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Follow us on the new Digg!

If you follow social media and such closely, you will probably already know that Digg v4 launched a couple of days ago. It is a dramatic change from former versions of Digg with a much stronger focus on social aspects. Now you can follow users and publishers such as TweakTown.




We have setup a follower page on the new Digg over here and we encourage you to follow us. You'll see our stories, reviews and articles as they are published via RSS and you can help us get to the Digg frontpage by digging our stories.


Get involved and support us. Follow us over at the new Digg! Thanks!


Introducing a major change - TweakTown USA Edition!

Not only today did we launch the TweakTown Australian Edition, we are also launching the TweakTown USA Edition!




For the longest time, most people have believed TweakTown to be an Australian website. And while that is partly true - TweakTown is owned by Australian company - TweakTown has always focused on an international audience. Because the United States is one of the biggest English speaking nations in the world and we have only ever published in the English language, naturally many of our readers come from the USA.


Today we bring you the TweakTown USA Edition which is focused on the North American market. For readers of TweakTown, you won't see many changes. In fact, everything will stay exactly the same except for some fancy branding so you know where you are. These changes were mostly done due to the people we work with in making TweakTown possible.


Due to an old school way of thinking by some, it is often thought that the web is still regional and not international, i.e. not bound by borders. When we work with hardware companies and advertisers, they have budgets they work with that are for certain regions and countries. The introduction of TweakTown USA (and TweakTown Australia) will make it much easier for them to determine where their review samples go to and how they support us in terms of advertising.


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Welcome to the TweakTown Australian Edition!

G'day all - we have finally done it! TweakTown has been online for over ten years and today we are finally happy to announce the Aussie version of the site!




We have had the idea on and off about doing an Aussie version of the site for years, but for various reasons, it never happened. For years we have had letters via email from our loyal Australian based readers about why we don't have an Aussie section, why they have to see stuff on the site that is more suited for our American, Asian and European readers, but has nothing to do with them in the land down under. This was probably strange for you guys because many of you realised that TweakTown was owned by an Australian company.


Our focus has always been on an international audience, not just Australia, USA, UK or whatever. Today we bring you the TweakTown Australian Edition and that means a site for Aussies with Aussie focused content, news, press releases and pricing! We basically take out all of the stuff that is not suited for Aussies and add in a bunch more content and such that is!


Right now the Aussie Edition site may look pretty similar to the US Edition, but over time you will see the differences become more apparent. We have launched, but we are still working on things, so stick with us as we finalise things.


Welcome to the TweakTown Australian Edition!


Introducing Tech-Facts surveys on TweakTown: Win one of 5 Razer Gaming Mice

We wanted to let you, our loyal readers, know about a great opportunity. Many of you have heard of market research surveys as a way to share your opinions about new products.


So we are introducing the Tech-Facts survey program here at TweakTown. Not only does TweakTown benefit, but everyone who registers and completes surveys can earn extra money and possibly win one of 5 kick ass Razer Abyssus gaming mice that were so generously provided to us by our friends at Razer.




Read on if you are interested.


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Poll Results - Thoughts on our new design

What happened to you people this week? Only a little over 300 people voted on our previous poll and we asked what you thought about our new design refresh. I guess you all prefer tech stuff and I guess we can't blame you on that.




Even though we only had a small number of votes this week, the overall opinion was positive for our new design refresh. 40% of you voted that the new design is great and 39% said not bad, while only 21% thought the old design was better.

For the actual numbers, go here.


In our latest poll, we want to know, Who makes the best Internet browser? Let us know! Please go here to vote!


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ASRock Technical Support Forum just launched

The ASRock Technical Support forum is now open and ready for posts!


Please welcome Sean from ASRock who will be at the forum to answer your tech questions related to all ASRock products.




When posting questions, please provide as much info as possible such as full system specs, what operating system and drivers you are using and please describe your problem as full as possible.


This is also an area you can discuss upcoming ASRock products and we will also conduct giveaways and competitions in here from time to time as well. ASRock may also share early BIOS updates and drivers with you here as well.


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New 2010 design refresh is live!

Did you get a surprise loading TweakTown for your first time today?


Join us in welcoming our new 2010 design refresh. It's pretty similar to what we had before, except the top header part of the website has been completely redesigned for a more modern look. We also designed it to have a better user experience with better placed and less advertising banners.




Our latest videos are featured at the top of the site just under the revamped navigation menu area. At the very top left of the site you can see a running total of how many articles, news posts and forum members we have. Just under that too is the revamped search box.


In our previous design we had two tedius skyscraper banners running down the left side, now that side is completely clean and one of those skyscraper banners has been moved to the right side. Next to that banner we have also introduced a 'Hot Products' section which shows you which products are in most demand by TweakTown readers based on the amount of clicks to buy them.


This is just a start - we will continue rolling out new features and additions moving forward, stay tuned and we hope that you enjoy the new design!


Let us know your thoughts about the new layout in the comment section below!


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TweakTown is hiring - want a tech writing job?

TweakTown is growing. We attribute some of that growth to our decision to diversify our content in the past. We will continue to offer all sorts of new types of content for the general technology consumer.


We are looking to hire new staff and contributors to help us expand into the following new content areas:


1) Workstation, server and enterprise computing
2) Home Theater
3) Mobile devices (cell phones, tablets and MIDs)
4) Peripherals (mice, keyboards, gaming hardware and so on)


We are looking one for person to fill each of the four new sections. You will be responsible for all of our content in that category, that's how things work here. You will receive all of the latest toys and hardware to play with, put through hell testing and give your opinion to hundreds of thousands of readers. It doesn't matter where you are based, this is the Internet and you can work anywhere there is a computer, power and Internet access. However, it will be to your advantage if you have a good quality digital camera for photos, and even a video camera capable of HD resolutions for video content.


We are looking for people with firstly plenty of experience, knowledge and interest in one of the above categories. Previous writing experience will give you an upper hand, but it is not required. We will provide a content template for you and teach you all of the ropes at the start, as you find your way.


Polish up your resumes folks and send them over to me along with a little history about yourself, where you are based and anything else you think will be useful in helping us make a choice. My email can be found on this page.


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Ad blocking and why it hurts the sites you love

After reading a story from Ars Technica discovered by way of Elite Bastards, I thought it may be worth chiming in on the subject of Internet ad blocking in this day and age and how it harms the websites you frequently visit.


Ars Technica recently published an article titled 'Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love' and as a long time tech site owner, I naturally found it very interesting. The article basically starts off by mentioning that one of the editors recently discovered how its ad blocker audience didn't fully realize how blocking ads affected the sites that they love. If you are an ad blocker, I encourage you to read on for my take on the situation.




As Ken Fisher from Ars mentioned, many people believe that if they don't click ads, banners, text links and the like, there is no harm in blocking the ads. This couldn't be any further from the truth, though. While TweakTown does run programs that pay CPC (cost per click), the majority of our ads are based around CPM campaigns. That means we are paid a set rate for every 1000 views of any particular ad. While obviously advertisers prefer as many clicks on their ads as possible, we still get paid that set amount no matter if it gets clicks or not.


A year or so ago we experimented with an ad blocker script that used some fancy coding to detect ad blockers and effectively stop them working and in turn display our ads. We ran this script for a couple weeks as a trial, but eventually due to audience complaints and other issues, we took it down. However, during that trial, we had many other tech site owners contact us and ask us for the script for their own websites. It just goes to show you that your beloved websites that you visit are aware of the issue and that great lengths may be taken to fight back.


Fight is really the wrong word, as we appreciate every visitor to our website. However, in the future, you may want to consider white listing the websites that you love. TweakTown has several full time staff and a long list of part time staff and contributors and add in the cost of our several servers and all other costs; it isn't cheap to run a website with bi-daily high quality content. We aren't asking you to uninstall your ad blocking software, as it is totally your choice to run them, but rather be more selective with which sites that you block. We wouldn't like to force a subscription model onto our readers as we believe that online content should be free, but if the ad blocking trend continues, it makes that notion harder and harder to maintain.


Food for thought people and feel free to engage in discussion below. I will personally respond.


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