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TweakTown iPhone app available in 33 additional countries

Our final housekeeping item for the weekend to report about is regarding our TweakTown iPhone app.




Late last week Apple sent out a revised developer agreement which puts apps in its App Store to people in 33 additional countries and regions. The people in the following areas now get access:


Algeria, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Dominica, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, Montserrat, Nigeria, Oman, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Suriname, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, Uzbekistan, Yemen


If you are in one of those areas (or any other supported region, for that matter), head on over to our app page and get downloading. While you are at it, don't forget to leave a rating and review of the app. If you are a Nokia user, we also have you covered, too.

TweakTown comments are back powered by Facebook Comments!

Here is some weekend housekeeping to report about, folks.


Some time ago we removed TweakTown comments that were powered by the DISQUS system due to compatibility and performance concerns. We are happy to report that TweakTown comments are now back in action for news, articles, reviews, press releases and SBG.




We decided to use the popular Facebook Comments system since it is very easy to implement, has little performance overhead concerns to worry about and well you know it... pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days. You will be happy to know though that if you do not use Facebook, you can still login and comment using AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail.


Get commenting people! Have a good remainder of the weekend!

TweakTown Image Zooming goes live - get a closer look!

In our continuous effort to improve your experience at TweakTown, today we introduce a newly rolled out feature called "Image Zooming".


Using the wonderful power and bliss of jQuery, JavaScript and CSS, when you move your mouse over one of our content images, you will see an enlarged version of the image allowing you to get a closer, more detailed view.


The enlarged version of the image will not display instantly, as it still has to download, but it should load relatively quick (depending on your connection, of course) thanks to our use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers around the world. The good news is that it works in all the popular web browsers; you'll just need to make sure you have JavaScript enabled or else it will not work.




Give it a try right now! Just move your mouse over the image above.


If you want to implement it for your website or learn more about the great technology behind it, visit Alen Grakalic's page over at CSS Globe where you can learn more about his "Image Preview" method. Thanks Alen for the fantastic script and keep up the great work!

Poll Results - About our Weekly Newsletter

Our latest poll had almost 400 people who answered, What day of the week would you like to receive the TweakTown Weekly Newsletter?




When the poll went online the option of Friday was out in front (probably because we were voting for that option), but as time proceeded, Monday got further and further ahead and took the win in the end.


So, you speak and we listen. Our TweakTown Weekly Newsletter will go out, err... weekly on Monday for your viewing pleasure. If you haven't already, don't forget to go and sign up to it right here.


For the actual numbers, go here. In our latest fun poll this week, we want to know, do you actually like the Harry Potter series of movies? Let us know! Please go here to vote!

TweakTown over the Years - a look at our designs from 1999 to 2011

How long have you been reading TweakTown? Can you remember what it looked like when you first started reading? If you can, I guess you are one of the lucky folks who have a photographic memory.



We decided to present a look at TweakTown over the years in the form of a video with screenshots of what the site looked like about every six months or so from 1999 to the present day. It gives us a look at where we have been and where we are presently. It proved to be quite an emotional video for some of the long term TweakTown staff and contributors.




How did we do it? We used a service by called "Way Back Machine" which captures websites into its cache system every now and again and has been doing so for a long time - over 12 years we can confirm. Some of the screenshots are not perfect with dead images and such, but it does give you a good look and our designs over our time on the big bad Internet.

We're Hiring: United States West Coast based News Editor

Listen up folks on the United States West Coast, we want you!




We want to hire a news editor who is based preferably in the San Francisco or Bay Area. Ideally we are looking for someone with previous online news writing experience. You will be required to attend press events and shows and what-not up and down the West coast and also in other areas around the country.


The position is open for discussion, but we are either looking for someone to fill a full time or part time position. You should have experience or good knowledge of "live blogging" events and announcements and a very solid understanding of tech products and the industry. If you have worked at other websites in the past for a considerable amount of time, you will have a better chance at filling our position.


If you believe you are the person for the job, please contact Cameron Wilmot (email address at the link) with your application and resume.


Happy New Year From all of us at TweakTown - 2011 FTW!

Yet another 12 months has flown by since 2010 kicked in and we're looking down the barrel of another fresh and eventful year. Over the past 12 months we've seen TweakTown continue to grow in all areas with a heavy focus on further diversifying our content and how it is presented.


But of course, without you, our loyal readers, we wouldn't be much at all. So we would like to quickly take the time to thank you all for putting a bit of time aside each day or week to check out what's happening in the computer world through the eyes of the team at TweakTown.


On behalf of all of us here at TT, we wish you a fantastic New Year and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday break with your new goodies, time spent with loved ones, or whatever else it is that has helped put more smiles on your face this holiday season.




We hope you've enjoyed what TweakTown has had to offer you over the past 12 months and we look forward to bringing you all another year's worth of new and exciting coverage throughout 2011, beginning with the highlights of CES as it fires up early into the new year!


Time to bring on 2011 with a BANG - Happy New Year folks!!


What did you get for XMAS?

Merry XMAS readers! I'm going to go a bit off topic for my usual news posting job here, but why not spin a bit of change here at TweakTown, eh?



What did you get for XMAS? Post in the comments section, or our Facebook page and let us know what you got. What's that you say? What did Anthony get? Well, he got various toys for his entertainment room! Ice Crusher, Popcorn Maker, lots of booze (hoorah!), Bean Bag, and various other things. What did I buy myself?


Continue reading 'What did you get for XMAS?' (full post)

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