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HGST begins shipping Endurastar J4K320, a new HDD for Automotives

Some of our readers may be shocked to hear that the car they drove to work this morning may have a hard drive under the dash. With today's vehicles featuring more and more technology, we have to have somewhere to store all that data, and HGST has been leading the way for years now.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33260_1_hgst_begins_shipping_endurastar_j4k320_a_new_hdd_for_automotives.jpg


Earlier this week, HGST announced that it has began shipping the sixth generation of its automotive friendly HDDs. The new Endurastar J4K320 line of hard drives feature a single platter design that has been refined for the automotive infotainment and telematics market. With capacities up to 320GB, the new Endurastar drives are built to survive the rugged environment that automobiles not only reside in, but also create.


The hard drives have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures with very fast fluctuations between hot and cold, while at the same time retaining enough rigidity to handle the stray pothole or speed bump the vehicle may encounter. The Endurastar hard drives can handle altitudes up to 18,000 feet, and can operate in temperatures from -22F all the way up to 185F. Shock loads up to 300Gs will not phase the drive either.

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Virident Systems unveils new 4.8TB FlashMAX Capacity enterprise SSD

Western Digital owned Virident Systems, has announced that it has pushed the capacity boundaries past their limits, and developed a new low-profile PCIe-based SSD that features 4.8TB of storage space. The new 4.8TB FlashMax Capacity card more than doubles the capacity of the current FlashMax II while still retaining all of the features that made the previous model such a success.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33259_1_virident_systems_unveils_new_4_8tb_flashmax_capacity_enterprise_ssd.jpg


"Flash has firmly entrenched itself as the storage of choice for the increasingly demanding workloads being seen in the enterprise," said Jason Walker, senior network architect, IPFS Corporation. "However, until now the relatively limited capacity of PCIe flash cards has made it less efficient for capacity storage FlashMAX Capacity's 4.8TB of flash storage matches the capacity of a traditional HDD drive and doesn't require managing and integrating multiple tiers of storage. The combined capacity and performance Virident will provide is a big step forward for the storage industry, supporting the acceptance of, and move to, an all-silicon data center."


The 4.8TB FlasMAX Capacity model boast the same features as the FlashMAX II, and includes the same sustainable and predictable performance of its predecessor. Virident says the drive is compatible with the FlashMAX Connect Suite that allows users to extend the FlashMAX family of products with features such as Shared Storage Management and Data Management.The FlashMAX Capacity will arrive in the latter half of Q4 2013.

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Thecus announces the adoption of Plex Media Server

This month, Thecus will begin phasing in the popular Plex Media Server software into its product offerings with a new 7-bay, Top Tower, and rackmount NAS. Additionally all existing Thecus customers, the Plex Media Server app will be offered free of charge through the Thecus App Center.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33240_1_thecus_announces_the_adoption_of_plex_media_server.jpg


For those who are unfamiliar with Plex and its products, Plex Media Server has became the de facto standard in home media streaming in recent years. The software makes managing a vast digital library of Movies, Videos, Music and Photos quick and easy, while the Plex Media Client app allows streaming from the server to any supporting device. The Plex client is featured on many of today's smart TVs, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, and even the Raspberry Pi.


I have been running the Plex Media Server software as my personal media server for over a year now, and honestly can not imagine life without it. It makes organizing, managing, and playback of my digital library so easy that I forget its running sometimes. With Thecus adding the Plex Media Server app to its offerings, the company has just moved to the top spot of my list!

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Micron begins shipping first samples of 2GB Hybrid Memory Cube

Micron Technology has just announced that it has began shipping the first engineering samples of its new 2GB Hybrid Memory Cube DRAM modules. The company says that the new Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) represents a dramatic step forward in memory technology and has been designed for applications that require high-bandwidth access to memory.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33130_1_micron_begins_shipping_first_samples_of_2gb_hybrid_memory_cube.jpg


HMC utilizes what Micron calls advanced through-silicon vias, which are basically tiny conduits that transfer electricity through a stack of individual chips. Micron's HMC is a 2GB memory cube that is composed of a stack of four 4Gb DRAM die, which provides an amazing 160GB/s of memory bandwidth while consuming 70 percent less energy per bit than current technologies.


"The Hybrid Memory Cube is a smart fix that breaks with the industry's past approaches and opens up new possibilities," said Jim Handy, a memory analyst at Objective Analysis. "Although DRAM internal bandwidth has been increasing exponentially, along with logic's thirst for data, current options offer limited processor-to-memory bandwidth and consume significant power. HMC is an exciting alternative."

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Flash Memory Summit 2013 - Interview with Sandisk's Rich Peterson

FMS 2013 - Richard Petersen, the Director of Marketing Management at SanDisk, stopped by the booth to explain the benefits of server-side caching with the FlashSoft solution from SanDisk. Richard gives us a high-level explanation of the software, and then drills down on some of the new features with the latest release of FlashSoft.



FlashSoft utilizes innovative caching technology to deliver the performance of enterprise flash with no disruption to applications, servers, or storage. FlashSoft works with any vendor's enterprise solid state technology, and supports all enterprise storage architectures.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33119_1_flash_memory_summit_2013_interview_with_sandisk_s_rich_peterson.jpg


We have conducted extensive testing with FlashSoft in our lab, and one of the most impressive aspects is the ease and simplicity of deployment. FlashSoft also provides the ability to utilize a whole host of SSD solutions for workload acceleration. Any flash solution can be used, with SSDs, RAID volumes and the always-exciting PCIe SSDs providing explosive acceleration of SAN and NAS workloads.

OCZ releases new enterprise Denva 2 SSD based on 19nm NAND

OCC has just released a revised version of its popular Deneva 2 series of enterprise-grade SSDs. The new Deneva 2 SSDs are based on MLC 19nm NAND flash and feature a SATA III 6Gb/s interface.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33100_1_ocz_releases_new_enterprise_denva_2_ssd_based_on_19nm_nand_technology.jpg


OCZ says that the drives also feature a "completely new power architecture that was designed from the ground up to optimize server backplane functionality, provide enhanced management of in-rush current and power fluctuation." The company says that the resulting product delivers an SSD that delivers superior performance, endurance, and reliability.


"Our Deneva 2 has been a popular SSD series among IT professionals not only as an HDD replacement but to dramatically accelerate I/O access of such popular enterprise applications as OnLine Transaction Processing, database warehousing, read intensive data caching and server boot-ups," said Daryl Lang, SVP of Product Management for OCZ Technology. "By implementing new features and the latest NAND flash process geometry we are able to deliver an optimal balance of I/O performance and cost-efficiency to our customers."


OCZ's Deneva 2 Series utilize an LSI SandForce SF2281 controller that delivers superior performance with 19nm Toggle NAND. OCZ says that the new Deneva 2 SSDs support read bandwidth up to 550MB/s and write bandwidth up to 520MB/s. The Deneva 2 SSD series is available in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities now.

HighPoint ships RocketU 1144C, world's fastest USB 3.0 controller

Earlier today, HighPoint announced that it has began shipping the RocketU 1144C, which it says is the world's fastest USB 3.0 controller. The USB 3.0 controller card is powered by HighPoint's per-port performance architecture and a fast PCI-E 2.0 x4 host interface that is combined with UAS technology, which is responsible for this controllers abnormally fast speeds.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33077_1_highpoint_ships_rocketu_1144c_worlds_fastest_usb_3_0_controller.jpg


The RocketU 1144C delivers unprecedented levels of performance when paired with UAS capable storage devices, such as the RocketStor 5422 USB 3.0 Storage Dock. UAS (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) enables USB 3.0 devices to store and process multiple commands in parallel; significantly reducing wait time and streamlining data transfers. The speed and efficiency advantages provided by UAS technology are ideal for multi-tasking and performance-hungry applications.

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Mellanox announces release of MetroX Solutions technology

Today, Mellanox announced the immediate release of its MetroX TX6100 solution that enables InfiniBand and Ethernet RDMA connectivity between data centers. Mellanox says that "MetroX allows for rapid disaster recovery and improve utilization of remote storage and compute infrastructures across long distances and multiple geographic sites."


TweakTown image news/3/3/33076_1_mellanox_announces_release_of_metrox_solutions_technology.jpg


"A common problem facing data-driven researchers is the time cost of moving their data between systems, from machines in one facility to the next, which can slow their computations and delay their results," said Mike Shuey, HPC systems manager at Purdue University. "Mellanox's MetroX solution lets us unify systems across campus, and maintain the high-speed access our researchers need for intricate simulations -- regardless of the physical location of their work."


Purdue University recently deployed MetroX TX6100 over six kilometers to connect their computational clusters to storage facilities thus providing access to its remote-based supercomputers and allowing Purdue University to organize limited access to data center space more efficiently resulting in higher facilities utilization.

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LSI Delivers Maximum VDI Density with WarpDrive Products

LSI Corporation announced they are working closely with VMware to deliver breakthrough desktop density for VMware Horizon View deployments. VDI can be a challenging environment for the storage infrastructure with its 'bursty' random write workloads. For HDD-based solutions, be they SAN, NAS or direct attached storage, these workloads closely mirror the absolute worst-case scenario for an HDD. Throwing more spindles at the problem isn't the best of solutions, as this leads to drastically over provisioned storage resources to tackle a problem that can be addressed with a simple slip-in solution that provides lower power consumption and exponentially better latency performance.


Many administrators mistakenly think that throughput and IOPS can address every performance challenge, but the secret to maximum performance actually falls to the latency of the storage solution.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33082_01_lsi_delivers_maximum_vdi_density_with_warpdrive_products.png


Enter the LSI WarpDrive, which brings a healthy helping of flash and places it as close to the processor as possible, delivering massive performance improvements with a minimum of configuration. Above we can observe the VSImax rating of 280 obtained before the system maxed out the CPU.In collaborative testing with VMware Horizon View using a single LSI Nytro WarpDrive application acceleration card, the WarpDrive comfortably delivers concurrent support for 200 active virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workloads on a two-node cluster with no storage latency.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33082_02_lsi_delivers_maximum_vdi_density_with_warpdrive_products.png


VDI environments can present performance challenges from a multitude of angles. Many companies simply test the bootstorm environment, which is an important aspect of VDI performance, but there are many more use-cases in the day-to-day management and use of VMware that can benefit from flash acceleration.


Here we see that the time to deploy linked clone pools can be drastically reduced.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33082_03_lsi_delivers_maximum_vdi_density_with_warpdrive_products.png


VDI environments benefit more from low latency than sheer IOPS, and here the WarpDrive delivers with 150 desktops per ESXI node.


What is most amazing about these results is that the CPU became the bottleneck before the WarpDrives ran out of steam, meaning that with optimized infrastructures there is the possibility of even more performance than demonstrated in this test. Of course, it always boils down to TCO. The benefits of a flash solution are numerous, from the lowered power consumption, the small form factor and the removal of a whole layer of devices associated with the deployment of a SAN or NAS. The LSI Nytro WarpDrive delivers enough endurance to provide long-term acceleration, and the addition of compression technology provides maximum performance in VDI environments.

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Lenovo and Acronis release a new data backup protection solution

Today, Lenovo EMC announced the launch of a new, unique data protection solution that is said to provide 360-degree backup protection for business information storage on servers, PCs, and even NAS devices. This new solution combines LenovoEMC storage technology with state-of-the-art backup software designed by Acronis.


TweakTown image news/3/3/33022_1_lenovo_and_acronis_release_a_new_data_backup_protection_solution.jpg


Acronis Backup and Recovery is available today as an add-on application download for existing Lenovo EMC px series hardware. Lenovo says that this solution is a new approach to NAS backup and that the Acronis backup engine provides automated and fast incremental backup of data located on the NAS to a network storage target.


"Protecting data is critical for businesses today," said Eric Arcese, president and general manager, Lenovo EMC Ltd. "Organizations need a cost-effective data backup and protection solution with advanced capabilities. Our new Lenovo EMC px Acronis Backup Appliance seamlessly combines leading-edge hardware with innovative backup software in a single high-performance solution that doesn't need or require any additional hardware or third-party software. We put it all together in one product that we believe is the most dependable, easy-to-use backup solution on the market today."


Dmitri Joukovski, senior vice president of product management at Acronis, said, "Single-destination backup is a major pain point for businesses of all sizes. But, it can be especially detrimental to the livelihood of SMBs. The Acronis-LenovoEMC solution makes hybrid backup destinations accessible and easy to manage, and provides a 'Plan B' approach to data protection by leveraging the cloud and other forms of off-site storage."

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