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WD My Cloud EX2 offers up to 8TB of external storage

WD has been offering a wide range of external storage solutions for years. The company has unveiled a new storage product today called the My Cloud EX2. This external storage solution is a personal cloud storage device that is available in several capacities.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36010_88_wd_my_cloud_ex2_offers_up_to_8tb_of_external_storage.jpg


The dual bay enclosure can be purchased empty or with up to 8TB of storage inside. The EX2 comes out of the box configured with RAID 1 to protect your data. It can be configured for RAID 0, JBOD, or Spanning modes as well. The device can be hooked to LAN/WAN networks or accessed via a USB cable.


Inside the enclosure are WD Red drivers that are designed to 24/7 uptime and use. WD designed the EX2 to be a backup device that can be used for all the devices in the home or office. It supports Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Both Android and iOS is supported for mobile device backups.

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Kingston DataTraveler microDuo works with microUSB ports

Kingston has unveiled a new storage device that will make getting large video files off your Android device quick and easy. The storage device is called the DataTraveler microDuo. The duo in the name comes from the fact that the flash drive is able to work in a USB port or a microUSB port.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35998_1211_kingston_datatraveler_microduo_works_with_microusb_ports.jpg


If you are an Android smartphone or tablet user, odds are that microUSB port is all you have. If your device supports USB OTG, you can plug the microDuo directly into that port and use a free app to move files to and from the storage device.


The drive is offered in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities. The flash drive is very small and compact and should be easy to take with you on the go. Since it works with regular USB ports as well, transferring files to and from your smartphone and computer will be easy.

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Intel working on 750-Series PCIe based SSDs

Intel is apparently working on 750 Series PCI Express interface based solid state drives for performance enthusiasts and professions, according to a news report. Recently, Intel released 730 Series SATA III SSDs recently, but it seems that Intel plans to introduce a PCIe version for the next series of SSD lineups.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35864_1_intel_working_on_750_series_pcie_based_ssds.jpg


Intel plans to release its 750 Series SSDs code-named 'August Ridge' which will use current gen MLC flash NAND with PCIe x8 interface. It will also have a M.2 form factor. These SSDs will come with storage variants of 180, 240, 360, 480 and 600GB. The performance of the 750 Series is said to be up to 1500 MB/s read and up to 1100 MB/s with random 4K IOPS to be 180/24k reads and writes.

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Intel introduces performance class SSDs for Gamers and Content makers

Earlier, Intel had a demo about SSDs where you can bump your controller clock speed and its NAND chips. However, the chipmaker ditched the plan of doing so as they couldn't offer full warranty support on a product where its performance can be manipulated by the users. Intel calls its 730 Series as a flagship model for digital content creation, video editing, capture and for gaming.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35841_1_intel_introduces_performance_class_ssds_for_gamers_and_content_makers.png


Intel instead introduced 730 series SSD with a 50% boost in controller speed compared to its former models. The 730 series SSD has a bump from 400 MHz to 600 MHz, and a 20% bump in NAND flash NAND's speed from 83MHz to 100 MHz.

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Apricorn debuts uber-tough crush resistant encrypted SSD

Apricorn, one of the industry's leading designers of secure mobile storage solutions has just unveiled its latest rigged mobile storage solution. The Aegis padlock SSD has been designed to specifically meet the stringent and rigorous need of government, military and law enforcement needs when it comes to strong and secure mobile storage.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35792_1_apricorn_debuts_uber_tough_crush_resistant_encrypted_ssd.jpg


The Aegis Padlock SSD features a crush-resistant aluminum enclosure that is able to withstand more than 6500-pounds of force and is water-resist, dust proof, and shock proof. With no moving parts, the device is able to withstand the extremely harsh environment of everything from a combat zone, to day-to-day law enforcement use. The device is invincible to key logging attacks, and with all data on the drive being protected with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, access to the drive is permitted only by the user's unique PIN via an on-board keypad.

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Toshiba announces next generation of high performance SSD's

Toshiba's storage products business unit announced the March 2014 availability of its latest generation of highly efficient SSDs. The HG6 is the newest addition to the HG family, which offers high performance and power efficiency, making it suitable for a range of applications from laptops to data center servers. The 6Gbit/s SATA drives are available in a variety of standard form factors including 2.5-inch, mSATA, and M.2, with capacities up to 512GB.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35745_01_toshiba_announces_next_generation_of_high_performance_ssd_s_hg6.png


The HG6 SSD's incorporates Toshiba's error-correction technology known as QSBC, a highly efficient error correction code (ECC). This safeguards customer data from corruption caused by NAND wear, which improves drive reliability and extends the MTBF. It is also the first mainstream SSD product to use Toshiba's A19nm Toggle 2.0 MLC NAND media. These features make it a suitable solution for enterprise class servers.


Toshiba is capitalizing on its unique industry position of being both a NAND inventor and SSD solution provider to provide a highly optimized product. According to Don Jeanette, senior director of marketing at Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit, "As inventors of NAND technology, we leverage our NAND expertise to optimize the performance and data integrity of this series, and truly give customers the power of choice with a broad selection of capacities and form factors."

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WD introduces new line of surveillance-class hard drives: WD Purple

Irvine, Ca. based WD, a Western Digital company, launched its entrance into the surveillance specific drive market today with a new line of HDDs named WD Purple. These 3.5" drives are designed specifically to address the unique requirement of CCTV applications that are always-on and write intensive. With capacities up to 4TB they are capable of supporting 32 high definition cameras.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35742_01_wd_introduces_new_line_of_surveillance_class_hard_drives_wd_purple.png


WD Purple drives can be stacked in an eight bay array, which according to Ying Yang, director of testing, Hikvision, adds "flexibility to expand for future system coverage". In addition to increased flexibility, the company's proprietary AllFrame technology implemented in WD Purple protects against pixilation and dropped frames.

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SanDisk unveils its new camera-busting 128GB microSD card

SanDisk has unveiled a massive 128GB microSD card, something that makes it the largest-capacity microSD card on the market. Getting to this point isn't easy, as you can expect.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35716_01_sandisk_unveils_its_new_camera_busting_128gb_microsd_card.jpg


The company had to use custom manufacturing to stack 16 memory dies, which are each thinner than a strand of hair on that head of yours, within each card. 128GB is enough space to store 24 hours of HD video, so if you were after a beast of a memory card, SanDisk has your back.

Seagate sets sights on Video Surveillance industry with new HDD

Today Seagate announced the launch of its seventh-generation hard drive line specifically designed for use in video surveillance data storage systems. The newly refreshed surveillance HDD is a 3.5-inch drive available in capacities up to 4TB, leading up to a video capacity of 480 hours of full high-definition video content.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35699_2_seagate_sets_sights_on_video_surveillance_industry_with_new_hdd.jpg


The new Surveillance HDD has been designed to support surveillance applications from up top 32 channels at any required resolution, and is the preferred flexible solution in applications where scalability is at the forefront of planning. The drive also features a new time-to-read system that allows installers to custom tailor the drives power settings to better support motion-activated cameras which ensures that not even a single frame is missed when it matters the most. Seagate says that the Surveillance HDD has a 1 million hour MTBF, meaning that on average each drive can be kept in the field longer which equates to a longer service life and increased savings for customers.

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LaCie adds 5TB capacity drives to external storage line

LaCie is a company that makes all sorts of storage products that run the gamut for small and portable hard drives that connect via USB ports to high-end multi disk RAID solutions for storing and protecting your data. LaCie has announced that it has added a new 5TB drive options to a number of the external storage products it makes.


TweakTown image news/3/5/35605_34215_lacie_adds_5tb_capacity_drives_to_external_storage_line.jpg


The 5TB hard drive is a 7200-rpm unit and can be found in several LaCie product lines. The product lines that will get the larger capacity drive option include the 5big Thunderbolt series, 2big Thunderbolt series, and the d2 Thunderbolt Series. We reviewed the LaCie 5big NAS Pro storage solution last summer.


With the availability of the 5TB drive, shoppers can now get 5big series storage devices with up to 25TB of storage space. LaCie says that the 25TB option makes it the largest 5-bay storage solution on the market. It will also be able to provide data speeds of up to 785 MB/s. The larger capacity drives are available in the LaCie 2big Quadra and d2 Quadra storage devices as well.

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