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Swiftech Introduces MCW55 Universal VGA water-block

To accompany their acclaimed "STORM" CPU waterblock, Swiftech have today announced the release of their new MCW55 Universal VGA water-block which offers a significant improvement in performance over the previous MCW50 model, this by use of Delrin Acetal materials (not unlike the STORM CPU waterblock). For more information, have a read through the official press release folks.


Signal Hill, CA - Friday September 2nd, 2005 - Swiftech™ today announced the release of the new MCW55 Universal VGA water-block. While similar in size and appearance to the earlier MCW50, the MCW55 features vastly improved performance and is now made out of Delrin Acetal like the STORM CPU waterblock for superior durability. "The STORM+MCW55 combination is a "match made in heaven". We worked really hard to optimize the hydraulics on this waterblock and deliver our enthusiast customers the absolute best cooling solution on the planet" said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's Chairman. The MCW55 is compatible with all ATI Radeon and nVidia High-end GeForce VGA adapters.


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GIGABYTE Make SLI More Affordable

In a recent official announcement from GIGABYTE, they aim to deliver a bunch of new SLI-ready motherboards with a cost-friendly price tag, in turn making SLI a bit more plausible for budget/mid-range focused system buyers.


Taipei, Taiwan August 12th, 2005 - GIGABYTE Technology®, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, VGA cards and other computing hardware solutions, today announced a new range of affordable SLI-ready motherboards aimed at introducing NVIDIA's dual GPU technology to the mainstream PC market.


The new GIGABYTE motherboard SKUs follow shortly after an announcement by NVIDIA that the chipset and graphics giant would focus on driving SLI technology into the general PC market where it can benefit home and corporate users as well as PC gaming enthusiasts. The new SLI-ready motherboards are the GA-K8N-SLI and GA-8N-SLI Pro that feature compatibility with new dual core processors from Intel® or AMD, Serial ATA 3Gb/s, NV RAID, NV firewall and Gigabit LAN connectivity, all for a retail price that is expected to start at less than AU$190.


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NVIDIA Introduces Second GeForce7 Member

Today marks another big release for NVIDIA as they officially launch their second GeForce 7 series video card in the "7800 GT". This card is of course a lower spec'd model in comparison to the already released GTX variant, and naturally offered in a lower price bracket. The card differs to the GTX with 20 pixel pipelines and 7 vertex pipelines versus the 24 pixel / 8 vertex pipelines of the GTX. GPU and MEM clocks are also lower at 400MHz and 1000Mhz respectively.


Given the NDA's just expired, theres a mass of links surfacing with stacks of benchies and info on the new GT cards, as per the below links :-


- Guru3D
- TweaksRUS
- Bit-Tech
- Tech Report
- PC Perspective
- Hot hardware
- Hexus
- Hardware Analysis
- Trusted Reviews
- Neoseeker
- Digit-Life
- XBit Labs
- Anandtech
- NVNews
- FiringSquad


Following the release of the Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX GPU sometime last month, NVIDIA had just started rolling out the technologically stunning, GeForce 7 series of GPUs. While the 7800 GTX based graphics card are the fastest anyone can buy with money now, it remains as one of the most expensive one available in the market. This comes naturally, since it gives top of the line performance. Retailing at an average of late SGD$900 to early SGD$1200, these cards might not be attractive even to the rich. While NVIDIA needs to cater to as many market sectors as possible, they saw a need to have a card that will provide next generation performance, yet costs lower then that. A new GPU is now introduced, the NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT.


- Chaintech Announces AE78GT on 7800 GT

Another press release rolls in detailing the birth of a 7800 GT based graphics card, this one from NVIDIA partner Chaintech with their "AE78GT" variant.


Taipei, Taiwan, Aug. 11th, 2005-Chaintech Computer CO., LTD, the World-leading VGA cards& Motherboard manufacturer, today introduces its AE78GT, one of the industry's first next generation high-definition PC Gaming VGA solutions based on the NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT graphics processor. Chaintech AE78GT featuring a revolutionary design that delivers best-in-class performance on today's hottest games and applications.


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- Brother MFC-620CN - Multi Function Device @ Trusted Reviews
- Blue Tango Classic @ Viperlair
- ASRock K8 Combo-Z AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 & 754 Mobo @
- Amacrox Power bus Modular 460w PSU @ XtremeComputing


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HIS Introduces X800GT IceQ II Turbo Graphics Card

Sourced through Hardware Zone, HIS look to be gearing up early with the release of ATI's latest X800 variant, the X800GT. In the form of the "IceQ II Turbo", HIS are the first to have announced the release of a card based on ATI's newest X800GT core. For more details, check out the official PR folks.


Hong Kong, Monday, Aug 8, 2005 - HIS (Hightech Information System Limited) announces the newest family member of the Radeon X800 series, the HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo performance will dominate other graphics options in its price class, the HIS X800GT gives users high definition gaming power and performance and hardware accelerated video functionality.


The HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo boosts graphic card performance through its proprietary iTURBO overclocking technology. With its iTURBO overclocking software, users are able to stably increase and maximize HIS X800GT's performance. In addition, the X800GT IceQ II Turbo features Ice-Blue UV Sensitive effect casing. The HIS IceQ II Turbo also has a noise level less than 20dB. Such unique qualities make the HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo the best graphic solution choice for your PCI-Express system.


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- Engin Voice Box @ Overclockers AU
- Dusting Your Computer - Keeping it Cool @ Bonafide Reviews
- Koolance Exos 2 Water Cooling Kit @ Gruntville
- Zalman Reserator 1 Plus Fanless Water Cooler @ PimpRig
- Will the Bell System Survive? @ BigBruin
- Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System @ TweakNews
- Creative GigaWorks S750 7.1 Speaker System @ The TechZone


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GeForce 7800 GT Specifications Revealed

In a meeting today with a Taiwanese manufacturer we learned the specifications of nVidia's upcoming GeForce 7800 GT GPU which will be launched at QuakeCon next month in Texas - one big motha of a LAN party.


The GT will be a cut-down version of the GTX with a core clock speed of 400MHz and GDDR-3 memory running at 1000MHz DDR. The GT clock speed is 30MHz slower than a regular GTX and the memory is 200MHz DDR slower. Additionally, the little brother of the GTX has its pixel pipelines cut down from 24 to 20. As far as price goes, the GT will retail for around $400 USD while the GTX retails for around $600 USD at the present.


A website called GD Hardware managed to obtain some benchmarks of the 7800 GT and it's able to beat a 6800 Ultra 256MB by almost 1700 points under 3DMark03. A quick search of our shopping comparison website shows the 6800 Ultra 256MB generally costing a little over $400 USD, which makes the 7800 GT a good buy for users in the performance segment of the market.



Meanwhile we wait for ATI to act with Crossfire and R520, or is ATI waiting for nVidia to act?


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Antec's VCool keeps VGAs 15 degrees cooler

A new graphics card cooler dubbed "VCool" has hit the market from Antec as of today. The aftermarket cooler is suitable for all cards currently on the market and is positioned inside your case seperately from the graphics card itself.


Sounds interesting? Grab the official PR to get all the details folks.


Fremont, CA - July 12, 2005 - Antec, Inc., the leading manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories for the upgrade and build your own (BYO) markets, has launched VCool, its add-on graphics card cooler designed for all graphics cards currently on the market.


VCool is an extendable three-speed intake fan duct that installs into two expansion slots, providing fresh, cool air to graphics cards. VCool will keep graphics cards 5 to 15 degrees cooler, for improved performance and extended life, and its length is adjustable so users can direct cooling to the area where it's needed most.


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- MM Gear EDS-200F Headphone @ The TechZone
- iRiver T10 Series Photo/Video/MP3 Player @ CoolTechZone
- iRiver PMP-140 Multimedia Player @ CoolTechZone
- Rio Carbon MP3 Player Pearl Edition @ CoolTechZone
- MSI Mega Stick 511 @ ThinkComputers
- Point of View GeForce 7800 GTX @ Guru3D
- ATI to Retail and Launch R520 on the Same Day @ CoolTechZone
- HP Launches Extreme Printing Platform @ DesignTechnica


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GIGABYTE Unleashes 3D1-68GT VGA Card

GIGABYTE have made headlines today with the release of their new GV-3D1-68GT, a second attempt at dual-GPU grunt from the one card. Unlike their first 3D1 card to enter the market a while ago (which so happened to turn out as a bit of a dissapointment), they've made some nice refinements to this one and also used two faster 6800GT GPUs on the card for a very significant performance boost.


GIGABYTE state in their official announcement that this card will return some pretty darn impressive 3DMark scores, how's over 20K in 3DMark03 or 10K in 05 sound? As to whether there's really a place in the market for this beastly offering now that 78GTX is doing the rounds, is another cup of tea however.


Further details within GIGABYTE's official PR folks.


Taipei, Taiwan 11th July, 2005 - GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd., a world-leading VGA card manufacturer, today introduced the much anticipated GV-3D1-68GT, the most powerful and technically advanced GIGABYTE graphics accelerator card to date with a monster score of more than 20,000 in 3Dmark03, and just under 10,000 in 3Dmark05. As the successor to the legendary GV-3D1 that debuted at the beginning of the year, the GV-3D1-68GT is designed around proprietary technology from GIGABYTE that harnesses two GPUs together in a single VGA card SLI configuration. Improvements to the new GIGABYTE 3D1 VGA card-series flagship include dual 16 pixel pipelines from two GeForce 6800GT GPUs, quad-view support for up to four displays at a time, and compatibility with a somewhat wider range of motherboards than the initial 3D1 VGA card offered.


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- Linux Battle of the High-End CPUs @ LinuxHardware
- IBM Reveals New Low-Power Chip @ XBit Labs


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NVIDIA Unleashes GeForce 7800 GTX

It's upon us peeps, that of NVIDIA's new-generation graphics card family. Launched today was the first GPU to compliment the new lineup, the 7800 GTX which boasts a whopping 24 pipelines of goodness. If you've paid any attention to recent discussions and sneek peek articles around the globe, you'll know that the card absolutely annihilates it's predecessor in the performance rankings, and in several cases will also take down dual 6800u's in SLI all on its lonesome.



With the NDA having expired, we naturally start to see sites throwing up their reviews on the 7800 GTX with performance comparisons and what not, as per the below linkies folks :-


- PCInpact
- TBreak
- Toms Hardware
- Guru3D
- Hexus
- PC Perspective
- NVNews
- Noticias3D (Translated)
- Beyond3D
- Tech Report
- Trusted Reviews
- Planet3DNow (Translated)
- Anandtech
- Bjorn3D
- OCWorkbench
- Hardware Secrets
- Digit-Life
- Hot Hardware
- Bit-Tech (New)
- Neoseeker (New)
- AMDGamer (New)
- Hardware Zone (New)
- ExtremeTech (New)
- PenStarSys (New)
- XBit Labs (New)
- Cooltechzone (New)
- Sudhian (New)
- Hardware Analysis (New)


Inevitably, more are on the way so be sure to check back for them as they come in. Part 1 of our own 7800 GTX article has also just gone live. You can expect a second segment to go up within the next couple of days once we finish putting our sample through its paces!


Guru3D :-
Fast, faster, fastest ... is the trend we see with each new high-end product release. Under codename G70 NVIDIA developed their newest graphics core. Their videocard as released today is of course the GeForce 7800 GTX. It's been highly speculated, but today the non-disclosure agreements are lifted. At Guru of 3D they've had the product for roughly 10 days already. So Guru3D had some time to make and provide you with a decent article. Twenty-eight pages of fun, detail, photo's, HDTV stuff, overclocking and of course many many benchmarks. Have fun reading our GeForce 7800 GTX preview as they surely had fun testing it.


Continue reading 'NVIDIA Unleashes GeForce 7800 GTX' (full post)

GeForce 7800 GTX GPU - Official Presentation

Following on from the launch of NVIDIA's new-gen 7800 GTX GPU, I've just sourced a 10MB PDF from NVIDIA which goes deep into detail about the capabilities of this new 24 pipeline monster. There's stacks of eye-candy (some real "wow" factor material I might add), specifications, benchmark results, and other insightful documentation covering the new 7 series GeForce card. Well worth flicking through.


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ATI heats up the gfx scene with "Crossfire" at Computex

Today the doors have opened to the largest yearly computing hardware event, that of "Computex" in Taipei (Taiwan). Anandtech have some pre-show coverage to give us a taste of whats to come in the way of the latest and greatest.


But better yet, Mr Tweak himself along with another member of our team are already scooping up all the goodies and delivering content live. You'll see our dedicated Computex section added to the top-most area of the TT front page which we're updating frequently so be sure to keep checking back regularly for all the hot action.



Set to have made an appearance at the event with a bang, ATI have one of the biggest surprises for the graphics card scene as they finally give response to NVIDIA's well embedded SLI market. Today marks the launch of "Crossfire", ATI's form of SLI. Alongside the official announcement made just a short while ago, our Computex team have been busy gathering up a bunch of eye-candy and benchmarking figures for you all which you'll witness in our latest article as we get caught in the crossfire.


There is also stacks of other sites around the globe with more previewed goodness on ATI's Crossfire, as per the below linkies:-


- Beyond3D
- PCPerspective
- Tech Report
- TBreak
- Hot Hardware
- Neoseeker
- Anandtech
- Hexus
- HardOCP
- FiringSquad
- AMDZone
- Digit-Life
- Viperlair
- XBit Labs


I'll throw more up as they come to be folks.


Also according to zee Inquirer, Crossfire's already leaving NVIDIA's SLI with a little to be desired it seems.. a lil' competition never hurt noone eh?! Thats what keeps pushing technology forward afterall.


IT'S TIME TO talk about some numbers referred to ATI crossfire Multi VPU systems. We can only used ATI own reference performance numbers seen in a document that it got in its labs. ATI claims that its Crossfire will be compatible with all games. All games should get performance increase while this should not be the case with Nvidia SLI platform.


Compared with two 6800 Ultra in SLI, ATI's Crossfire should end up about 10 per cent faster in 3Dmark05 benchmark, about 30 percent in Splinter cell C.T game and more than 60 percent in Need For Speed Underground 2 game. ATI is talking about results gathered from testing SLI and Crossfire platforms on 1600x1200 resolution, with 4X FSAA and 8X aniso, Athlon 64, 1GB DDR 400 memory, RD480 motherboard with 8.151 driver. ATI used two X850 XT Crossfire cards versus Asus SLI Deluxe board, 71.89 drivers, and two 6800 Ultra cards in SLI.


- Articles and Reviews from around the Web

- Matrix Orbital MX610 Display @ CreativeMods
- How-To: Budweiser 24-oz Reservoir @ BoxGods
- ThermalTake TWV500W PSU @ ByteSector
- Master cards are ATI Crossfire edition cards @ The Inquirer
- E3 2005 Aftermath @ ByteSector
- Hitachi 7K250 HD Performance @ Bens Custom Cases
- Thermaltakes Beetle CPU Cooler @ CaseModGod
- How to find the Best Price on MP3 Players @ Futurelooks


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