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Kingston holds its own Taiwan overclocking event

While we are a little late reporting on it, this past weekend in Taipei city, Kingston held its own local overclocking event in conjunction with contest sponsors GIGABYTE.


Kingston holds its own Taiwan overclocking event

Taiwanese contestants were provided with new Ultra Durable 3 Intel P45 motherboards from GIGABYTE along with of course super fast HyperX memory from Kingston. Being a local event, it was a much smaller event than the GO OC and MSI's MOA, but that's a given considering those were worldwide events.


Kingston holds its own Taiwan overclocking event

Of course, the entire event was MC'ed in Chinese, and we didn't get all the details. We do know though that the winner walked away with $12,000 NTD (roughly $360 USD), second prize got $8,000 NTD (roughly $240 USD) and third prize took $5,000 NTD (roughly $150 USD). Each also got to keep the hardware that they were given to compete with.


Kingston holds its own Taiwan overclocking event

GIGABYTE were also showcasing a whole range of its latest products, including the final shipping revision board of its EX58-UD5 motherboard, with the final color design, including the sexy white and blue memory DIMM slots.


Kingston holds its own Taiwan overclocking event

Pictured along side of it above is the cheaper and cut-down EX58-DS4.


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MSI Wind U100 gets LN2 love, overclocked to 2.4GHz

Aussie based Youngpro from TEAM.AU got hold of an MSI Wind U100 netbook and presumably saw it as an insult with its Intel Atom processor running at a measly slow clock speed under the two gigahertz range.


MSI Wind U100 gets LN2 love, overclocked to 2.4GHz

He ripped the machine to bits, added an LN2 block cooler to it and with some LN2 and around minus 16 degrees Celsius later, the TEAM.AU overclocker managed to clock the poor little sucker N270 CPU all the way up to 2.4GHz, from its default clock speed of 1.6GHz.


Recently we spoke to one of the members from TEAM.AU at an MSI overclocking event where they said they would do this - and they did it. No hardware is safe from this onslaught of OC abuse and we like it.


You can see the CPU-Z Validator page here and there is more over at the XS forums, right here.


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Futuremark OverclocKing 2008 Shows off Asus Speed

Asus has a habit of making very overclock friendly products. It is just their thing and I suppose they simply cannot help themselves.


Recently at the Futuremark sponsored OverclocKing competition Asus got a chance to show off what their present and future products can do. Futuremark picked Asus as the recommended product for the competitors and the Asus Striker II Extreme seemed to steal the show with some very impressive numbers.


Read the Press Release here.


Futuremark® OverclocKing 2008 Shows off Asus Speed

As the recommended competition hardware for the Futuremark® OverclocKing 2008, a smorgasbord of ASUS motherboards were used throughout the competition. Amongst them, the ASUS Striker II Extreme managed to post performance scores close to the latest range of motherboards from ASUS that support the newest Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor. The ASUS Striker II Extreme went on to lead a field that included the ASUS P5Q PRO, ASUS Rampage Formula, ASUS P5Q, and the ASUS P5Q Deluxe. This not only demonstrated the superior overclocking potential of all current ASUS motherboards, but also provided a glimpse of the limitless possibilities and extreme performance that future ASUS hardware can provide to end-users.


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AMD Deneb set to impress overclockers?

AMD's upcoming 45nm Deneb core offerings may be promising overclockers, or so it seems.


AMD Deneb set to impress overclockers?


This report from Fudzilla suggests that good old air cooling could net results of up to 4 GHz, whilst those with more exotic cooling, could attain substantially more.


With rumours that the cream of the Deneb crop will ship with an unlocked multiplier, we may find AMD winning its way back into the hearts of CPU enthusiasts everywhere.


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ZOTAC releases FireStorm GeForce overclocking tool

ZOTAC is now offering a neat overclocking / graphics tuning facility for owners of its GeForce 8, 9 and 200 series graphics cards, but there's no reason why the tool won't work for cards from other manufacturers as well.


ZOTAC offers FireStorm overclocking tool for GeForce owners


Dubbed FireStorm, this makes for a very simplistic means to adjust GPU core, shader and memory clocks as well as the fan speed of the card. It also offers GPU temperature monitoring and can be run in either XP or Vista.


You can pull down the build from the Downloads section on ZOTAC's website.


ZOTAC International, a leading manufacturer of NVIDIA-based graphics cards and motherboards, today unleashes an overclocking storm with the new ZOTAC FireStorm software-overclocking application. The new free ZOTAC FireStorm application enables owners of ZOTAC GeForce 8, 9 and GTX series graphics cards to easily overclock their products. "Graphics card overclocking is becoming mainstream. With the new ZOTAC FireStorm application, users can easily overclock their ZOTAC graphics cards without downloading third-party applications or worry about compatibility with third party applications," said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International.


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MSI Hosts First Ever Master Overclocking Arena

Break out your Shield and Gladius. MSI is taking you forward (back) to the days of the Roman Coliseum. Well not really but they are having the first Master Overclocking Arena from November 8th to the 11th 2008.


This modern day gladiatorial competition will feature 13 teams with 24 contestants each. They will fight as MSI puts it gTo write a new page for the history of overclocking.h


Head on over here to read more


MSI Hosts First Ever Master Overclocking Arena


wMaster Overclocking Arenaxis the overclocking equivalent to the Coliseum of Ancient Rome. The name harkens back to the gladiatorial events of old, while beautifully mixing the most-modern technology. The contestants are the world's young heroes of their field, and will painstakingly use a variety of methods to push their computer components to new heights and scale to the top of the overclocking world. The Master Overclocking Arena is the compilation of overclocking events from the four major regions of the world.


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Nehalem Overclocking Calculator makes things easy

For those of you a bit lost in the way of Nehalem overclocking, you're certainly not alone. The new architecture does away with the old but easily understood FSB in favour of a much more advanced arrangement that involves several multipliers and frequencies for the Bclock, QuickPath Interconnect (or QPI) and Uncore as well as memory dividers and it can be somewhat daunting to know what's going on with them all and in which situations they are influenced by each other.


For this reason, a Robert Hallock of Icrontic comes to the rescue with the Nehalem Overclocking Calculator; a god send for many trying to get their head around it all.


Nahelem Overclocking Calculator makes things easy


Armed with the new QuickPath Interconnect, the Core i7 has a whole suite of multipliers and frequencies that make overclocking more complicated than ever. But at Icrontic, you should know we like to make technology easy. That's why we're proud to both announce and release NehalemCalc v1.0 to help enthusiasts keep track of this intricate numbers game.


Should you be so lucky as to have Core i7 coming your way, get yourself prepped up with this little tool and you should be seeing some nice overclocking results in no time.


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EVGA X58 gets boost in overclocking stakes

Another exclusive picture of EVGA's, upcoming, Intel X58 Tylersburg powered motherboard solution, comes courtesy of this report from Fudzilla.


EVGA X58 gets boost in overclocking stakes


EVGA's offering comes with bells and whistles, as can be expected, from EVGA's E-LEET tuning utilities, to an onboard debug screen that even displays the current CPU temperature.


Interestingly, Peter Tan (a.k.a Shamino), one of the world's best overclockers, now works for EVGA and has had input into the this offering. This could be a major draw in the overclocking stakes and it will be interesting to see how EVGA's offering stacks up against the competition.


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Futuremark's Overclocking Comp is underway

Calling all overclockers!


FutureMark's Overclocking Comp is underway


Futuremark have wound up this year's Overclocking Competition which begun a few days ago and runs through till Oct 28th. This should be the perfect excuse for many of you to squeeze the absolute maximum from your systems in an effort to reign supreme with the highest 3DMark Vantage score.


FutureMark's Overclocking Comp is underway


The incentive? some very mean prizes. There's a chance to pick up ASUS' beautiful gaming notebook, the Republic of Gamers series G71, with second and third place holders scoring ROG G70 and G50 notebooks respectively.


The ORB will store all of the competitors' submissions and feature the top (P) Performance setting scores for 3DMark Vantage. It also will provide overclockers with discussion forums, advice on overclocking VGA cards and motherboards as well as tips from an overclocking professional on how to maximize one's hardware. A Benchmark Ticker will scroll live as benchmarks are being submitted for all to see.


FutureMark's Overclocking Comp is underway


No doubt competition will be fierce, what with many of the best overclockers out there making use of LN2 cooling and other extremities to send the ORB to new heights. But if you're up for the challenge and feel like getting involved for a bit of fun, head over to the official competition website and go over the rules/checklist before hopefully heading into Vantage to push out some jaw dropping scores.


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AMDs Deneb holds promise - quite the overclocker?!

With AMDs Deneb line of processors not far away, early reports are beginning to trickle in that it's going to be quite the turn-a-round chip for AMD, as will Shanghai. Though nothing is confirmed as yet, Nordic Hardware relays some promising characteristics of the new chips besides the die-shrink, including their overclockability and 15 to 20% faster clock per clock speeds when compared to the disaster that was Barcelona.


AMDs Deneb is looking mighty promising

while back we reported on a recent interview with AMD General Manager of AMD's Server and Workstation chip business, Pat Patla, where he claimed that Shanghai is much more than a mere die-shrink and that it is 20% faster than Barcelona clock per clock. We've been told by a second source that 20% may be a bit much, but that there is an IPC boost to expect, but closer to 15% than 20. In either case it's just a nice boost. This is applies for Deneb as well we've been told.


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