issues.
More information in our Video Cards Forum


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Bad AA pics for the GeForce FX

Currently under investigation over at HardOCP: It appears that the Anit-Aliased pictures of NVIDIA's GeForce FX don't do it justice due to the manner in which the AA filters are applied both before and after the frame which is to be painted on the screen has left the frame-buffer. Traditional screen-capturing utilities typically capture images from the frame-buffer, thus neglecting the effect of the latter image-quality-enhancing filters. I'll let the last line of the quote speak for itself. Of course, NVIDIA and the rest of us would like to get to the bottom of this issue.

The GeForceFX's technology applies filters that effect AntiAliasing and Anisotropic filtering before the frame buffer and after the frame has left the frame buffer. In short, this means that all of our screenshots do not accurately represent the true in-game visual quality that the GFFX can and will produce, as the screen shots were pulled from the frame buffer (in the "middle" of the AA process). We have come to conclusions about the GFFX IQ (Image Quality) that may be simply wrong.
More information @ HardOCP


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My GeForce FX Thoughts

I was just recently asked in our forums what I thought of the whole GeForce FX fiasco. I gave my honest opinion and wanted to share it with our wider audience - here is my stance on the whole situation and remember it is just my opinion, unbiased toward ATI or nVidia, as you'll notice neither of them advertise with us - so frankly I don't care what either company think of my thoughts, unlike possibly other web media do.


I think everyone should wait at least another month to see what third party companies come up with before making a judgment on the GeForce FX - don't loose sight of the fact that the 5 or 6 online reviews we have seen to date are of a reference design, and like always - third party go ahead and improve on it to compete with other companies doing the exact same thing. And not just performance-wise this time, cooling as is the clear case with the GeForce FX - and let me assure you, after talking to many third party companies today, they are all just as concerned with the noise related issues as you and I, and are all working hard to come up with more noise-tolerable solutions.


I tend to agree with the latest post made over at nV News by Typedef Enum saying that many websites hyped the NV30 so much (we are probably even guilty of it) that everyone was expecting the McLaren F1 of video cards, and obviously it did not happen and it seems the entire tech community is suddenly bitter towards nVidia for it. Let me lay it on the line for you all - nVidia had the lead over ATI and any other GPU maker on the market and have enjoyed much industry support for the past 4 or 5 years. Now watch ATI soak it all up for 2003 and possibly beyond, as they should, while nVidia sit back and scratch their heads for an answer. This is the key reason we've seen companies such as Gigabyte and Creative switch to ATI - they aren't stupid by any means, they know ATI and their future plans and goals. Hell, if anything it makes things better for as both companies compete to be king - let's just sit back and soak it up ourselves.


There comes a point in time where frames per second, are just that - simple frames per second. They've gotten so high now that there is no need seeing anything faster, at least in my opinion. Instead of looking for an outright speed king, why don't some of you folks enjoy more of the eye candy on offer and let the truly talented programmers of our world blow us away some more with unprecedented life-like detail instead of worrying about how high your 3DMark 2001 SE score is. Seriously guys, Dawn (the sexy nVidia elf chick) was just a start - wait till programmers and developers around the world make use of CG (ATI will also support it in their R350) and continue to perfect their art and we'll be back to seeing frame rates back in the 60-80 range, as told to us by nVidia - then and only then, will frames rates matter and come back into play like they've mattered so much over the past few years.


Frames per second are only those guys, so remember it. Why drive your car at such extreme speeds that you miss the beautiful scenery on the side of the road?



- All of your opinions and comments and flames can be made in our Video Card Forums


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It's GeForce FX Day!

As predicted by many, today would be the day nVidia open the curtains on their highly anticipated GeForce FX GPU. Those who prophesized were indeed correct, as all the big boys post their first looks at nVidia's new flagship model, the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra.



You can read GeForce FX related content at the following sites, here they are in no particular order:


- AnandTech
- Hot Hardware
- Extreme Tech
- Tec Channel (German)
- Tom's Hardware
- One Thumb


The folks at nVidia neglected allocating us a sample under NDA which we cannot help but be highly disappointed by - maybe next time hey guys .


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