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Two More GeForce 7 Series Cards

Making headlines once again, NVIDIA have released two new cost-effective graphics cards today in the 7600 GS and 7300 LE.


The press release resides over at NV's press room.


GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE 2006-SAN JOSE, CA-MARCH 22, 2006-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today expanded the Company's GeForce 7 Series product line for the mainstream market segment with two aggressively-priced graphics processing units (GPUs).


"NVIDIA GPUs have long been praised in the enthusiast community and by gamers for excellent 3D performance and exceptional HD video playback," said Ujesh Desai, general manager of desktop GPUs at NVIDIA. "The same characteristics that make so many gamers select NVIDIA GPUs will greatly benefit mainstream customers when Microsoft® Windows® Vista arrives -and these new GPUs deliver the same enthusiast-class features at very affordable prices."


Coverage on these cards can be also be found via the following links :-


- PCPerspective
- LegitReviews

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ATI Bring On World's First 1GB Graphics Card

Although a little too extreme and pricey for most normal users, ATI have just released a new workstation card dubbed the FireGL V7350. The most notable aspect to compliment this new card is that of the residing 1GB GDDR3 graphics memory aboard, albeit there is also a V7300 variant with 512MBs of memory.


ATI's official press release has all the details folks.


MARKHAM, Ontario - March 20, 2006 - ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) today announced the industry's first one gigabyte (1GB) workstation graphics accelerator, the ATI FireGL™ V7350, and also a 512 megabyte configuration, the FireGL™ V7300. Featuring an extremely powerful ultra-threaded parallel processing GPU, and ATI's industry leading Avivo™ video and display technology, these new ultra high-end graphics cards further extend ATI's workstation graphics line, delivering better performance, more advanced features and higher image quality.


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CHAINTECH Launch GeForce 7900 Series Graphics Cards

Now it's CHAINTECH's turn. An earlier announcement from them covered the release of their 7600 GT variant, this one supports the release of their new 7900 GT / GTX based graphics cards dubbed the GAE79GT and GAE79GTX models.


Taipei, Taiwan (March 9, 2006) - Walton Chaintech Corporation, the World-leading Graphics Cards manufacturer today released the hottest and fastest Graphics Cards, GAE79GT and GAE79GTX based on the NVIDIA® G71 chip design and manufactured by 90-nm process which focus on the extreme performance market.


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ASUS EN7900 Series Graphics Cards Launched

And here's the dedicated press release to ASUS's latest EN7900 series of graphics cards, based on the new 90nm GPUs NVIDIA officially launched just a short time ago.


For something different, these cards physically sport Peter Jackson's King Kong theme and will also include a copy of the official blockbuster game title.


For more information, check out the official announcement over here.


Taipei, Taiwan; March 10, 2006 - ASUSTeK Computer Inc (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance graphics solutions, today introduced the EN7900 series graphics cards that include EN7900GT, EN7900GT Top, and EN7900GTX. All of which are built for Windows Vista and incorporated newest generation of Nvidia's GeForce7900 series GPUs with fastest DDR3 capable of overall clock speeds of up to 1.6GHz in the top model, while still harnessing the benefit of overclocking to achieve unparalleled performance.


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NVIDIA Unleash Quad-SLI Monsterism!

Yes, it's a big day for NVIDIA as they help fire up CeBIT's opening with a BANG. Yet another announcement from them brings on the official launch of Quad-SLI Technology. For people who love burning lots and lots of cash on insanely fast gaming systems, they'll welcome this new technology with open arms i'm sure. Four GeForce 7900GTX GPUs in SLI, Kee-RIPES! Overkill?


The press release is sitting over at NV's press room folks. PCPerspective also touch on the new technology in this article.


CeBIT 2006-HANNOVER, GERMANY-MARCH 9, 2006-NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today announced that PCs powered by NVIDIA Quad SLI™ technology are now available from the world's top system builders. These new PCs, certified for Quad SLI technology, feature four graphics processing units (GPUs) from the of the newly announced NVIDIA GeForce® 7900 Series with a NVIDIA nForce®4 SLI motherboard - making Quad SLI-based PCs the fastest class of commercially available gaming PCs.


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NVIDIA Lets Fly New 90nm GeForce 7 Cards

NVIDIA have made quite a scene at CeBIT today with a number of big announcements. The most highlighted topic for the day would be the launch of their new 7900 series of graphics cards, namely the GeForce 7900 GT, and 7900 GTX which snatches the flag from the previous high-end 7800 GTX.


A third card has also been announced in the 7600 GT which is also based on a more refined 90nm manufacturing process, not unlike the other two aforementioned cards. This card has been born to eventually out-phase the popular mid-range 6600 GT.


NVIDIA's press release can be located here.


"NVIDIA continues to deliver the best GPU solutions for each market segment that we serve," said Ujesh Desai, general manager of desktop GPUs at NVIDIA. "By combining GeForce 7 Series GPUs with our NVIDIA nForce MCPs and NVDIA SLI technology, we are able to deliver a total platform solution that provides astonishing performance and immaculate image quality for our customers."


With the NDA removed, there is a MASS of coverage on these new cards floating around with info and benchmarks galore. Happy reading folks :-


- Yours Truely :)
- Phoronix
- PenStarSys
- Motherboards
- Bjorn3D
- Overclockers NZ
- Anandtech
- Toms Hardware
- FiringSquad (79 GT/GTX)
- FiringSquad (76 GT)
- ExtremeTech
- RojakPot
- AMDZone
- LegitReviews
- Hardware Zone
- Hardware Zoom
- Tech Report
- PC Perspective
- Hot Hardware
- Beyond 3D
- NeoSeeker
- PCStats
- Hexus
- Guru3D #1
- Guru3D #2
- NVNews
- Digit-Life
- Driver Heaven


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Thermaltake first to launch a VGA power supply!

Covering new ground in the PSU market, Thermaltake have just launched a power supply dedicated to powering your video card(s). With the extreme demands on power from the latest high-end video cards these days (and particularly when running an SLI configuration), having a dedicated source of clean stable power for the cards will make for a much more solid and error-free gaming platform.


Thermaltake's official announcement on their new "Purepower Power Express 250W" VGA PSU can be found at this section of their website, and more information can be sourced at the product page folks.


Thermaltake Technology's innovational spirits have developed the world's first patent design power supply unit that is dedicated towards the high-performance graphic cards today. Due to the high demand of the +12V rail as specified by NVIDIA and ATI, the Power Express 250W dedicated graphic card power supply is born. The power supply effectively assists the consumers to retain the original power supply they have been using before the upgrade of their video cards. The sole purpose of the Power Express is to provide as high as 21A of +12V for the video cards.


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Mobile SLI On The Horizon

There's a new type of laptop lurking around the corner which will put all current models to shame in the gaming performance catagory. Yep, an SLI equipped notebook! - Company "WidowPC" are looking to be the first to take mobile gaming to the next level, announcing an upcoming monster which will sport an AMD processor and two GeForce Go 7800 mobile GPUs! The screen size is also said to be 19", phwoar!


Unfortunately there is no detailed listing of specifications as yet but at least we know of the real candy which is to be brought to us soon enough. More info at DailyTech.


The people at WidowPC are looking to take notebook gaming to the next level. They have announced their development of an SLI notebook computer powered by a mobile AMD processor.


Final specs are still being ironed out, but the AMD processor is set in stone as is a 19" screen and two GeForce Go 7800 mobile GPUs in an SLI configuration. Those looking for the ultimate in mobile performance need to look no further than this monster. And it surely will be a monster considering the large screen and the space needed to cool the flaming beast.


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nVidia doesn't ignore AGP users - GeForce 7800 GS AGP

nVidia has just released a new GPU for the forgotten connector, AGP. The GeForce 7800 GS is based on the same technology as the 7800 GTX, just a little cut-down in the features department - pixel shaders are down to 16 from 24 and vertex shaders are down to 6 from 8.



Here is some coverage around the web via the below links.


- The Tech Report
- Guru3D
- PC Perspective
- Bjorn3D
- Hot Hardware
- AnandTech
- Firing Squad


Now, the reasons for this hack job on the G70 GPU could be several. Sometimes, a portion of a chip just doesn't come out working properly, but the GPU can still be used in a partial configuration like this one. It's possible NVIDIA has a load of G70 chips sitting in a warehouse somewhere that aren't quite up to the task of acting like a full 7800 GTX. Other times, chipmakers deactivate portions of a chip purely for product segmentation reasons. We really like the GeForce 7800 GT, another partially realized G70 product, because it's a better value for the money than the full GTX. In the case of the GeForce 7800 GS, NVIDIA's motivations for cutting down the G70 to a 6 vertex shader/16 pixel shader/8 ROPs config may be some combination of a desire to move chips that aren't 100% perfect and an intention to meet the needs of a lower-end market. I dunno.


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Albatron Intro New GeForce 7300 GS Offering

Based on NVIDIA's most recent cost-friendly 7300 GS GPU, Albatron have just announced their own variant. All the info resides in Albatron's official press release.


Albatron has announced the GeForce 7300 GS series, PCI-Express VGA cards expected to make significant waves in the market for their excellent performance ratings and very attractive prices. These cards come with recent technologies that increase performance but also conveniently reduce expenditures. They are full-play gaming cards that can be had at a price that is sure to attract attention.


The NVIDIA® GeForceTM 7300 GS GPU employs the smaller 90 nm process technology, which lowers distances that data travels, lowers power consumption and lowers heat which in effect raises performance and stability. The condensed technology also results in a smaller and cheaper GPU die thus lowering the price of the card.


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