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Escort Radar announces Passport Max2, all-digital radar detector

CES 2015 - Escort Radar introduced the Passport Max2 radar detector and rolled out Escort Live mobile app updates during the 2015 Consumer Electronics show. The new detectors feature English and Spanish language voice alerts, and utilizes a multi-color graphics display that is easier to read.




The Escort Live app now includes Air Patrol alert features so drivers are alerted if they begin traveling through a stretch of roadway that is monitored by air. Also, the "Intelligent Speed Trap" feature automatically provides drivers about user reports of other Escort Radar owners in the area - and can support manually entering data.


"We're thrilled that we can offer known areas of enforcement that have been verified by millions of data points," said Tim Coomer, VP of product development at Escort Radar, in a press statement. "Advanced notification in these high-risk areas can be extremely useful in defending against instant-on radar and the use of laser guns."

Broadcom spills the beans on automotive Near Field Communication chip

CES 2015 - Hardware manufacturer Broadcom has introduced a new Near Field Communications (NFC) chip designed to serve in connected vehicles. If implemented, drivers will be able to pair a smartphone or tablet by tapping it against the vehicle's dashboard, an easier method than trying to navigate device menus.




The BCM89095 chip joins Broadcom's growing number of connected vehicle technology products, which already includes a Bluetooth Smart chip and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Smart combination.


"Today's advanced in-car technologies are driving a dramatic leap forward in automotive entertainment," said Richard Barrett, director of wireless connectivity at Broadcom, in a press statement. "Broadcom's new automotive NFC chip offers an innovative architecture that reduces development time for our customers while providing a simplified tap-to-connect experience for drivers and passengers."

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NVIDIA is pushing for fully autonomous vehicles with its new Tegra X1

CES 2015 - If you haven't seen our coverage of NVIDIA's CES 2015 press conference, then you're probably not up with the new Tegra X1 processor. The new Tegra X1 processor from NVIDIA has a huge 256 GPU cores thanks to the company's Maxwell architecture, but it also packs an 8-core 64-bit processor, too.




Well, the company is investing into fully autonomous vehicles as the new Tegra X1 processor, and beyond, are capable of reading countless parts of the car (cameras, sensors, etc) that can detect things like pedestrians, cars, police cars, trucks, and more. It's impressive, as all of this is done by a couple of SoCs in the car, and not by an actual computer.




All of this is done thanks to NVIDIA's new Drive CX platform, which is a "digital cockpit computer". This computer is the "industry's most advanced visual computing platform" that features NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture, and their newly announced Drive Studio.

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Visteon transitioning into connected vehicles, showing off in-car tech

CES 2015 - Electronics manufacturer Visteon plans to show off new software, services and connectivity during the 2015 Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company will unveil more than 60 different displays and innovation concepts to attendees that visit its booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Plaza (booth #20).




The company will also have an autonomous driving simulator to show how autonomous driving technology continues to evolve and mature at a rapid rate. The technology makes use of Visteon's human machine interaction (HMI) interface, a major research effort that the company has developed over years of tinkering.


"As one of the leading cockpit electronics suppliers, we are now turning our focus to designing connectivity into all our products utilizing cloud-based technology and over-the-air connections - creating a truly connected driving experience," said Martin Thall, EVP and president of the Visteon electronics division. "Whether on the open road, in a garage or at a body and assembly plant, Visteon has service offerings to unlock the value of connectivity."

Oklahoma wants to make texting while driving a misdemeanor

Oklahoma Sen. Ron Sharp wants to stop drivers in his state from using mobile phones to talk, text, or otherwise be distracted while behind the wheel. The state remains just one of six in the country that haven't implemented laws against distracted driving already.




The Senate Bill 67, however, takes a significantly harsher approach than other states' efforts - with a violation counting as a misdemeanor, with the potential of a $1,000 fine, up to one year in jail, or a combination of both.


"Using a cell phone to call or text while driving can be just as deadly as drunk driving," Sharp recently said. "The danger is real. We see it every day, on city streets, highways and interstates. Senate Bill 67 is designed to make people think twice about pulling out their phone to answer a text or make a call while behind the wheel. The risk is just not worth jeopardizing lives."

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Audi to invest $29 billion new car development over next five years

Audi is willing to invest $29 billion over the next five years to help increase production, research and develop new connected car technologies, all the while trying to chase down BMW as the premiere German auto maker. Audi is No. 2 in global sales, and wants to expand its vehicle lineup from 50 up to 60 by 2020, the company publicly noted.




"We are making huge investments in the pioneering regions of electric mobility, connectivity and lightweight development," said Rupert Stadler, Audi CEO, in a press statement.


As connected technology, electric engines and autonomous vehicle research continues, Tesla, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury car manufacturers are expected to lead the way.

Palo Alto Police Department testing new recording technology

At a time when critics want better oversight of police departments in the United States, the Palo Alto PD has a new video technology solution being used in squad cars. Each car uses five cameras, able to provide an enhanced 270-degree field of view of the car's surroundings. The system is operated via touchscreen, so officers have access to the cameras: one points forward, two side cameras show coverage of blind spots, a rear-facing camera, and one prisoner camera.




Officers are able to scan through up to 40 hours of recorded video data - and could lead to a drop in public complaints towards officers.


"We hire people for character and we want them to have character and to treat people with dignity and respect," said Dennis Burns, The chief of police in Palo Alto, in a statement to CBS News. "And this really should be kind of secondary to everything else. It's just another tool that we have to show that we are doing the right thing."

LG and Mercedes working together on semi-autonomous vehicles

CES 2015 is going to be a year to remember for technology and vehicles, with Mercedes-Benz set to show off its plans for a self-driving vehicle, and so much more. We should know more during their keynote speech, with a super cool prototype to be shown off at the show in Las Vegas.




LG has also revealed that it will be supplying Mercedes with the mono and stereo camera systems, cameras that will be used to keep these cars in their lanes, dim the headlights, brake autonomously, and detect pedestrians or cyclists on or near the road. LG will also be providing biometric systems that will monitor drivers' eye movements and alertness, as well as its mobile and home entertainment expertise.


Merdeces will be providing LG with a license to its 6D Vision self-driving technology, so that LG can share it with other automakers.

Toyota rumored to be working on hydrogen-fueled Lexus limousine

According to Australian website Motoring, Toyota is working on another hydrogen-powered vehicle, even with their first hydrogen car not hitting the roads of the US.




The new vehicle will be using the same fuel system as its mid-range Mirai sedan, throwing it into the higher-end Lexus LS limousine. The new vehicle will make good use of the hydrogen fuel technology, but the Japanese auto giant will be doing some retro-fitting in order to get it working in the Lexus LS.


The new Lexus should feature a fuel cell directly under the front seat, while the hydrogen tanks will find themselves behind the back seat. The new Lexus LS vehicle should be capable of 239 miles, versus the 300 miles found on the Mirai. We don't know any details on pricing or availability, but we should see Toyota launching the hydrogen-fueled Lexus LS "by 2017."

Tesla updates Roadster firmware, can now travel 400 miles to a charge

Tesla Motors has detailed the latest update that will be hitting the Roadster very soon, a new update that will provide "non-stop travel from LA to SF" according to Tesla Motors' founder, and real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk.




The new update will allow for quite the lengthy drive from the single charge, but we don't know much more than Musk's 140 character tweet. We should hear more soon, as Musk promised more details tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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