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ADATA DashDrive AE400 gets some hands-on treatment at CES 2013

CES 2013 - We've still got CES 2013 products to show you, with today bringing us the video below on ADATA's DashDrive AE400. ADATA showed us how their AE400 worked, and it has quite a number of features included.



The AE400 is firstly, a power bank - capable of charging your smart devices through its included micro USB port or normal-sized USB port. The AE400 is also an Internet hot spot, which can give Internet access to up to 10 devices. The AE400 is also capable of wirelessly transferring files from the included SD card or USB ports to your tablet, or smartphone.


These features make ADATA's DashDrive AE400 an immensely powerful device, capable of transferring files to and from the AE400's SD card. Got pictures on your iPad and want to back them up? No problems - just wirelessly attach the device and transfer the files to your SD card. ADATA have done this quite easily, where they've provided an application to help you out.

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ADATA shows working Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) on video at CES

CES 2013 - ADATA had one of the only working NGFF products on display at CES that we saw. NGFF stands for Next Generation Form Factor and it's the next evolution for SSDs. By moving the SSD away from the SATA bus and to PCI Express, current bandwidth limits are increased by nearly 4x. Before overhead, the PCIe bus will deliver nearly 2000MB/s for the boot SSD.


NGFF also goes under the more marketable name M.2. At this time there are several versions of NGFF, around 15 or so but we hope manufacturers can come together to standardize one or two. Once connector would be even better, this one looks like a winner to me.




To get NGFF up and running, ADATA teamed with LSI SandForce for the controller. A M.2 to SATA adapter was used, much like the mSATA to SATA adapter we use to test mSATA drives in a desktop. As we mentioned, ADATA was the one company with a unit working at we saw.

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G-Technology shows new and existing products at CES 2013, boasts their SNL link

CES 2013 - Now that G-Technology, a division of HGST knows their fate after Western Digital picked up HGST, they can get to product innovation. At CES we sat down with G-Technology to discuss the needs of professional user's and how they use external storage in their professional lives.



Professional users of products like Photoshop, Premier and Vegas need high speed, sustained performance when creating their essential work videos and images. Not only does the storage component need to be fast but it also needs to be reliable. A hardware failure means Saturday Night Live becomes Tuesday Night Live. We bring SNL into this news post because post production runs on a G-Technology storage system.

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Kim Dotcom shows off a screenshot of Mega

2012 was an interesting year for MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom, but it looks like he's into the full swing of things this year. Dotcom has now shown off a new image of Mega in beta form, and boy does it look nice.




We don't see too much of it, with some menus up top in the form of File Manager, My account, Sign out, language selection and Menu. The image above shows off the My account section where we can see some options like Account details, Transfer settings and Session History. We can see Storage Space listed and gives 50GB, so this might be the default option.


You have a slider to control the number of parallel download and upload connections, as well as a fixed upload speed limit if you choose. There's two more options down the bottom for skipping identical files when uploading and finally, using SSL for file transfers.

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Asustor targets the NAS market with a full feature lineup

CES 2013 - Asustor, a division of ASUS pieced together from former staff from QNAP and Synology, displayed their 2013 product lineup at CES. Within six months the team moved from their ideas to working products and a select few models are already listed at e-tail outlets.



The Asustor products look very good and have a lot of functionality. Initial products includes 8, 6, 4 and 2-bay models, all from the 6 Series. At CES we also saw the first rackmount products shipping later this year.




The units look very good and after a demonstration we're convinced that on consumer features, Asustor is ahead of the competition. The 6-Series gives users the ability to turn the lights off or even dim them on the NAS. With HDMI connectivity now a standard feature in NAS products, more of these units are headed to the living room and away from the network switch.

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We drop a Corsair Survivor 16GB pen drive from 10th floor hotel room at CES on video - does it survive?

CES 2013 - Our own Trace Hagan and Chad Sebring had the idea earlier today to drop a new Corsair Survivor 16GB pen drive from their hotel room in Las Vegas at CES 2013 to see if the drive would actually survive. What else do you do when CES is over? Have some fun!



As you can see in the video above, it was a big drop for the fairly weighty device, but it did indeed survive. Chris Ramseyer was on the ground clearing the area for safety. He straight away plugged in the drive to test it, and it popped up in Windows and showed the data which was saved on it before the drop.


Tomorrow Trace Hagan is going to attempt to take the test a little more extreme - stay tuned for another video if all goes to plan!

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QNAP announces TS-X70U-RP Series and firmware 3.8 with HDMI Media Support at CES 2013

CES 2013 - QNAP hit the show floor in full stride with a little something for everyone.


The new TS-1270U-RP is the first in a new series from the company. The new systems use an Intel Celeron dual-core processor and support 10GbE Ethernet with up to 1800MB/s throughput (Dual Ports Teamed).




The new unit is on the bottom so we had to use the smaller 8-drive version to do our spin around, back side pics.




Here we see the back side of one of QNAP's current NAS servers. Most, if not all of QNAP's new equipment ships with a HDMI port for video output display. This is a feature rarely needed on rackmount systems, but the cost to include HDMI is so low they are tossing it in.

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Samsung's SSD Angels at CES 2013, improving your computing experience one notebook at a time

CES 2013 - The Samsung SSD Angels, made popular by their videos on YouTube, made an appearance at CES 2013. The Angels first appeared in Europe where they popped up at events to swap out notebook mechanical drives with Samsung SSDs. The swap is free to those willing to take the plunge.




The tour trailer, decked out in Samsung marketing has all of the goodies that make the transformation possible.


We popped in to see the Angels in action. On our visit they were updating the notebook of a passerby and he seemed very happy. If you are in the Las Vegas area grab your notebook and come to the Convention Center. The SSD Angels are located outside of the show floor, by the giant registration tent in the front parking lot.

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Western Digital shows off new hybrid SSD at CES 2013, known as SSHD

CES 2013 - Western Digital have unveiled something quite interesting at CES this year, where they've shown off some new hybrid solid state technology known as SSHD. The new tech features the speed of a decent SSD, but the capacity that a mechanical HDD would feature.




WD says that the solid state storage will continue to be much more expensive than traditional drives for the foreseeable future. This makes WD change gears and work on hybrid drives in the meantime, until we get to a point where pricing drops to more "competitive" levels in regards to flash storage. The demo that took place at CES saw the drive loading a bunch of applications to measure just how long it takes to load.


The Tech Report reported that it took 81 seconds to complete the task using a standard drive, and just 51 seconds on a normal SSD. On WD's hybrid SSHD, it took only 55 seconds - less than 10% longer than a normal SSD, but much faster than a traditional mechanical-based HDD. WD says that the incoming writes from the host system aren't stored on the NAND, with the caching system being controlled by the firmware and host-based software drivers.

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Micron and Crucial ready to unleash 1TB SSDs sporting 20nm MLC flash

CES 2013 - Micron and Crucial are ready to unleash terabyte class SSDs using advanced 20nm MLC flash. The Tera Era begins with the new M500 SSD that ships in February and for a price much lower than we expected. Early estimates lead us to believe the new Crucial M500 960GB model will tip up at Newegg and other online e-tailers for just under 600 Dollars.




There are a number of specifications released in the official press release (see below) but we're just going to skim over a few here. The capacity sizes are 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and the big bad wolf model that we will all drool over, 960GB. The M500 brings over provisioning to the Crucial SSD product line, a technique that decreases user capacity in exchange for increases performance stability and product life.


The new drives will also sport hardware-based encryption, data protection against unexpected power loss as well as an adaptive thermal monitoring system. They'll arrive in 2.5-inch form factor as well as M.2 form factors for normal PCs and notebooks as well as next-generation ultra-thin devices.

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