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ExoticPC AHANIX Platinum XP Designer Computer Case Review reviews ExoticPC's AHANIX Platinum XP Designer Computer case.

Ah, the computer case. The barometer of the computer enthusiast. Is he/she a geek, a "l33t" user?, or a normal user with a flare for the different? Well, today I have a great looking case that would be a great upgrade for the normal computer user. Adequate cooling, internal temperature probe, lots of expansion space, stylish looks, and internal drive bay covers make this a great deal!
More information at


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Gavin "Osiris" Ballard wins Computer Competition

My good friend Gavin Ballard (the person responsible for our famous Windows XP tweaking guides) has finished first in his state for the Australian Schools Computer Skills Competition - He scored Victoria's highest result for his year level. Local newspaper The Standard has a short story regarding Gavin's achievement.


Congratulations Gavin, be proud!


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Another look at computer hardware sites today

Mikhail Ivanenkov, owner of has given us another editorial piece about his views of the current state of computer hardware sites. Here's a piece of the article:


The reason for today's follow-up is an interesting conversation I had on ICQ several days back with a fellow webmaster. The following is a saved version of the entire "encounter". No editing. Chances are this won't change much, just as the first editorial didn't. But at least here is proof. This is an exact cut & paste from the conversation from beginning to end. I never began the conversation in hopes of using it for a write-up but about half-way through it hit me. I chose to leave everything as is without even checking grammar. Only edited parts are the the username and any direct references to the website. I'm expecting to get flamed for this one, however, as some of the things I said myself are a bit out there, but I might as well tell the whole truth.


The rest of the article can be found here


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I wish I was at E3 at the moment.

Just imagine, being at E3, seeing all the fancy new products coming out in the gaming world over the next year or two. I think Mr Tweak should organise some tickets for next year. *wink wink*. But for now, I'll just stick with posting a few links around the place:


- The folks over at SystemCooling are having a huge giveaway, with heaps of prizes to give away. All you have to do is go to their site on the link above and register! Simple as that. For a bonus chance, tell them TT sent ya. Note: That won't actually improve your chances at winning.. but it would be fun, wouldn't it?


- Mark at has posted an article which makes the comparison of gaming on a Windows machine vs. a Linux machine (and the effects that gamers have on the market of hardware and software.) Included are a Quake III Arena for linux howto (first on the net), Quake III Arena benchmarks on both a Linux and Windows machine, and lots of other stuff! Here's a snippet:


With increasing support from hardware manufactures, and increasing
corporate contributions to the Open-Source community, it is simple to see why Linux poses as a serious threat to those banking on Windows as being the only wide-spread PC operating system of the future.


A very interesting way to look at it I guess...


- I just opened this email now, and instead of writing something about it, I'll just post it the way it is:


Viper Lair will be giving away some free shwag for the month of June. Here's what you stand to win...


1st Prize - A Visiontek GeForce 4 Ti4600 + A Visiontek T-Shirt
2nd Prize - An ATi Radeon 8500DV All-in-Wonder 64MB
3rd Prize - An Asus A7V266E KT266A Motherboard


To enter, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. How do you do that? Details are here...


The contest will run until Midnight, EST, June 30th, 2002. Your chances of winning is dependent on the number of participants. Shipping in North America will be on us. Outside North america, it will be on you. You will be sent an email, and will have 5 days to respond, or your prize goes to someone else.

I think I'd pay for shipping if I won something like that.


Quick Links:


- Asus A7V333 review @ Overclockers New Zealand
- MSI K7D Master review @ HotHardware
- Asus P4T533-C review @ HardwareZone
- Samsung Syncmaster 191T 19" TFT LCD review @
- Shuttle SS40G AMD system review @ AMD World
- IWILL P4R533-N review @ VR-Zone
- Visiontek Geforce4 Ti4600 review @ Common Grounds - PC
- Altec Lansing ADA890 speaker review @ BlargOC
- MSI 850 Pro5 review @ PCstats
- Lian Li PC-86 case review @
- Lian Li PC-63A case video review @ 3dGameMan
- Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra review @ Explosive Hardware
- DFI NB70-SC review @ Tech-Report
- Abit AT7 MAX review @ Legion Hardware


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Let's See What IDF Has To Offer Us.

Well it doesn't seem that IDF was really all that impressive yet but then it's only just started so lets get into it, shall we?


Well Day 1 of IDF is done with and the main topics just seems to be the Intel P4 3GHz CPU and how Intel plans to get to 30GHz based on 0.01-micron technology plus how they plan to put extra pressure on the server market.
But I'll let you read about it at:
Tom's Hardware
EE Times
ZDNet News


While The Register has a bit to say about some of the topics there too:
- HP Tackles Yamhill Questions
- HP Puts Clear Blue Water Between McKinley, Itanic Mk1
- Itanic Crushes Beeb Micro In Speed Bake-off
- No Prisoners: Intel Unwraps SMT Xeon
- Hail Montecito


If any of you were put off checking out that new site called Tech On yesterday by a few things I said, well they listened. They have added a little more content to their reviews and "greatly" decreased the file size of their pic's plus while they were at it added a few guides and articles. So take a look now.




- 3DMark 2001 Benchmarking @ Xtrememods
- Cyber Lovin': Gender Relations in Post Internet Relationships @ Futurelooks
- Project ICE Blue @ HEXUS
- GAME CYNIC: Matchmakers & Server Browsers @ Gamers Depot
- The Invisible Case @ Bit-Tech
- Press Release: DVD Player/Decoder for the Ultimate PC Home Theater @ nVidia
- Sun To Charge For StarOffice @ The Register




- Parappa the Rappa 2 for Playstation 2 @ Gaming-Unlimited
- Warcraft III: Detailed Report @ SLCentral
- Command & Conquer: Renegade @ Icrontic




- Gamerzstuff Case Badge Lite @ BurnOut Pc
- ATi Radeon 8500 @ 3dXtreme
- OCSystem Modified Enermax FS-710BB Case @ IANAG
- Codegen 1701 Budget Case @ Mikhailtech
- Millennium Thermal Solutions Glaciator II HSF @ TEKSECTOR
- LiteOn (LTR-24102B) 24x10x40 CDRW @ ViperLair
- Thermalright AX-7 HSF @ Club Overclocker
- GlobalWin WBK38-II vs. WBK68-II HSF's @ Tweakers Australia
- Xbags Case and Monitor Transport Strapping Systems @ Dan's Data
- CrazyPC Lazer LEDs @ Extreme Overclocking
- MSI K7N 420 Pro nForce Motherboard @ Gamers Depot
- Swiftech MCW426-U Water Block @ ExclusivePC
- Visiontek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4600 128MB @ GamePC
- Abit's KR7A RAID (KT266A) Motherboard @ PCArena
Well that's it and hopefully tomorrow will turn up a few things to surprise us.


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CS-INWIN ALASKA FT Computer Case Review

For those who want a drastically modded case, but don't want the hassle of doing it themselves, there is a lazy way out. If you'd like to know what I'm talking about here, then just head on over to Inside-Hardware and check out their review of the CS-INWIN ALASKA FT Computer Case. here's a snip:


"So how did the Computers Divine case compare after 3 weeks of constant use? To my amazement it absolutely destroyed my Addtronics in every way imaginable! The entire case was so quiet that one 90mm Delta fan in my Addtronics case was louder then all the fans in the Computers Divine! Even better, the Computers Divine case kept almost every component in my case 15-20 degrees cooler at all times! This is simply amazing. The way that they do it,is by using slow moving fans to keep the noise down, yet place them well enough, that cool air is always in every part of the case. Most interesting though, is the way they setup the CPU cooling. The Cold air enters from behind the case (I have never seen this done before) and is sucked back out through the power supply. Although, this was an unusual method, it worked out to become the best cooling design I have used."


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