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Transcend's 2.5" SSD lineup in detail

Transcend have issued out an announcement today which highlights their presence in the 2.5" solid state storage market with a host of products in capacities of up to 32GB. These products include notebook sized 2.5" SATA and IDE based SSDs as well as ExpressCard™/34 format SSDs.


You can learn more about their full lineup in the press release here folks.


With the ever-increasing popularity of low-priced compact notebooks and lightweight portable devices, the demand for solid-state disks (SSD) is greater than ever. Transcend is poised at the forefront of this new solid-state revolution, offering a full range of SSD products. Compared to traditional hard drives, SSDs are made of solid-state NAND flash memory with no moving parts, and are therefore not susceptible to mechanical failure resulting from vibration, sudden impact or power loss, heat, and other common factors that often cause irrecoverable data loss in portable devices that use regular hard drives.


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eSATA about to get even easier

The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) has today announced its new "Power Over eSATA" initiative. This new specification provides a solid steady form of power to eSATA devices without the need for a seperate power cord to the system which has been required by the majority of standard eSATA devices to date.


If only they could have done it right the first time and made this a standard to begin with; but as they say, better late than never.


Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO), the consortium dedicated to sustaining the quality, integrity and dissemination of SATA technology, today announced its Power Over eSATA initiative. SATA-IO has begun work on a new specification that will provide power to external SATA (eSATA) devices without the need for a separate power connection. Led by the organization?s Cable and Connector group, the specification is targeted for completion in the second half of 2008.


Today, eSATA devices require an external power adapter to supply the necessary voltage for operation. The new SATA-IO specification will eliminate this requirement by providing power for a single drive directly from the host system using the Power Over eSATA cable. Key benefits will be to maintain compatibility with the existing eSATA connector form factor and retain high Performance at the current maximum interface transfer rate of 3Gb/s (gigabits per second). External SATA offers the only 3Gb/s bus optimized for storage performance.


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World's first 500GB 2.5" HDD released

Hitachi have pushed the barrier of mechanical notebook storage today with the introduction of the world's first 500GB 2.5" HDD, this raising the capacity limit by a whopping 180GB over previous drives.


Dubbed the Travelstar 5K500, this HDD operates at 5400RPM with a seek time of 12ms. Hitachi were able to squeeze 500GB into the drive by using three platters with a 260Gb/in² areal density.


There is a downside however; the drive's thickness has been increased from the standard 9.5mm to 12.5mm to fit all three platters inside the casing, this making the unit too large to fit inside the majority of notebooks currently on the market, not to mention external enclosures too.


As a result of the above, Hitachi are aiming the drive more so at PC makers who may choose to make more space available for it in next-gen systems. On that note, ASUS were quick to respond in announcing that they plan to design the world's first One Terabyte Notebook by allowing for enough space inside to carry two of these new Hitachi drives. You can read the full PR about this here.


The official announcement on the new 500GB TravelStar can be found here folks.


On the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, at a time when most of the technology world is asking "what's the next big thing?", Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) has answered that question quite literally by introducing the world's highest capacity 2.5-inch mobile hard drive. Setting a new industry benchmark for capacity, the half-terabyte (500GB) Travelstar 5K500 is poised to usher in a new era of "slim" desktops, full-featured notebooks, gaming consoles and other advanced applications for consumers on-the-go.


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Super Talent add ZIF to 1.8" SSDs

Though still quite a ways from becoming mainstream, the solid state storage market is continuously growing with full lineups now available from a multitude of storage manufacturers.


Adding to the list today is Super Talent with the expansion of their existing SSD lineup, they've announced a new line of 1.8" Parallel ATA based drives which are ideally suited to handheld computing devices and the like. One of the major highlights of this new lineup is the inclusion of a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connector to allow for its more compact design and easier integration.


Capacity wise, the new ZIF equipped range begin at 4GB then move up to 8, 16, 32 and 64GB in size. Tolerence wise, these drives can really take some abuse as they are rated to handle extreme temperature ranges from -40C through to 85C.


For further information, you can grab Super Talent's official PR here folks.


San Jose, California - December 11, 2007 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced a new line of Parallel ATA (PATA) 1.8-inch solid state drives (SSDs) that use a zero insertion force (ZIF) connector.
This new line of SSDs is offered in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. All these capacities are packaged in an industry standard form factor that is compatible with 1.8-inch ZIF hard drives.


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Sharkoon makes for easier HDD swapping

Sharkoon has just announced a new hard drive accessory they call the SATA QuickPort. This device is effectively a USB docking station which works by simply sliding a SATA based HDD into the dock to gain instant access to the drive via USB2.0 connectivity to the PC. What's also particularly handy is that it'll support both 3.5" and 2.5" sized drives.


Compared to your typical external caddy, this is a much MUCH easier solution if you're regularly plugging in different HDDs to your system for temporary access.


Sharkoon mention in the press release that the SATA QuickPort should be available in stores anytime now at a cost of just 25 euros (around $37 US).


Sharkoon presents a new hard drive accessory, the Sharkoon SATA QuickPort, which provides a direct connection to uninstalled SATA HDDs and makes pre-installation in an external housing unnecessary. The desktop docking station connects via USB 2.0, and allows hard drives to be quickly inserted into a slot in the docking station. A release button removes the drive from the docking station when no longer needed.


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Super Talent unveils I-Temp Solid State

Super Talent have just introduced a new lineup of Solid State Drives which can handle extreme temperature ranges from as a low as -40C right up to 85C, making them more suited to an industrial environment over typical hard drives due to their high tolerance.


The new I-Temp SSDs come in 1.8", 2.5" and 3.5" physical sizes, and are available with both SATA and IDE interfaces.


For further details, grab the official PR here or head straight over to the product page here folks.


"Many of our current SSD customers are using them in industrial or military environments where they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, so our I-Temp SSDs are made to endure extreme temperatures where commercial storage products will fail", commented Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James.


These SSDs are designed and manufactured in Super Talent's San Jose, California headquarters, and are backed with a three year warranty. Super Talent sells its SSDs directly to OEM customers worldwide. OEM pricing on SS28A5C25I, 128GB 2.5-inch I-temp SATA SSD, is under $4000.


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Thecus intro affordable N299 NAS

Storage specialist Thecus have just introduced their latest "N299" NAS (Network Attached Storage) device which is aimed at being more of an affordable NAS solution for the home network.


The N299 looks to sport many of the features found in Thecus' premium offerings. It can house two 3.5" SATA based HDDs which enables up to 2TB of storage space. RAID 0, 1 or JBOD configurations can be chosen for multiple HDD operation and there are two Gigabit ethernet ports available for fast network interaction.


A compatible wireless USB dongle is also said to work with the N299 making it easy to connect up to your wireless router from anywhere in the house.


For further details on these features and many more, grab the official PR here folks.


11/26/2007 - Movies, music, and photos. Users nowadays not only want to store and protect them, but have a way to share them quickly and easily. One of the best ways to do this is with a network-attached storage unit, or NAS - a device which allows users to store and share files across an entire network. Since the beginning, storage leader Thecus Technology has been developing digital storage solutions for users of all types. Today, Thecus is pleased to introduce a NAS device that brings this exciting technology to the mainstream - the N299. Friendly and feature-packed, the N299 represents Thecus' most affordable NAS entry ever.


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Hitachi announces CinemaStar series HDDs

Hitachi have announced a new series of hard drives today which are designed primarily to be used in devices such as digital video recorders and set-top boxes, this due to their low power. quiet acoustics and high reliability.


The new CinemaStar series include 3.5" drives in capacities of up to 500GB as well as 2.5" drives as big as 250GB.


For the full rundown on them grab Hitachi's official PR here.


HONG KONG - Nov. 8, 2007 - Debuting today, the newest members of Hitachi GST's CinemaStar™ cast of hard drives are ready for their close-up. Hitachi is offering multiple form factors to address a wide variety of needs in the growing consumer electronics market. A 3.5-inch drive with capacities up to 500GB provides industry-best power utilization and performance, while the more compact 2.5-inch drive is well-suited for use in sleek set-top boxes and portable digital video devices. Both drives are based on a Hitachi design crafted especially for the unique demands of recording and playback of audio/video content.


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Super Talent intro tiny PICO Flash Drive

Word from Super Talent today has it they've finished development of their new PICO USB Flash Drive family which are now being mass-produced.


The interesting thing about these particular flash drives is that because they use COB (chip-on-board) technology they are able to fit a lot more flash storage into a much smaller/slimmer casing. Capacities in the family range from 1GB to 4GB with dimensions of just 38.7mm x 12.4mm x 3.9mm, weighing less than 5 grams.


As well as being very small, they are also rather attractive with their polished chrome exterior and come with either a swivel lid design or as a retractable slide-open drive.


Approximate pricing on the 2GB and 4GB models is said to be in the vicinity of $25 and $45 respectively.


For further details grab Super Talent's announcement here or head straight over to the product page folks.


"We designed PICO USB drives to be small, stylish and smart looking", commented Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James. "PICO drives bring new levels of smallness and elegance to USB storage, making these drives more like a fashion accessory than a computer peripheral", added Mr. James.


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