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Hitachi announces CinemaStar series HDDs

Hitachi have announced a new series of hard drives today which are designed primarily to be used in devices such as digital video recorders and set-top boxes, this due to their low power. quiet acoustics and high reliability.


The new CinemaStar series include 3.5" drives in capacities of up to 500GB as well as 2.5" drives as big as 250GB.


For the full rundown on them grab Hitachi's official PR here.


HONG KONG - Nov. 8, 2007 - Debuting today, the newest members of Hitachi GST's CinemaStar™ cast of hard drives are ready for their close-up. Hitachi is offering multiple form factors to address a wide variety of needs in the growing consumer electronics market. A 3.5-inch drive with capacities up to 500GB provides industry-best power utilization and performance, while the more compact 2.5-inch drive is well-suited for use in sleek set-top boxes and portable digital video devices. Both drives are based on a Hitachi design crafted especially for the unique demands of recording and playback of audio/video content.


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Super Talent intro tiny PICO Flash Drive

Word from Super Talent today has it they've finished development of their new PICO USB Flash Drive family which are now being mass-produced.


The interesting thing about these particular flash drives is that because they use COB (chip-on-board) technology they are able to fit a lot more flash storage into a much smaller/slimmer casing. Capacities in the family range from 1GB to 4GB with dimensions of just 38.7mm x 12.4mm x 3.9mm, weighing less than 5 grams.


As well as being very small, they are also rather attractive with their polished chrome exterior and come with either a swivel lid design or as a retractable slide-open drive.


Approximate pricing on the 2GB and 4GB models is said to be in the vicinity of $25 and $45 respectively.


For further details grab Super Talent's announcement here or head straight over to the product page folks.


"We designed PICO USB drives to be small, stylish and smart looking", commented Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James. "PICO drives bring new levels of smallness and elegance to USB storage, making these drives more like a fashion accessory than a computer peripheral", added Mr. James.


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Transcend announce V90C 4GB Flash Drive

Transcend have just added yet another flash drive to their JetFlash series, this new one in the form of a "Classic" keychain design suited to be attached to your keys/wallet/purse.


The V90C uses a distinctive metallic swirl pattern which appears to move when light catches it at different angles. It comes with a 4GB storage capacity and measures just 33.8mm (w) x 13.1mm (l) by 4.5mm (h) and comes shipped with Transcend's JetFlash elite software tools.


For further information on it check out the press release.


Transcend, a worldwide leader in Flash memory devices, proudly announced the arrival of its latest trendy USB flash drive, the fashionable JetFlash? V90 "Classic" keychain USB flash drive. A perfect addition to any set of keys, wallet or purse, the V90C features a distinctive metallic swirl pattern that appears to move when light catches it at different angles. Although delicate in appearance, this miniature flash drive's shiny metal casing offers solid protection for your valuable data hiding inside.


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Hitachi intros energy-efficient HDDs

A new lineup of Deskstar HDDs have been announced by Hitachi this week which boast considerably lower power consumption and better overall efficiency over regular desktop drives with their variable spindle speed technology.


The Deskstar P7K500 line comprises drives in 250GB, 320GB, 400GB and 500GB capacities and Hitachi plan to start mass-shipping them before the year's out.


For full details head over to the Dailytech.


It's rare to find hard disk drive manufacturers focusing on anything other than increasing the speed and capacity of its products because those are the two features consumers look for in hard disk drive products. Hitachi has taken another approach to improving its hard drives by developing drives with reduced power consumption; specifically up to a 40 percent decrease in consumption.


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Easier alternative to HDD caddies

Now this is pure simplicity at its best. If you find yourself swapping and changing SATA hdds on a regular basis (bravo for hot swapping) but don't like the inconvenience of having your side panel off and the juggling of cables or spending up to 5 minutes changing physical drives inside your external caddy, this new "SATA HDD Stage Rack" spotted over at Akihabara News is sure to impress.



When you look at how functional, simple and useful this device is, it's easy to wonder why we haven't seen anything like it until now.


To get a basic idea of how it works check out the video posted below :-



My only gripe with it is that there appears to be no eSATA connectivity. Let's hope we'll see see this added to a newer version in the not too distant future.


Have you ever desired to easily plug a 3.5 or 2.5" HDD to your computer like this without the needs to dismount or open anything? Well I have may found the solution for you thanks to the SATA HDD STAGE RACK.


Simply put, let's imagine that you have an USB docking station plugged to your PC and that whenever you feel the need to use a SATA HDD, you just have to plug it to this docking station as simply as you were plugging your iPOD or PDA to your computerÂ…


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Hitachi achieves Nanotech HDD milestone

Hitachi have made an announcement today which states they're aiming to quadruple the current storage capacity limits of mechanical hardrives by 2011, with the technology they plan to use being implemented in mass-produced drives by sometime during 2009. They expect once refined, this new technology of theirs will allow for singular drives to sport capacities of up to a whopping 4TB.


For information about their new technology, check out the press release here folks.


TOKYO, Oct. 15, 2007 - Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501) and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) announced today they have developed the world's smallest read-head technology for hard disk drives, which is expected to quadruple current storage capacity limits to four terabytes (TB) on a desktop hard drive and one TB on a notebook hard drive.


Researchers at Hitachi have successfully reduced existing recording heads by more than a factor of two to achieve new heads in the 30-50 nanometer (nm) range, which is up to 2,000 times smaller than the width of an average human hair (approx. 70-100 microns). Called current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistive1 (CPP-GMR) heads, Hitachi's new technology is expected to be implemented in shipping products in 2009 and reach its full potential in 2011.


Hitachi will present these achievements at the 8th Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Conference (PMRC 2007) to be held October 15-17, 2007 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan.


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Team Group intro family of 2.5" SSDs

This week has seen a couple of new entries into the solid state storage market already, and now Team Group have also dished up an announcement supporting the release of their new 2.5" mobile sized solid state storage family, these available in capacities of 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128GB with a 256GB model to show up in the not too distant future.


For full details and specs grab the official PR here or the sales sheet here folks.


Team Group Inc is announcing the 2.5" Solid State Disk (SSD), the break-through product promising faster booting time, low power consumption, zero noise, shock resistance and light weight. It will take over the conventional hard drive due to its better mechanism structure.


The SSD is a revolutionary application of NAND flash memory. When compared with current mechanical hard drives, the SSD has the advantages of reducing risk of data loss from external shocks by eliminating the actuator arm, magnetic head and spindle motor. Moreover, the SSD uses the random access mechanism which is superior to the semi-progressive, semi-random access of hard drives.


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Transcend release 2.5" 32GB SSD

Following RiData's release of a 32GB solid state hard disk yesterday, Transcend have also just entered a mobile based (2.5") 32GB SSD into the market, this topping their existing lineup of 8 and 16GB models.


For full details on it you can read up on Transcend's announcement here.


Transcend is very pleased to announce the arrival of its 32GB 2.5" SATA Solid State Disk (SSD). This new drive comes in a standard 2.5-inch size and has an SATA interface which means it can be used in most notebook computers and mainstream PCs just like a regular hard drive. Add to that a tough metal outer case, instant access speeds, large capacity, high reliability, low power consumption and anti-shock features, making it clear that Transcend's SSDs are the ideal drop-in replacements for conventional Hard Disk Drives.


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RiData launches 32GB SATA SSD

The solid state storage market sees a new entry today, this one from Ridata with the new 32GB SATA SSD. As a 2.5" drive it is aimed at the mobile sector and carries an MTBF of four million hours.


Dailytech report that the read and write speeds of this drive are listed at 60MB/sec and 48MB/sec respectively, a little less than its competitors. This 32GB model should become available in a few weeks, with a 64GB variant due late November.


For full details, head over to the Dailytech.


The performance fares favorably with Samsung's mainstream 64GB SSD which offers read/write speeds of 65MB/sec and 45MB/sec respectively. Mtron's outrageously priced SSDs, on the other hand, put both to shame with read speeds of 120MB/sec and write speeds of 90MB/sec.


"Our new Ridata SSD offers exceptionally consistent high performance in all environments," said Advanced Media President Harvey Liu. "Compared to a traditional HDD the Ridata SSD is smaller; uses half as much power; is ultra lightweight; offers incredibly fast boot and access times; and operates at a low temperature with no mechanically moving parts. It is the ideal HDD replacement for OEMs, ODMs and system integrators as well as consumers."


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Highpoint announce 1.2GB/sec SATA RAID

Highpoint have just added to their RocketRAID family of controller cards with the new RocketRAID 2522. Highlights of the card include a sustained data throughput of 1.2GB/s (the fastest available to date) as well as support for 40/40 (40 SATA drives up to 40TB) storage configurations.


For further details, grab the press release here.


Milpitas, Calif. - Oct 4, 2007 -announced the availability of the HighPoint RocketRAID 2522 SATA RAID Controller. The RocketRAID 2522 is the world's first SATA RAID controller to deliver unmatched sustained performance throughput at 1200MB/s READ and WRITE.


The RocketRAID 2522 brings a new level of high performance and external connectivity for storage environments. The 1200MB/s sustained data throughput is achieved by striping together drives in a RAID array. Digital media environments gain the most benefits from utilizing the sustained throughput for viewing, editing and saving real time digital content and projects.


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