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TweakTown is hiring - want a tech writing job?

TweakTown is growing. We attribute some of that growth to our decision to diversify our content in the past. We will continue to offer all sorts of new types of content for the general technology consumer.


We are looking to hire new staff and contributors to help us expand into the following new content areas:


1) Workstation, server and enterprise computing
2) Home Theater
3) Mobile devices (cell phones, tablets and MIDs)
4) Peripherals (mice, keyboards, gaming hardware and so on)


We are looking one for person to fill each of the four new sections. You will be responsible for all of our content in that category, that's how things work here. You will receive all of the latest toys and hardware to play with, put through hell testing and give your opinion to hundreds of thousands of readers. It doesn't matter where you are based, this is the Internet and you can work anywhere there is a computer, power and Internet access. However, it will be to your advantage if you have a good quality digital camera for photos, and even a video camera capable of HD resolutions for video content.


We are looking for people with firstly plenty of experience, knowledge and interest in one of the above categories. Previous writing experience will give you an upper hand, but it is not required. We will provide a content template for you and teach you all of the ropes at the start, as you find your way.


Polish up your resumes folks and send them over to me along with a little history about yourself, where you are based and anything else you think will be useful in helping us make a choice. My email can be found on this page.


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Ad blocking and why it hurts the sites you love

After reading a story from Ars Technica discovered by way of Elite Bastards, I thought it may be worth chiming in on the subject of Internet ad blocking in this day and age and how it harms the websites you frequently visit.


Ars Technica recently published an article titled 'Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love' and as a long time tech site owner, I naturally found it very interesting. The article basically starts off by mentioning that one of the editors recently discovered how its ad blocker audience didn't fully realize how blocking ads affected the sites that they love. If you are an ad blocker, I encourage you to read on for my take on the situation.




As Ken Fisher from Ars mentioned, many people believe that if they don't click ads, banners, text links and the like, there is no harm in blocking the ads. This couldn't be any further from the truth, though. While TweakTown does run programs that pay CPC (cost per click), the majority of our ads are based around CPM campaigns. That means we are paid a set rate for every 1000 views of any particular ad. While obviously advertisers prefer as many clicks on their ads as possible, we still get paid that set amount no matter if it gets clicks or not.


A year or so ago we experimented with an ad blocker script that used some fancy coding to detect ad blockers and effectively stop them working and in turn display our ads. We ran this script for a couple weeks as a trial, but eventually due to audience complaints and other issues, we took it down. However, during that trial, we had many other tech site owners contact us and ask us for the script for their own websites. It just goes to show you that your beloved websites that you visit are aware of the issue and that great lengths may be taken to fight back.


Fight is really the wrong word, as we appreciate every visitor to our website. However, in the future, you may want to consider white listing the websites that you love. TweakTown has several full time staff and a long list of part time staff and contributors and add in the cost of our several servers and all other costs; it isn't cheap to run a website with bi-daily high quality content. We aren't asking you to uninstall your ad blocking software, as it is totally your choice to run them, but rather be more selective with which sites that you block. We wouldn't like to force a subscription model onto our readers as we believe that online content should be free, but if the ad blocking trend continues, it makes that notion harder and harder to maintain.


Food for thought people and feel free to engage in discussion below. I will personally respond.


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TweakTown System Builders Guide updated for February 17, 2010

We have just updated our System Builders Guide to assist you in making the right choices if you're looking to build your next desktop system in the near future.




Depending on your budget, we have the Sub-lieutenant PC at a thousand bucks USD. If you're looking for something more serious, we have the Commander PC which will set you back 2K. But if you're one of the lucky few where money's no objective, there's the Admiral PC which gives you the best of everything, albeit at a price tag only few could swallow.


We hope the above guides serve in helping you build that system you've been longing for to get your gaming fix. Happy building!


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Happy New Year folks - Let's bring on a fresh decade!

It's hard to imagine 12 months has gone since 2009 rolled over and we now look onward to a new decade. Over the past 12 months we've seen TweakTown continue to grow in all areas with a heavy focus on expanding the amount of content we have along with the diversity of it. But of course, without you, our loyal readers, we wouldn't be much at all. So we would like to thank you all for putting a bit of time aside each day or week to check out what's happening in the computer world.


On behalf of the team at TweakTown, we wish you all a fantastic New Year and enjoy the rest of your holiday break with your new toys or whatever else it is that has helped put a smile on your face this holiday season.




We hope you've enjoyed what TweakTown has had to offer you over the past 12 months and we look forward to bringing you all another year's worth of new and exciting coverage throughout 2010.


Time to bring on 2010 with a BANG! Peace out.


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, it's that time of the year again where we all have the perfect excuse to wind ourselves down and spend quality time with the family (and of course, ourselves!). 2009 was definitely another big step forward for TweakTown with a broader range of coverage and style thanks to further growth within our team and focus on delivering premium quality content to the people that matter most, you guys!


Time to take a breather for a few days and give ourselves a pat on the back for another successful year, along with a big thanks to you guys for sticking around and supporting us of course. Things will naturally slow down on the site for a bit over the next few days, with a repeat slowdown to occur as the new year comes around. But don't worry, we'll of course be back with bigger bells on come Jan 4 2010.




On behalf of the TweakTown team, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and enjoy whatever goodies Santa has abound with your name on them. Let's all look forward to another exciting year come 2010, beginning with the fun and frills of CES early into the new year.


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Poll Results - Most exciting new or upcoming technology?

In our most recent poll, we asked our readers what they thought is the most exciting new or upcoming technology.


We ran the poll for a little longer than usual compared to our previous polls and as a result, we got more votes than usual. Over 7,500 people voted.


Out of all of the options, our readers are most excited about the upcoming Fermi DX11 GPU based video cards from NVIDIA taking the most votes at 21%.


Next up and at a fairly close second with 18% of the votes, our readers voted for Ultra Fast and Larger Capacity SSDs. In third place with 14% of the votes was the recently launched ATI Radeon HD 5970 dual GPU video card from AMD.


Forth place was interesting in that it was tied by three different contenders - Windows 7, DX11 computer games and 2160p next-gen ultra HD video. 3D Monitors, Movies, Games and the like got 7% of the votes and interest for Multi-Touch Displays, Next-gen Netbooks and Alternative OS like Google Chrome OS wasn't very high.


Thank you for taking the time to vote. It allows us to see which technologies you are most interested in and what we will take more time to cover. On the same token, it also tells us areas where we need to improve our content coverage.


For the actual numbers, go here.


In our latest poll, we want to know who you think makes the best Solid State Disk drives? Let us know! Please go here to vote!


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TweakTown System Builders Guides (SBG) are back!

Long time TweakTown readers will remember our "SBG" or System Builders Guides section that was a popular feature on our website some years ago.


It was retired for reasons I cannot exactly remember right now, but we are very happy to announce that as of today SBG v2 is up and running! It looks and works much better than the first version of the past.




For one, from our prospective, it is much easier to update and maintain using our swish back-end system - that may be one of the reasons the first version was taken offline. The second, from a user point of view, the pricing is dynamic and updates in real-time. Unfortunately not all products are listed on PriceGrabber (our price search engine partner), so some of the prices are added in manually, but many are updated dynamically providing you with the latest information.


We have three systems in the SBG:


TweakTown Sub-lieutenant PC - for this one our system recommendations are based on building the best PC for a limited price of around $1000 USD.


TweakTown Commander PC - and for this one our system recommendations are based on building a mid-range computer system that provides the best bang for buck up to $2000 USD.


TweakTown Admiral PC - and finally the big daddy! Our Admiral PC represents the best desktop computer system you can build without any cost constraints.


We hope you enjoy the return of SBG and that it proves useful with your next system build!


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Welcome to the first TweakTown Weekly Newsletter!

Well folks, hasn't this been a long time coming?


We've had our little spot on the Internet for 10 years now posting loads of quality daily technology content and we have finally got our act together and put together a proper newsletter, for lack of originality - we're calling it the "TweakTown Weekly Newsletter".


We've actually had the idea to put out a weekly newsletter for a year or more now, but as things go, we've been incredibly busy working on a whole bunch of various projects simultaneously, but we are here now and now I've got to say something interesting, before you delete this email.


So, the purpose of our Weekly Newsletter is to highlight our hottest content of the week, we'll also include our favorite Download of the Day and Deal of the Day for the week. We'll let you know what is happening behind the scenes in this spot. We'll remind you of our Weekly Giveaway.


If it increases in popularity enough, we may even add in some exclusive newsletter-only content such as a short review. For now, please send us all your tips and suggestions to


You can sign-up to our Weekly Newsletter here!


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Zune HD arrives at TweakTown

You know, over the last few days we have told you why we think the new Zune HD is going to give Apple a run for its iPod Touch money. However, most of that has been very speculative. We are sure many of you are wondering where we are getting that idea from.


Well wonder no longer, today the FedEx guy brought us something to make us smile and to let us really tell you how the Zune HD will fare against the iPod Touch. This new toy was a 16GB Zune HD Black.


We received this from the gang over at NVIDIA. They are very excited about this new PMP as it has their own little sweet heart, the Tegra, under the hood. This new SoC is very versatile and powerful. Over the next few days we are going to be giving this a nice run around the block to see exactly how it performs versus an iPhone 3G S (the closest we have on hand to a new iPod Touch).


Until then enjoy these shots taken with a slightly green looking iPhone 3G S.








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