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AMD will demo its Radeon R9 290X video card tomorrow in Montreal

Tomorrow while NVIDIA host many of the biggest names in tech media at an event in Montreal, Canada, AMD will be hosting a smaller event a at the Hilton Bonaventure hotel just down the road. The event will be based around the company's new Radeon R9 290X GPU and is open to the public.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33469_2_amd_will_demo_its_radeon_r9_290x_video_card_tomorrow_in_montreal.jpg


AMD says that there is an open door policy for gamers to come in and check out the new GPU and play some games. The Event takes place between 3PM and 8PM. The game of choice will be Bioshock Infinite which will be displayed on 4K monitors. Sources say that AMD will also have systems set up beside the R9 GPU that will be running NVIDIA's GTX 780 as a comparison.

Sapphire launches new line of AMD R-Series video cards

This has been the week of AMD R-Series GPU launches, and Sapphire Technology does not want to be left out of the party. Today the company announced the launch of its first two lines of AMD R-Series video cards. Sapphire is introducing two lines with three models each today which include the R9 280X TOXIC Edition, R9 280X Vapor-X edition, R9 280X Dual-X edition and the R9 270X TOXIC, R9 270X Vapor-X, R9 270 Dual-X edition.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33390_1_sapphire_launches_new_line_of_amd_r_series_video_cards.jpg


The R9 280X TOXIC Edition features Sapphire's new Tri-X Cooler design which utilizes three airfoil section fans in conjunction with 10mm heat pipes to deliver unmatched cooling performance. The GPU features 3GB of GDDR5 memory and supports Direct X 11.2. Resolutions up to 2560x1440 are supported and 4K displays can be utilized via a built-in HDMI 1.4a port.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33390_2_sapphire_launches_new_line_of_amd_r_series_video_cards.jpg


Sapphire's R9 280X Vapor-X edition is a slightly toned down version of the R9 280X TOXIC, and features vapor-chamber cooling. This cooling solution provides a more quiet but efficient method thermal dissipation that allows you to game at max while keeping the ambient noise low. Additionally a 280X Dual-X cooler edition has been announced that features the two Aerofoil fans, and heat pipe technology.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33390_3_sapphire_launches_new_line_of_amd_r_series_video_cards.jpg


Finally we have Sapphires new R9 270X line of GPUs. The 270X series features all three of the cooling solutions as above, but only sports 1280 stream processors, 2GB of GDDR5 RAM. The 270X series supports 1080p resolutions and Direct X 11.2. Both of the new lines of GPUs boast the latests GCN architecture from AMD, and feature Eyefinity multi-monitor support. The Sapphire R9 280X series starts at just $299 while the R9 270X series begins at the $199 level.

Maingear to feature AMD R9-290X GPUs in some upcoming systems

AMD might not be friends with ORIGIN PC anymore, but it sure is BFFs with Maingear, who has just announced it will be fitting AMD's latest R9-290X GPU inside some of its upcoming systems.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33383_05_maingear_to_feature_amd_r9_290x_gpus_in_some_upcoming_systems.jpg


While the rest of the new R7 and R9 GPUs are simple HD 7000 Series rebadges - which is unfortunate - the R9-290X is not. It's a true Hawaii core, and should pack quite a serious punch in the performance department. The R9-290X will ship with a glorious amount of RAM, 4GBs of GDDR5 to be exact, and it will also tow TrueAudio and 4K support, too.


Maingear will throw the R9-290X GPU in its Shift and F131 systems, where you'll also receive a copy of Battlefield 4, with Battlefield 4 themed cases and hardware, too. These Maingear systems will be "limited edition" builds, so you'll have to be quick to snap them up. Maingear's Shift setup will feature two R9-290Xs in CrossFire, and it will support up to three cards in CF with either the FX 9370 or 9590 CPU and a starting price of $3,789.


The F131 on the other hand will feature a single R9-290X, with an option to throw another GPU in, and an FX 8350 chip wtih pricing starting at $2,199.

VisionTek adds five new AMD Radeon graphics cards to its lineup

Today VisionTek announced the launch of five new AMD Radeon R Series graphic cards that are designed to provide extreme performance at almost any budget level. The new cards are built on the AMD Radeon R7 and R9 series GPUs and feature some very powerful features with prices starting at just $69.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33342_1_visiontek_adds_five_new_amd_radeon_graphics_cards_to_its_lineup.jpg


The newly introduced video cards are comprised of three R7 series and two R9 series GPUs. These two new lines of GPUs from AMD are the first to offer support for DirectX 11.2 and the stunning 3D visual effects, life like visuals and realistic lighting this new standard brings forth. The cards also offer AMD's PowerTune, ZeroCore and App Acceleration technologies that greatly enhance not only the performance, but the entire user experience.


"We're very pleased to announce a new line of high performance graphics cards utilizing AMD's incredible new R7 and R9 Series GPUs," said Mark Bilson, Executive Vice President of VisionTek. "Our cards will redefine the gaming experience due to their visual, audio, and compute capabilities. And because they're priced attractively, these cards should be among the best-selling tech products in the fourth quarter. To coin a phrase from AMD, 'Radeon Is Gaming' truly defines our new line."

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NVIDIA drops pricing on mid-range GPUs, just in time for new games

Just in time for AMD to announce its next-gen R7 and R9 series of GPUs, NVIDIA is using this time to drop its prices on its popular mid-range GPUs. This includes the GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 1GB and 2GB models, as well as the GTX 660.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33295_01_nvidia_drops_pricing_on_mid_range_gpus_just_in_time_for_new_games.jpg


We now have pricing of the GTX 650 Ti BOOST 1GB and 2GB models for $129 and $149 respectively, while the GTX 660 is now priced at $179. The GTX 760 has a suggested etail price of $249, and the GTX 770 starts at $399. This is a great time to pick up a new GPU, with next-gen titles about to hit like Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs. If you enjoy the GeForce side of things, prepare your wallets!

RumorTT: NVIDIA to fight off AMD's next-gen GPUs with price cuts

DigiTimes is reporting from "sources from graphics card players" that NVIDIA is preparing to drop its prices on its range of GeForce GPUs in late November to compete with the onslaught AMD is preparing with its next-gen R7 and R9 series of GPUs.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33214_03_rumortt_nvidia_to_fight_off_amd_s_next_gen_gpus_with_price_cuts.jpg


There's another rumor that would peg NVIDIA to releasing one or two new GPUs in the $149-$249 segment, which is the hottest market, especially for the holiday season. Better yet, next-gen consoles will be released and people will want to upgrade their PCs to play these new, next-gen games at higher resolutions or graphic details.


Numerous GPUs from AMD's upcoming lineup are simple re-badges of current HD 7000 series GPUs, which will give NVIDIA the chance to come in and kick some doors down with its new pricing. We could also expect a new high-end dual-GPU card which will be based on two GK110 cores, which could arrive as the GeForce GTX 790.

XFX's Radeon R9 280X Double Dissipation GPU is a hot mess

We're not far away from the retail launch of AMD's next-gen Radeon GPUs, but ahead of that we have a look at XFX's Radeon R9 280X Double Dissipation GPU which looks unbelievably hot.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33190_04_xfx_s_radeon_r9_280x_double_dissipation_gpu_is_a_hot_mess.jpg


XFX has donned the new GPU in a completely new cooling design, which just looks beautiful. The color scheme is black and red with silver trims, with dual 100mm fans and copper heat pipes and an aluminum heatsink underneath keeping everything nice and cool, and quiet. Underneath the exotic-looking cooling setup, we have the Tahiti XTL GPU.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33190_06_xfx_s_radeon_r9_280x_double_dissipation_gpu_is_a_hot_mess.jpg


TweakTown image news/3/3/33190_05_xfx_s_radeon_r9_280x_double_dissipation_gpu_is_a_hot_mess.jpg


The Tahiti XTL GPU features 2048 Graphics CoreNext stream processors, 128 TMUs, 32 ROPs, and a 384-bit memory bus that supports up to 3GB of RAM. We should expect the pricing on this GPU to sit somewhere between $299 and $329.

AMD's TrueAudio tech will do all the audio work on the GPU

The AMD event is well and truly underway in Hawaii, but one of the more interesting things to arrive from the event is AMD's new TrueAudio technology. There's not many technical details on TrueAudio at the moment, but the way AMD describes it, TrueAudio would be an audio DSP built into its coming GPUs.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33143_05_amd_s_trueaudio_tech_will_do_all_the_audio_work_on_the_gpu.jpg


For as long as I can remember, PC game audio has shifted to software away from hardware, but now we're seeing a change in the opposite direction. It comes at a great time, since Windows Vista ushered in the big changes to Windows' audio stack, but moving to software isn't the best solution. We saw the hardware audio scene mostly die, with DirectSound 3D all but disappear.


New consoles (with AMD APUs) and Windows 8 is thankfully changing this, and AMD hopes to capatilize on this. AMD wants to offload audio processing to its DSP in order to take advantage of the better capabilities of task-dedicated hardware. This isn't something that is new, but it is something we haven't seen much investment in over the last decade.

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AMD announces R7 and R9 series GPUs, claim most powerful & affordable

AMD GPU14 - AMD kicked off its GPU14 Conference in Hawaii by announcing five new video cards that span the gamut of pricing and performance. AMD's Matt Skinner took the stage to announce the new AMD R9 and R7 series of enthusiast level graphics cards and lead off by saying that AMD's new GPUs are built using the same technology that is featured in all the upcoming next-gen consoles.


TweakTown image amd_announces_r7_and_r9_series_gpus_claim_most_powerful_afforfableTweakTown image amd_announces_r7_and_r9_series_gpus_claim_most_powerful_afforfable


Up first is AMD's Radeon R7-250, a budget friendly GPU that packs in 1GB of RAM and scores >2000 in 3DMark FireStrike. The R7-250 will retail for $89 or less. Next up the chain is the all new Radeon R7-260X, a GPU that hits the midrange market with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and scores >3700 in 3DMark FireStorm all for just $139.


Up next is the first card in the R9 series, the Radeon R9-270X, an upper level $199 GPU that features 2GB of GDDR5 and scores >5500 in 3DMark FireStorm. The R9-280X is the first high-end GPU that AMD announced and features 3GB of GDDR5 RAM. The R9-280X scored more than 6800 in 3DMark FireStorm and will retail for $299.


Finally, AMD unveiled its flagship, something AMD is calling its most powerful GPU ever. No specs were released, but reports suggest 4GB of GDDR5 and a retail price of $599. AMD did announce that in the coming weeks, an R9-290X bundle that includes Battlefield 4 will be available for pre-order. No pricing was given, but I expect it to stick to the $599 price tag.

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AMD promises CrossFire, Eyefinity improvements ahead of Hawaii GPUs

Our own Shawn Baker is in Hawaii right now probably enjoying a cocktail and Luau or two for the AMD event that it set to take place in the following hours, but ahead of the unveiling, AMD is promising to fix some of its issues.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33125_02_amd_promises_crossfire_eyefinity_improvements_ahead_of_hawaii_gpus.jpg


We should see the chipmaker improve CrossFire, Eyefinity and Linux support, on top of unveiling a bunch of next generation GPUs. We should expect the R9-290X "Hawaii" GPU unveiled tomorrow, which should retake the performance crown from NVIDIA. Ahead of this, AMD's Corporate VP of Visual Computing, Raja Koduri, walked up to the banks of Hawaii's Diamond Head mountain to provide a quick tease of what's coming in the software side of things.


AMD is going to be working on its support for CrossFire and Eyefinity (finally), with the aim set on improving the various frame pacing issues that should allow for a more consistent frame rate, and should put an arrow in the leg of stuttering. We should also see an improvement made to Linux support, where AMD seems to constantly lag behind NVIDIA in.

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