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Happy Holidays from TweakTown!

On behalf of the large and growing team at TweakTown, I want to wish you all a very big Merry Christmas as well as a safe, happy and prosperous New Year for 2009!


Happy Holidays from TweakTown

As it is time for our annual break and time to take it easy for a little, news and content will slow down over the next couple of weeks. We will still post new items for you to read, but it will just be slower than usual. You should all be spending time with your family and friends anyway!


Again, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


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Now you can adjust the width of TweakTown

Over the past few months we've (namely our kick ass developer Justin) been making many changes to our servers and back-end. Now that most of those changes are complete, we are set to roll out a whole bunch of features to the front-end, that is, stuff that you guys can actually see and use.


In our last re-design we implemented the ability to change font size and that was really popular. Now we have just rolled out the ability to adjust the width of the site. We did this due to the fact that most of our readers according to our server logs run a wide screen resolution which could probably accommodate one or two extra TweakTown designs in the same window for the lucky readers using large LCD monitors.


Now you can adjust the width of TweakTown

Now you can easily adjust the site width by clicking the buttons at the top left of the site under the logo. You don't need to refresh the page and it will remember your selection.


This is just the first of the visible changes you will see to TweakTown and we are busy working on many new features that will be rolled out over the following months.


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Indiana Jones 4 - TweakTown Mini Review

I normally wouldn't review a theatrical release for TweakTown, but for Indiana Jones, I will make an exception.


For franchise fans, there will be two burning questions.


Is it as good as the originals? :-
Yes, and no. It's better than Temple of Doom, but inferior to Raiders and Last Crusade.


Is Harrison Ford too old for this shit? :-
Nope. He looks pretty damn good for his age and I didn't disbelieve his stunts.


I've always been a pretty big fan of Indiana Jones and I have followed the progress of the latest installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with great interest. It's great to see such a legend back on the silver screen, like catching up with an old friend. I particularly enjoyed one nod to Raiders, which I won't spoil here. Suffice to say it near made me defecate myself in nerd-dom.


Crystal Skull works best when it sticks to the Indiana Jones formula. One particular sequence which has Jones stuck in a Nevada test site that is just about to go nuclear; is a blast, pardon the pun.


Unfortunately, the rollicking fun start soon gets bogged down in talky disposition, and as the film progresses I find myself having less fun. Action sequences that should be rousing, end up not knowing when to stop (the jungle car chase) and the puzzle solving and plot building mechanisms soon disintegrate into meaningless babble. This is just not how an Indiana Jones film should be.


Ultimately, I came out of the film not knowing what to think. It certainly takes the franchise in a new direction, but one in which my level of disbelief, on a few fronts, is stretched past my limit. What's more, I also can't put this down to a 'too high expectations' boat, because they weren't really that high.


Where Indiana Jones does succeed however, is that it at least looks like an Indiana Jones film. Despite many of the crew having retired, or not being available, Spielberg and Lucas have done a great job emulating the look of the originals, from the occasional use of soft focus, to the camera work, to the sound effects (yes, the Wilhelm scream has been bought out of retirement too). It's also great that John Williams returns to provide the score, even if he does fail to introduce any really memorable audio cues.


When it's all said and done, I still for the most part enjoyed this latest outing. Despite my issues with the film, I look forward to adding it to my Blu-ray collection later this year (make a big-ass Blu-ray boxset for Christmas '08 guys), and I would still like to see a fifth installment, so long as they can make another film more befitting the status of the talent available, and the name of the franchise.


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MSI GeForce 8800GT arrives at TweakTown

We've just got our first 8800GT sample and it comes from MSI. We couldn't help ourselves, we just had to post a couple of pictures of the card before we started to benchmark it. The card itself isn't anything that remarkable to look at as it follows the reference design and MSI have only added a couple of stickers.


It is also clocked at the reference speeds, 600MHz for the GPU, 1,500MHz for the shaders and 1,800MHz for the memory. However, this card should be quite overclockable and we will give this a go while test the card. Check back with us on Monday for the full review.



Click to enlarge



Click to enlarge


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TweakTown takes on Computex Taipei 2007 with huge media presence

TweakTown takes on Computex Taipei 2007 with huge media presence

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Friday June 1st 2007 - TweakTown, one of the worlds's most respected and trusted online computer publications in Asia and the world is set to make a big splash at Computex Taipei 2007. TweakTown will host a one of a kind media party on Monday evening attended by top media and manufacturers. The party will be assisted by a demonstration machine running DDR-3 memory at over 2000MHz on an Intel P35 motherboard. Cool new hardware and software will be given away to members of the press as they celebrate the beginning, of what many say, is the most important computer trade show in the world.


TweakTown will rock the socks off Hall 1 as it showcases a highly overclocked liquid nitrogen system featuring Intel Core 2 QX6850 quad-core processor, Intel P35 DDR-3 based GIGABYTE GA-P35T-DQ6 motherboard, Corsair DDR-3 1333MHz DHX memory and GIGABYTE Radeon HD 2900 XT in Crossfire. OCZ power the show with their ProXStream 1000-watt power supply. The booth will be joined by famous guest Taiwanese overclocker Coolaler who will take things to the absolute limit, live at the show, for all to see. World record holders might want to hold onto their hats, as we attempt to break records!


After asked for comment, Mr. Cameron Wilmot, managing director of TweakTown Pty Ltd said, "We are extremely excited about our much anticipated events at Computex Taipei 2007. We will make a stunning impression with our events. We will show the world that we mean serious business and that we are growing rapidly. We are completely thrilled with the response and look forward to an exciting week in spectacular Taipei!"


TweakTown has no doubt entered into uncharted waters this year at Computex Taipei by building on its Taiwanese branch office established late 2005. It sees the importance of such events since no other media company has endeavored such projects in the past. TweakTown is setting the true benchmark at Computex Taipei 2007 for media worldwide with not just regular live daily show coverage but also with extra events that improve the show experience and also increase TweakTown awareness at a worldwide level.


If attending Computex Taipei 2007 please visit the TweakTown booth at Hall 1, A211 (media area). Further, feel free to visit us online at for our regular high quality daily leading technology content and news. If you are into technology, it is the place to be online and also offline this week during Computex Taipei 2007. Ad sales can be reached at for further information.


English press release - download here
Chinese press release - download here


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Happy New Year from TweakTown! for December 31, 2006

In our part of the world, there are only several hours left in year 2006 and it's just about time to start the celebrations!



2006 has been a fantastic year for TweakTown - besides pumping out plenty of exciting and regular content, our new office in Taiwan has allowed us to expand even further with exclusive looks of new products from here in Taipei and also allowed us to work much closer with all the major computer manufacturers such as Gigabyte, ABIT, GeCube, ASUS, OCZ, DFI and many others.


Expect the same in 2007 but just much more of it. And besides that, you can expect content focusing on consumer electronics and PC and console gaming, just to name a couple. TweakTown has long been an international mainstream online computing magazine operating for eight years but 2K7 will mark the year for us to move into different areas and languages, covering Asia to begin with.


So, to all of our Chinese friends, Shin Nian Qi Le and to everyone else, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Look forward to big things from us in 2007 but now it's time to crack open the first beer and get the celebrations under way! All the best and be safe during the holidays! We'll be back in business in a few days.


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TweakTown Frappr Map - where are you?

We have just created our very own Frappr Map. It's a service still currently in BETA which we use to see where all our readers are located, all around the world - even down to our actual street if you wish!



If you are interested in finding out where the rest of our readers are from or wish to share your location, please visit our "TweakTown Readers Map" at the Frappr website!


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TweakTown RSS Feeds!

Today we are very happy to announce our latest feature on TweakTown - live RSS content feeds! RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way to view updates from our news, articles, review, guides and latest Daily Deals.


The RSS feeds, or channels, can be viewed from your browser, or better still, from a program called an RSS feed news reader or aggregator. A quick search on the web will find many free or inexpensive news reader applications for your platform. We use a program called Feedreader 3.0 and find is very good.


Once you have downloaded a suitable program, copy and paste the URL of one of our feeds into your RSS feed reader and then get started! Please visit our RSS Feeds page for the links!


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Shuttle Girls Win TweakTown Editor's Choice Award

Following on from our recent Computex booth babes coverage, Shuttle were very pleased to see that Cameron decided to give the Shuttle honeys the big tick of approval over the rest of the competition, dishing out the prestigious 'Editor's Choice Award' :D



Shuttle were SO pleased to hear of this in fact, that they thought it worthy of a dedicated press release which just made it's way to my inbox a short while ago. Cheers for the recognition Shuttle!


Taipei, Taiwan - June 7, 2005) Shuttle Inc - the leading manufacturer of small form factor PCs and accessories - has won numerous awards for the stunning designs of its XPCs. When the guys at TweakTown took time out to from their hardware reviews to look at some of the 'Booth Babes' at Computex 2005, it came as no surprise to see the girls from Shuttle top the list.


Competition was tough with over 50 'Babes' in the review line-up, but Shuttle was voted the clear winner, "Shuttle had the nicest looking girl(s) by a long way," said judge Cameron Wilmot.


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