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ATI Crossfire benchmarks at Computex 2005

This morning during Computex 2005 in Taiwan (that big IT show happening at the moment) we got the chance to run some exclusive benchmarks on a Crossfire platform which consisted of two Radeon X850XT cards. Later this afternoon we discovered more Crossfire goodness hiding away in a back room somewhere but this time they were Radeon X850XT PE cards and we did see a performance jump.


We're hearing and seeing A LOT about ATI's Crossfire at Computex 2005 so far and it's only the first day - the next attack move will be on nVidia's G70 but will complete Crossfire first. Tomorrow we're going to run our entire suite of benchmarks on the platform with single and dual card'll see it first here at TweakTown - it's a good thing we haven't signed any NDA's with ATI about their new SLI alternative, that's for sure or we might get locked up in a Taiwanese prison or something.



You can find the complete set of benchmarks here which we ran today and tomorrow we'll publish a separate article with the fresh new results sometime tomorrow afternoon Taiwan local time.


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NVIDIA nForce4 SLI *Intel Edition* Unleashed

Today's an exciting one for the NV giants as they officially announce the new nForce4 SLI motherboard for Intel platforms. Aside Intel's own 955X Express chipset (announced yesterday along with their new dual-core Pentium D processors), many gamers will also be drawn to this chipset when building up a new Intel based system due to the two residing 16x PCIe slots which are SLI configurable, previously a feature only available on AMD platforms. Several other exclusive features and attractions are also aboard NVIDIA's latest masterpiece.


You can get to NVIDIA's official announcement here, and their supporting product page over here for further details.


SANTA CLARA, CA-APRIL 5, 2005-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today announced the immediate availability of the Company's new NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition media and communications processors (MCPs) for Intel platforms. This new line of core-logic solutions incorporates a host of new, innovative, NVIDIA features never before available on the Intel platform, including NVIDIA® SLI technology, hardware-based firewall security, advanced storage solutions, and native Gigabit Ethernet networking.


"Over the last three years, NVIDIA has been recognized for its technology innovation and leadership in developing award-winning MCP solutions for today's digital consumer," said Drew Henry, general manager of MCP products at NVIDIA. "Core-logic is at the heart of today's digital media PCs, enabling the download, protection, storage, and playback of digital media content, functions that form the foundation of our NVIDIA nForce family of MCPs."


As for performance figures and what not, plenty of sites around the globe have been testing away with reference boards to give you a strong indication of what NVIDIA now offer in the Intel world of computing. Check out these reviews as listed below folks :-


- Bjorn3D
- ExtremeTech
- Firing Squad
- Hardtecs4u
- Hexus
- Hot Hardware
- Overclockers NZ
- Neoseeker
- NVNews
- PC Perspective
- PC Stats
- Sudhian
- Viperlair
- Toms Hardware (New)
- GDHardware (New)


..and finally to wrap things up for the nForce4 Intel launch, Corsair send word of their partnership with NVIDIA to have assisted with the development and launch of DDR2 memory modules specifically tweaked for optimal compatibility/performance on the new nForce4 Intel platform. Full details within the supporting PR.


hroughout the development of the nForce4 SLI Intel Edition MCP, Corsair has worked very closely with NVIDIA in testing and qualifying the highest performance solutions to provide the best overall system performance. "Corsair is a leader in enthusiast memory, and their knowledge of performance memory was a big help in the optimization of our NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition memory controller interface," stated Drew Henry, general manager of MCP products at NVIDIA. "We believe the net result of our collaboration with Corsair is a DDR2 memory subsystem that will set new performance standards."


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NVIDIA Launches New Site - SLIZone

To extend upon their already big day under the spotlight, NVIDIA have also launched a new sub-site dubbed "SLIZone", which as the name implies is dedicated to all things SLI. A plethora of information such as related daily news content, system builder information, tutorials, reviews, certifications, and stacks more can be found on the new site for your reading pleasure.


To help fire things up over there, MSI are sponsoring an SLI video contest with some very sweet prizes awarded to the top 3 SLI videos, as detailed over at this section of the new site folks.


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Fraps 2.5.4 Released - SLI Fix

Yet another release of Fraps has gone live just recently, with the most notable fix having delt with an SLI rendering issue in conjunction with NVIDIA's 71.84 drivers, as per the below comments. Grab the new 2.5.4 release here folks.


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR NVIDIA 6600/6800 SLI OWNERS: It has been brought to our attention that SLI render modes in the 71.84 drivers will not activate with Fraps 2.5.3 (and earlier) running in the background. This results in games always running with Single-GPU performance.


All SLI users are urged to update to Fraps 2.5.4 which does not conflict with SLI rendering.


- Resolved conflict preventing SLI with 71.84 Forceware drivers
- Fixed crash when right clicking in change directory window
- Fixed crash in some browsers when launching Help window


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NVIDIA Expands GPU Lineup With Two New GeForce 6 Series GPUs

After many recent signs of their soon to be existance, 512MB versions of NVIDIA's 6800 Ultra cards have become official from the company today. Also uncovered is a new lower-cost AGP version of their 6200 series card which carries Shader Model 3.0 support. Full details within NVIDIA's official PR.


CEBIT - HANNOVER, GERMANY-MARCH 10, 2005-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today expands its award-winning NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series of graphics processing units (GPUs) by unveiling two new products: a 512MB version of the performance-leading GeForce 6800 Ultra GPU and a new lower-cost AGP version of the GeForce 6200 GPU which brings Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 technology to even more affordable price levels.


"Whether you are an extreme gamer or someone looking for an amazing upgrade, NVIDIA has the right product," said Ujesh Desai, general manager desktop products at NVIDIA. "These two new products further validate our commitment to bringing leading-edge performance and features to both the AGP and PCI Express markets."


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ATI's Radeon X800 XL - VALUE!

When ATI recently announced their new X850 line of graphics cards, a mysterious little fellow by the name of the "Radeon X800 XL" came along for the ride. It wasn't long after that it was made clear this little puppy could well be a 6800 GT killer. Whys that? Ooooooh, perhaps due to a fully enabled 16 pipeline treat with a sweet sweet little price tag, a mere $299MSRP in fact.



Interested to see how it fairs? Here's some nice fresh reviews for ya'all :-


- Anandtech
- Toms Hardware
- ExtremeTech
- FiringSquad
- Beyond3D
- Hot Hardware
- PC Perspective
- Tech Report


Tech Report:-
This PCI Express x16 graphics card comes with a single-slot cooler attached, and it doesn't require any auxiliary power connections. The 75 watts supplied by the PCI-E x16 slot should suffice. Otherwise, the X800 XL is nearly a dead ringer for a Radeon X850 XT card. Closer inspection reveals some minor differences, but the two PCB designs obviously share a common pedigree.


The XL's real distinction comes in the form of its R430 VPU. The R480 chip that powers the more expensive X850 line is manufactured at TSMC on a 130nm fab process. The R430, by contrast, is fabbed using TSMC's 110nm process.


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NVIDIA's "REAL" GeForce 6200 - TurboCache comes to light!

Today marks the launch of a revolutionary technology for video cards from NVIDIA, announcing their new "Turbocache" technology which has so far been implemented on their budget focused 6200 GPU, however this new breed of 6200 GPU's is also of a smaller die, say hello to NV44!



Their very interesting TurboCache technology allows video cards to use more actual system memory and in turn less memory on the card itself for producing optimal low-end performance. Obviously this means lower costs involved as well, but just how beneficial is it to performance over non TurboCache versions? Thats where the links below would be of interest to you no doubt, as hardware sites around the globe get the chance to testdrive the new TurboCache NV44 offerings :-


- Anandtech
- TechReport
- Gamers-Depot
- Bit-Tech
- Hot Hardware
- Planet3DNow (Translated)
- Toms Hardware
- Hardware Analysis
- Hexus


NVIDIA's official announcement can be read over in their press room, along with a seperate announcement listing in excess of 70 partners to have already signed up for production of the new TurboCache 6200 GPU's.


SANTA CLARA, CA-DECEMBER 15, 2004-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today introduced the NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6200 graphics processing unit (GPU) with TurboCache™ technology.


NVIDIA TurboCache is a new, patented hardware and software technology, which allows a GPU to render directly to system memory, instead of using local memory on the graphics card. NVIDIA TurboCache technology lowers on-board memory requirements, enabling system builders to deliver PCs with more feature-rich GPUs and offer their customers better graphics performance and advanced capabilities previously unattainable at value prices.


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ATI brings PCIe and DX9 to A64 with Radeon XPRESS 200!

As mentioned earlier on, ATI aimed to release their new series of PCI-Express equipped Athlon64 chipsets today dubbed the "XPRESS 200" series. Aimed more so at the budget / entry level market for Athlon64, the two varying chipsets differ in that the 200G carries an integrated DirectX 9 capable graphics core, and the 200P does not. Interested to see how it's performing against the competition (or there lack of)? Naturally we see a bunch of sites surface with all the info you'll be seeking, as per the below list folks. Of course it'll be updated as more coverage on the two new chipsets come in.


Update: ATI have since made available the official PR for your reading pleasure.


- Tech Report
- Spodes Abode
- Hot Hardware
- Anandtech
- DriverHeaven
- PC Perspective
- LegitReviews
- AMDZone
- Toms Hardware
- FiringSquad


Tech Report:-
The race between the major chipset players to produce that first AMD chipset with PCI Express has been dramatic. Who knew that ATI would be the first to deliver to us a fully working reference board for an extended testing session? And who knew that ATI's Athlon 64 chipset with PCI Express would also pack an integrated Radeon graphics core with DirectX 9? Say hello to the Radeon Xpress 200 chipset, ATI's surprisingly solid first stab at the AMD core logic market.


Quick to follow suit, Tul Corp have introduced their PowerColor XPRESS 200 motherboard which you can get all the details on within the official press release here.


Nov. 8, 2004 - Taipei, Taiwan) Tul Corporation today reveals the PowerColor XPRESS 200 mainboard on AMD platform to the worldwide market. As any experienced gamer would know, current PC games demand more and more graphics power to run; users may need to spend from 200 to 400 USD to purchase a qualified graphics card. The PowerColor XPRESS 200 fulfils the needs of high graphics performance and limited budget for users.


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nVidia girls with new Albatron GeForce FX cards

Before anyone spits the chips, the following pictures were sent through to us from Venny at Albatron in Taiwan. I am not sure where the photos were taken, but these are girls from nVidia holding Albatron's brand new GeForce FX 5700 and FX 5950 graphics cards.



Albatron Technology Co. LTD., a manufacturer and global distributor of high technology PC components recently announced the new GeForce FX5700U graphics card. The GPU (FX 5700 Ultra - NV36) on this board is currently being highly touted by nVIDIA® and contains impressive performance capabilities including a 475 MHz GPU clock speed and a DDR II memory interface capable of 900 MHz. The FX5700U has been equipped with a patented "2+1 Backup", triple-fan cooling system which has been upgraded from the previous "Wise Fan" and dubbed "Wise Fan ll". With the additional fans for this card, Albatron has also gone to great lengths to suppress fan noise down to about 25 dBA, almost 10 dBA less than most fans on the market today.


I have uploaded the .doc file concerning this product to our servers which you can download. Please right click on this link and "Save Target As".


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Gainward Water Cooled GeForce FX Preview

The Inquirer has posted a short preview of Gainward's unique water cooled GeForce FX 5900 Ultra graphics card. Costing almost a grand USD, it's an expensive gamble for Gainward.


The complete kit in our case was connected so all you have to do is to plug the card in a board, connect the 12V connector in the card, and connect the 12V HDD to your pump along with the three pin fan unit.


This installation takes only a minute or two. Placing a radiator and pump in a case takes a little longer...


The card boots exactly like an air cooled one with the exception that you will hear some water gurgling through the pump.

More information @ The Inquirer


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