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Fastest SSD twice as fast as best HDD?

Over the weekend in Taipei, Samsung announced that it plans to have a 256GB solid state drive out in mass production by the end of this year in 1.8" and 2.5" sizes.


Not only a good feat in the storage capacity department, Samsung also claims using its own MLC flash RAM and SATA-II interface that its upcoming SSD will be able to hit massive read speeds of 200MB/s (yes - megabytes per second) and sequential read rates of 160MB/s.


As noted in the report by TG Daily, the fastest consumer hard drive on the market at the moment is Western Digital's VelociRaptor 3.5" 300GB hard disk drive and according to other hardware website that tested it, it has an average read speed of 100MB/s. Current SSD's on the market and ones tested by us see average read speeds of around 130MB/s at best. If Samsung's claims are true, its upcoming SSD drives will smash everything else that is out on the market at the moment.


There were no details released on pricing but current 256GB SSD drives can exceed $5000 where as a 300GB WD Raptor drive will set you back about $300.


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Intel SSDs part of Centrino 2 platform

According to a report written by the Taiwanese Digitimes website, Intel is planning to bundle Solid State Drives as part of its Centrino 2 mobile platform by the end of the end of September this year.


Intel has supposedly named the product line "Intel High Performance SSD" and should target enterprise, mid-range and high-end notebook products.


If the report is accurate, there will be two versions - Client X25-M and Client X18-M. X25 will have a physical size of 2.5-inch and X18 a physical size of 1.8-inch with both being 80GB SATA.


The report goes on to say that Intel will release a 160GB SSD by the end of 2008 followed up with 250GB and above in 2009. These seems like very bold claims since currently a 64GB SATA SSD drive will set you back over $1000 USD.


It will be interesting to see if Intel can make this happen and what tricks they have under their hat to reduce costs in SSD technology.


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Super Talent push for cheaper SSDs

Solid Stage Storage technology is inevitably the way of the future; the technology itself has somewhat matured now, certainly enough for it to be an attractive alternative at both the enterprise and consumer level. There's just two things however that still need to be delt with; the first being capacity limitations, and the second and foremost being the pricing as they are still out of reach for most to consider.


Super Talent are doing their bit to help drive pricing down in the SSD market; they've just launched a new line of "MasterDrive" 2.5" solid state drives comprising the MX 30GB, 60GB and 120GB models. These are some of the most aggressively priced SSDs seen to date with the respective models coming in at RRPs of $299, $449, and $649.


The drives themselves use a SATA-II interface and make use of multi-level cell (MLC) NAND memory; for this reason, their write speeds are nothing to write home about, but read speeds for entry level SSDs are quite respectable at around 120MB/sec.


For more information on the MasterDrive MX series (and higher spec'd/priced DX series which utilize SLC NAND flash), you can find Super Talent's official PR here.


San Jose, California - May 6, 2008 - Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today launched a new line of MasterDrive solid state drives (SSDs) that are 100% interchangeable with hard disk drives (HDDs), but are faster, lighter, use less power and are far more rugged and reliable.


MasterDrive SSDs use NAND Flash rather than magnetic platters as the storage medium, giving them many advantages over HDDs. These drives have no moving parts, and therefore are completely silent, lighter weight and more reliable than HDDs. Moreover, they consume a fraction of the power of HDDs, meaning they produce less heat and offer longer battery life in mobile computing.


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A cheaper path to solid state storage

Getting in on solid state storage is still very much a costly affair, but there's more than one way to skin a cat.


The lads over at Engadget have spotted a Compact Flash to SATA adapter which allows the use of not one, not two, but three CompactFlash cards in tandem to be accessed using the SATA interface.



What's this mean? A much more cost effective solution, 'tis what! - The adapter is said to come in at around $190; add three 32GB CompactFlash cards and you've got 96GB of SSD goodness at a fraction of the cost of an actual (and smaller) 64GB SSD.


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World's largest enterprise HDD unveiled

Hitachi has just broken new ground in the storage market with the introduction of their Enterprise-Class Ultrastar 15K450 HDD; the world's largest Enterprise-Class drive released to date.


The Ultrastar 15K450 boasts 450GB capacity with 16MB cache, operating at 15,000RPM spindle speed on four 112.5GB platters. Hitachi claim an average seek time of 3.6ms, and average latency of 2ms.


The drive will ship with either Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces.


You can find further information on the drive within the official announcement on Hitachi's website.


SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 16, 2008 - Assuming the reins as the enterprise hard drive performance and capacity leader, Hitachi today announced the Ultrastar™15K450. The new drive uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology to deliver 450GB of storage, currently the highest available capacity in 15,000 RPM enterprise-class hard drives. The Ultrastar 15K450 is an ideal solution for mission-critical server and storage applications, such as online transaction processing, intensive database queries and other multi-user applications.


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Sharkoon updates its SATA QuickPort PRO

Sharkoon has updated its SATA QuickPort PRO external hard drive caddie. Its original model was made famous due to its stylish and ease of use as well as affordable price. It will allow you to quickly make use of old 2.5" and 3.5" hard disk drives that you have laying around the house or office.


The updated SATA QuickPort PRO includes a front mounted 2-port USB hub and a SD/SDHC/MMC/MS memory card reader. The new model also adds in eSATA connectivity for faster transfer speeds.


Keep in mind if you wish to make use of the front mounted USB ports and card reader slots; you will still need to use the included USB cable.


It should be available for sale around Europe now for $37 Euros. We look forward to getting one in for review shortly as this thing looks pretty damn good to us.


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Intel demonstrates mainstream SSDs

One of the more interesting products to show up at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this week is clear sign that Intel are shooting for a big piece of the solid-state storage market with some pre-production SSD drives demonstrated.



A fellow by the name of Knut Grimsrud who leads an R&D group responsible for the development of innovative mainstream storage solutions has had some playtime with these upcoming drives in current form, and has kindly shared his thoughts about them with everyone at a blog page here.


It is inevitable that SSD is the way of the future, and with big guns like Intel jumping aboard the SSD bandwagon to drive prices down, this will allow solid state technology to drop within reach for most of us as they become more embedded in the mainstream market as a more future-proof alternative to the now aging mechanical storage mediums we've been used to seeing for decades.


Bring 'em on Intel - The sooner they arrive, the better!


SSDs are based on flash memory chip technology and have no moving parts. Hard-disk drives, in contrast, use read-write heads that hover over spinning platters to access and record data. With no moving parts, SSDs avoid both the risk of mechanical failure and the mechanical delays of HDDs. Therefore, SSDs are generally faster and more reliable. The catch is the cost: SSDs are currently much more expensive than HDDs. Intel is expected to make an announcement during the second quarter.


"I played the part of Guinea Pig and had one of our pre-production solid state drives installed in my IT laptop...I was unprepared for the powerful instant high it gave my system," he wrote in a blog. There was a "dramatic difference in how my system responded," he said.


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Super Talent ships super thin 256GB SSD

The folks over at Super Talent sent us a press release earlier stating that they have started shipping what they are calling the world's thinnest 256GB solid state drive.


FSD56GC25H is bound to be a mighty expensive beast offering good performance but sadly it is only using SATA I technology whereas many are companies are preparing SATA II models right now. Even still, it supports 0.1ms access times, a maximum of 65MB/sec sequential read speed and 50MB/sec sequential write speed. It also supports up to 1600G of shock and 16G of vibration, which is said to be about five times greater than typical hard disk drives.


San Jose, California - March 26, 2008 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today launched the world's slimmest 256GB solid state drive (SSD).


The FSD56GC25H uses an industry standard 2.5-inch hard drive form factor and uses an industry standard SATA-I interface, making it 100% interchangeable with conventional 2.5-inch SATA hard drives. This SSD implements Super Talent's patented stacking technology to pack an enormous amount of solid state storage into an exceptionally small and slim case, measuring a mere 12.5mm thick - 40% thinner than any other 256GB SSD available. The signature black case is made from a durable lightweight aluminum alloy.


If you want to know all of the finer details, head on over and look at the product spec PDF right here.


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OCZ introduces High-Speed SATA II SSD

OCZ has had its SATA I 64GB solid state drive on the market for some time now but just today they have introduced their High-Speed SATA II solid state drive.


It comes in 32GB and 64GB models and claims read speeds of 120MB/s and write speeds of 100MB/s, which is a huge improvement over the previous generation drive, which offered 58MB/s reads and 35MB/s writes.




"Sunnyvale, CA-March 12, 2008-OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled ultra-fast OCZ SATA II 2.5" Solid State Drives, a lightweight and efficient alternative to conventional hard disc drives. The OCZ SATA II drive is designed to stay abreast of the performance features of high-end notebooks, and is ideal for energy-efficient mobile computing. With blazing access times combined with excellent reliability, the OCZ SATA II 2.5" SSD is the answer for enthusiasts demanding the most advanced storage for their notebooks and systems.


"There are many benefits of solid state drive technology over traditional disk drives including superior speed, reliability, and power savings," commented Alex Mei, Executive VP and CMO, OCZ Technology Group. "Our newest SATA II drives are designed to further extend the advantages of this technology offering enhanced performance for high-end mobile solutions."


We will have a drive in soon for testing but for now check out the product page for more details.


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ADATA shows off speedy SSD's at CeBIT

CeBIT in Germany has now closed its doors for another year but news from the largest tech trade show in the world is still trickling out.


ADATA were showing off a range of upcoming solid state drives at its booth which some rather impressive speed claims. The Taiwanese company plans its S25H 128GB 2.5" SATA 2.0 drive with some sort of internal RAID system which is capable 190MB/s read and 110MB/s write speeds.


I'll take two of these in RAID 0 for my personal system master drive!


ADATA was also showing off its smaller 1.8" M18S drive using 64GB of MLC - it is also said to be capable of the same speeds as the 2.5" model. There was also on a 1.8" PATA version on display with a total of 32GB of space.


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