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SCPC 2006 - Celeron Mobile 1500@4170MHz = 178% overclock

A participating overclocker in this year's currently active Swedish Computer Performance Championship has allowed Nordic Hardware to post up results of his success during the course of the event thus far, and oh what results he has achieved! - Although his processor of choice was a lowly Celeron Mobile 1.5GHz, he's managed to push it to astonishing levels, no less than 4170MHz in fact! This makes for a 178% overclock which happens to be second best to a result by another individual last year at 203%.


Get the full scoop on this awesome accomplishment here.


About half of the Performance Championship 2006 has passed and as usual the results are still a bit sparse as many are waiting to reveal their results until the very end, thus also hiding their system specifications. But to our great joy some have chosen to submit their results now already, thus setting the bar and one of these is Andreas "Himura" Johansson. Andreas was second in last year's Championship in the Percentual Overclocking category, only beaten by Robert "crotale" Kihlberg which was truly magnificent with his outrageous 203%. Andreas finished second with 173%, which was actually the second best result ever submitted, which says a lot about both Andreas' and Robert's achievements. Andreas has returned and done so with a taste of revenge.


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Overclocked G80 to come in January

After recently making it clear to all partners that it was never going to be allowed, according to The Inquirer NVIDIA WILL apparently start allowing the modification of their Geforce 8800 series cards in January, by this meaning overclocked variants out of the box.


Check out the article here for more info.


SOME high-end users want to buy an overclocked G80 graphics card they will have to wait for January to do so. Nvidia told its partners that it will allow them to do it in January.


Thr timing makes sense to us as it will then be there to meet ATI's R600 and spoil its launch plans. Nvidia might approve a few special partners to overclock skywards just to beat ATI's new chip.


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nForce 680i is a great overclocker!

If you're thinking of making the shift to Core 2 Duo (wise move :P) then you may want to hold up for a bit whilst NVIDIA's new nForce 680i boards get released / distributed, said launch date being Nov 8 (same day G80 / GeForce 8800 kicks off). The Inquirer believe it'll be a hell of an overclocker for both memory and CPU.


WE WANTED to know which is the best overclocking platform for Intel's Core 2 Duo and some people who are really into it said we should maybe wait for the Nforce 680i motherboards.


They should be the fastest for both memory and CPU overclocking and the boards should emerge in the following days.


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Overclocking to the max with the INFINITY 975X/G

DFI have spread the word via this press release that a well-known gamer from Taiwan has recently managed a very swish FSB/memory overclock of 1177MHz on DFI's INFINITY 975X/G motherboard, thanks to the release of a new and improved BIOS for it which effectively provides much better overclocking headroom.


Recently, a well-known gamer from Taiwan, Windwithme, amazed every gamer by announcing on a forum that he had integrated the Intel INFINITY 975X/G motherboard designed by DFI with the newest BIOS to successfully increase the DDR2 clock rate to a historical high.


Since Intel's highest performance 975X motherboard integrated ATI Crossfire Platform was first released, it has been closely watched by overclocking gamers and enthusiasts, and it has been favored by many Conroe users. When it hit the market, its sales saw record highs. However, DFI is dedicated to providing consumers with the perfect solution; an enhanced edition of the new BIOS was released not long ago. In fact, the INFINITY 975X/G motherboard is embedded with unimaginable potential for overclocking.


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Nvidia bans overclocking for its G80

Looks like NVIDIA are putting a stop to overclocked G80 cards from partners, according to this report at the Inquirer. They've said their reasoning for this is because they dont want another GeForce 7900 GT overclocking fiasco which resulted in a high return rate for dead / dying cards.


NVIDIA told all of its partners that it simply won't allow the overclocking of G80 cards. It doesn't want another Geforce 7900 GT overclocking fiasco that caused a too high return rate for the cards.


Remember, Nvidia didn't allow anyone to overclock Geforce 7950 GX2 and they all worked at the same reference 500MHz clocks as this was what Nvidia guaranteed for these cards.


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Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 overclocked 100% With Ease!

Daaaamn, these Core 2 Duo chips certainly love to overclock! NordicHardware have reported that a member of the XtremeSystems forums has managed to wow the crowds with a massive overclock using his Core 2 Duo E6300 chip, pushing it from its stock speed of 1.86GHz to 3.74GHz.


Doesnt seem like much? Well considering the fact that he accomplished it on AIR (with a ThermalTake Big Typhoon), a 100% overclock aint too shabby at all eh?



Intel has with its well tested 65nm manufacturing process managed to create a really efficient foundation for its Core 2 Duo processors and that the Core architecture has enormous overclocking potential is hardly news to anyone. But what the user Rol-Co at XtremeSystems has managed to do is truly worth mentioning. He has taken a regular Core 2 Duo E6300 processor, week 26, and pushed it from its stock speed at 1.86GHz to impressive 3.74GHz. An overclock at 100% which is impressive, but the fact that he has used a regular air cooler, ThermalTake Big Typhoon, is what really tops it all off. And to make it even more impressive is that the cooler is not even mounted.


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GeCube Release (Overclocked) RX1300XT Platinum Edition

GeCube have just released a new X1300XT based graphics card dubbed the RX1300XT Platinum Edition, this card a step ahead of other variants with its higher core/mem speeds of 550MHz/1.3GHz.


Full details here folks.


(Taipei, September 08, 2006)-- Info-Tek Corp. the manufacturer of the internationally renowned graphics card brand GeCube is set to take the graphics market by storm once more with the release of the GeCube RX1300XT Platinum Edition series of products. The series' excellent overclockability give this model an even higher Cost vs. Performance ratio, making them the only choice for overclockers seeking the thrill of ultimate performance.


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Palit: GeForce 7950GT, 7900GS and Overclocking edition: 7900GS Sonic

NV partner Palit have just launched cards based on the new 7950GT/7900GS GPUs, with two seperate 7900GS ones available; one dubbed the "7900GS Sonic" as it comes overclocked out of the box.


More details in the PR here.


Palit Microsystems, Inc, the leading graphics card manufacturer, today introduces three new high-end graphics: GeForce 7950GT, 7900GS and OC edition: 7900GS Sonic. Coming after the superscalar GPU architecture of GeForce7900GT, NVIDIA® release another G71 based graphics cards, 7950GT and 7900GS which are designed for extreme HD gaming and with SLI technology, they can deliver the most graphics performance and ultra-realistic gaming experiences.

Palit 7950GT is clocked at core speed of 550MHz /Ram speed of 1.4 GHz and equipped with the fastest GDDR3 and 512MB/256bit of graphics memory. Palit 7950GT cranks up the graphics horsepower and delivers exceptionally smooth frame rates at widescreen resolutions up to 2560x1600.


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Kentsfield samples overclocked to the heavens

Although Intel's quad-core Kentsfield processor isnt set to surface for a good while yet, some lucky lads over at the XtremeSystems forums have somehow managed to get their mits on engineering samples, and you guessed it.. overclocked them to all buggery! But this one takes the prize, a member by the name of "Stoolman" ramped his stock 2.66GHz quad-core chip right up to a blitzing speed of 4.9+ GHz.


Well I'm letting my Kentsfield go, due to the expenses of my hobby... So, before i let it out of my hands.. I had to have another go at it...
Using my new Asus P5W DLX LN2 and a 7950 GFX.


Kentsfield E6700 2,67GHz Quad
Asus P5W DH bios 801
G.Skill 8000GBHZ@ 3-3-3-4-2-A-D
OCZ Powerstream 600W sli
Club 3D Geforce 7950GX2@air with no mods
Mousepot copper


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Enter the Scythe WorldWide "Overclock to the Max!" Contest

PC cooling mob "Scythe" are about to kick off their worldwide "Overclock to the Max!" contest, of which anyone across the globe who's purchased a Scythe CPU Cooler can participate in.


For full details on prizes, how the contest will be run, and what you need to do to be involved, head over to this section of Scythe's website.


Anyone who has bought the Scythe CPU Cooler can enter the online "Overclock to the Max!" contest, which starts August 15th 2006 (GMT 0:00). This is a worldwide event, so it's not about where you live but how much do you love to overclock your system. There are 2 categories which you can choose to enter(Participating in both categories is not permitted):


* Air Cooling Category - In this category, you are allowed to cool the processor with air only by using Scythe CPU Cooler. No special gas, fluid, or other materials are allowed to use.


* Extreme Cooling Category - In this category, you have no limit!!! You can use gas, dry ice, or anything you want (but please be careful to handle such material and do it on your own risk!) to cool the processor.


Total 3 winners from Europe, USA and Asia plus 1 Worldwide Overclocker and 1 winner from the extreme cooling will be selected on October 2nd 2006. Click here to enter or learn everything you need about the contest.


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