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XFX Release Details On GeForce 8800 GPUs

A day early, XFX have decided to release to the press some brief details of NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 series GPUS (the GTS and GTX). Grab their PDF formatted announcement here.


The New XFX GeForce® 8800GTX and GeForce® 8800 GTS GPUs Break the Sound Barrier and Redefine the Phrase "Get Your Game On"


Ontario, California, November 8, 2006 - XFX changes the face of gaming yet again with the release of the all-new GeForce® 8800 GTX and GeForce® 8800 GTS graphics processing units (GPUs). Offering unprecedented processing power and unparalleled levels of graphics realism and special effects, the only other "un" that comes to mind is "unbelievable"!


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Geforce 8800 GTX is faster than Crossfire X1950XTX

Looks like these new GeForce 8800 series cards (due to be launched within the next 24 hrs) are hell'a fast! So much so that according to the Inquirer a single 8800 GTX actually outperforms a CrossFire X1950XTX setup!


BEFORE the reviews start popping up on Wednesday, we got the chance to get you some games numbers for the G80. In Open GL based Quake 4, the Geforce 8800 GTX is faster than two ATI X1950 XTX cards in Crossfire. The Geforce 8800 GTX scores a few frames faster in every single resolution with and without FSAA 4X and Aniso 8X.


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NVIDIA "G80" GeForce 8800GTX Performance Explored

As the day draws closer to the official launch, The DailyTech have managed to snag a GeForce 8800GTX with which they use the opportunity to run a few benchies on it and compare to ATI's X1950XTX to give us all a nice taste of whats to come from the new DX10 monster.


NVIDIA is set to launch its upcoming G80 GeForce 8800GTX and 8800GTS graphics cards next week, however, DailyTech snagged a GeForce 8800GTX board to run a couple quick benchmarks on. The GeForce 8800GTX used for testing is equipped with 768MB of GDDR3 video memory on a 384-bit memory bus as previously reported. Core and memory clocks are set at 575 MHz and 900 MHz respectively. Other GeForce 8800 series features include 128-bit HDR with 16x anti-aliasing and NVIDIA's Quantum Physics Engine.


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SAPPHIRE - New Midrange Graphics Solution is CrossFire Ready

SAPPHIRE have just added an X1650XT based graphics card to their lineup, as detailed in the press material here.


Leading graphics supplier SAPPHIRE Technology is now shipping a new graphics accelerator based on industry leading architecture, delivering affordable graphics processing solutions in the midrange market and featuring the latest CrossFireTM connectors for dual GPU operation.


The SAPPHIRE RADEON X1650XT now delivers the highest graphics performance in its class. Equipped with 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 memory, this model features clock speeds of 575MHz (core) and 1350MHz (memory). The new X1650XT delivers high efficiency, high performance in Shader Model 3.0 and enhanced image quality. The architecture natively supports HDCP and also supports AvivoTM delivering vibrant high fidelity images and video playback to the latest High Definition (HD) video standards. Two Dual-link DVI outputs are provided as well as TV out and multimonitor operation is supported with HydravisionTM.


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ATI planning an an 80nm-based budget Radeon X1300CE

Details have surfaced today on an upcoming Radeon X1300CE graphics card from ATI which will be based on their 80nm "RV505" processor.


Get the full rundown on it over at HKEPC folks.


As Vista is going to be released in early 2007, ATI plans to release new model for value segment, Radeon X1300CE which will be Vista Premium certified. Codenamed RV505CE, Radeon X1300CE is a replacement of old Radeon X300/500 (RV370) generation. Manufactured by TSMC with 80nm technology, RV505CE features Direct X 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0 support and AVIVO technology. This chip is driven by 4 Pixel Shader Pineline, 2 Vertex Shader engine, 64bit native memory controller, and a 350MHz core clock. Radeon X1300CE will accompany with a low-profile board design codenamed Blondie and passive cooling. The official price of card is going to be $49, and it's main rival would be NVIDIA GeForce 7100GS.


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GeCube Releases ATI RADEON 1950PRO With TEC Cooling

GeCube have released an X1950PRO which is an overclocking-happy limited edition card with its residing TEC (Thermo Electric Cooling) system. The "FZ" (Freezer) Cool X1950PRO really stands apart from the rest with this kickass cooling system and I would imagine will sell really well.


Get the full scoop on it over at GeCube's website folks.


GeCube's FZ Cool graphics card takes cooling solutions for X1950PRO overclocking to the next level by being the first graphics card in the world to incorporate a TEC (Thermo Electric Chip). TEC's superior cooling performance means that even when the FZ Cool is overclocked by 20% the temperature remains within the optimum 60°C ~65°C range. The FZ Cool also stands out in 3D Mark 05/06 benchmarks by outperforming standard versions by 15% and returning the best scores as well. The FZ Cool has 4 heat pipes and twin 8cm silent fans with automatic speed adjustment, special overclocking temperature control function and recovery mechanism. This ensures that overclocking will no longer shorten the life of your graphics card! With its class-leading ultra-cooling design and perfect visual effects, the FZ Cool is the dream card for master overclockers!


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SAPPHIRE - High Performance Graphics hits new Value point with X1950 PRO

SAPPHIRE have announced their variant of ATI's just-launched RV570 based X1950 PRO graphics card, bundled with a copy of the "Da Vinci Code" PC game title.


Grab their press release here folks.


SAPPHIRE Technology, industry leading manufacturer of graphics cards has just introduced an exciting new product in its X1950 series bringing a new value level to its high performance range and introducing new easy to install CrossFireTM options. The SAPPHIRE Radeon X1950 PRO is scheduled to ship from retailers and system integrators worldwide on October 17th and the SAPPHIRE retail bundle will include the successful Da Vinci Code game.


The SAPPHIRE X1950 PRO delivers high-definition entertainment with stunningly fast gaming performance, industry-leading image quality and crystal clear High Definition digital video at a new and very affordable price point. With an exclusive set of image quality features like simultaneous HDR with adaptive anti-aliasing and a palette of over one billion colours, the SAPPHIRE X1950 PRO will enable users to get the most out of their gaming experiences.


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GIGABYTE Unveils Special Edition Radeon 1950 Pro Graphic Accelerator

And now come the stream of press releases from partners releasing their own X1950 Pro variants. GIGABYTE are first up with their Special Edition GV-RX195P256D-RH card which comes equipped with a Zalman VF700 cooling solution and a copy of "Call of Juarez".


Taipei, Taiwan, October 17, 2006 - GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today revealed the GIGABYTE GV-RX195P256D-RH, the world's first 80nm graphic card featuring the ATI Radeon® X1950 Pro with 36 pixel shader processors and the all new Compositing CrossFire™ Engine.


Combining ultra-stable performance, blistering 3D graphic rendering, and longer component lifespan with the usage of ultra-low ESR solid capacitors, the GV-RX195P256D-RH comes equipped with the Zalman VF700 aluminum copper fan to deliver an optimally quiet thermal solution with outstanding overclocking performance. Leveraging the latest advanced graphics technologies including Shader Model 3.0 and High Dynamic Rendering, the GV-RX195P256D-RH provides the ideal solution for Call of Juarez with support for high HDR and DOF effects. Featuring the high performance 3D ChromeEngine3 and EAX surround sound effects, Call of Juarez promises to transport gamers directly into the most realistic 19th century western cowboy adventure imaginable.


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Tagen Unveil Quad-SLI Happy TurboJet 1100W PSU

Tagen have just raised the bar a notch for high-end PSUs with their new TurboJet series 1100W MONSTER. This thing has it all, they've even gone to such efforts as to box it up in a custom-designed leather suitcase!


Grab the press release here for full details, and there's also a specs sheet and sales sheet provided as well.


October 16 2006 - Tagan, manufacturer of premium power suppliers for PCs and servers, enters a new supply dimension with the turbojet series. Supplying 1100 Watts of pure power, Tagan is Australia's ?rst manufacturer to make such capability available for today's and future multi-CPU and multi-GPU high-end computers.

"We are proud to be the first to release such a powerful power supply in Australia" says Nikol Su, Managing Director for Actiontec and distributor for Tagan "We've already had great interest from dealers and system integrators about Tagan's 1100w power supply especially with Intel's multi-core CPU architectures"


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