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OCZ put big pressure on SSD market

While it's taken quite a while to start seeing any form of significant decrease in the cost of owning a solid-state HDD, more so just recently we've begun to see them slide down towards the real world. One of the first signs of this came in the form of Super Talent's new MasterDrive MX SSDs, which had the top model (a 120GB variant) sitting at $699.


OCZ has now stepped in with the Core Series 2.5" SSDs which boast even more aggressive pricing with a 128GB model sitting at just $479. Other drives in the lineup include a 32GB model at $169 and 64GB at $259. Read below for OCZ's promised performance figures :-


Core series SSD drives are available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB and deliver incredible 120-143 MB/s 80-93 MB/s read/write speeds and seek times of less than 0.35ms, making the Core series up to 10x as fast on a seek-time basis and up to 40% faster on a R/W basis that the best performing 2.5" HDDs on the market, all while consuming 50% less power. MSRPs at time of launch are USD $169, $259 and $479 for 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models respectively.


The SSD market never looked so good.


Sunnyvale, CA-July 1, 2008-OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled the OCZ Core Series SATA II 2.5" Solid State Drives (SSDs). OCZ has gained momentum in this pioneering technology, which uses NAND flash instead of rotating platters as the storage medium, and is a high-performance, highly reliable and energy-efficient alternative to conventional hard disc drives.


The OCZ Core Series delivers the performance and reliability of the latest SSDs at a 50% less price per gigabyte than other high speed offerings currently on the market. For the first time, OCZ is putting SSD technology within reach of the average consumer, and delivering on the promise of SSDs as an alternative to traditional hard drives in consumer targeted mobile applications.


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Silicon-Power release 2.5" 128GB SSD

World reknowned flash storage specialist Silicon-Power has just launched a new 2.5" 128GB SATA-II solid-state drive which uses a differential-signal-amplified-system to help push transfer rates through the roof.


Silicon-Power state read rates of 120MB/sec and a writing speed of 70MB/sec on this particular SSD. You can find more details on it within the official PR here folks.


Taipei, Taiwan-Silicon-Power, the leading brand in Flash Memory Manufacturers, today launches its SATA II 128GB 2.5-inch Solid State Disk. The SATA II interface has 3.0Gbps bandwidth which is doubled compared with the previous SATA I interface. Also, with the new "differential-signal-amplified-system", the transfer rate can up to 300MB/s while executing the huge amount of data. Unlike the traditional hard drive, The Silicon-Power SSD has no physical contact with the storage device or moving parts, and it equipped with the most advance Wear Leveling technology to ensure the durability of usage. Furthermore, it carries shockproof and anti-vibration features, and provides user with high efficiency and gigantic capacity. The Silicon-Power SATA II 2.5" SSD can be widely used in various purposes with any critical working environments.


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Toshiba out with tiny 160GB 1.8-inch 5,400 RPM HDD

Toshiba made the news today when it released its 160GB MK1617GSG drive today.


What makes it special is its small form factor - it is said to be the world's largest and fastest 1.8-inch hard drive and designed specifically for small notebooks and Mobile Internet Devices.


Sure, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the most popular at the moment but they are also expensive. At this present time, a 160GB SSD drive is just out of the question due to the high cost.


Toshiba's MK1617GSG gets 8MB of cache, 15 millisecond average seek time, two 80GB platters, SATA 1.5Gb/s and 5,400 RPM. If all of that doesn't mean anything to you, what it should translate into is a small hard drive that offers rather good performance.


You'll start seeing these new 160GB (and 80GB) drives popping up in OEM systems and notebooks from August but there were no details on if they will hit the retail channel store shelves.


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New NAS and storage products from Thecus

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Popping into the Thecus booth to get a look at their latest NAS solutions and we come away with a ton of pictures.


First up is a seven bay solution running an Intel Celeron 2GHz with twin Gigabit Ethernet.


Next they show us a media streaming NAS with a remote control, GUI and full 1080p HDMI output... sweet.


Lastly we have a PC concept from Thecus designed for offices and schools where you may only need a small machine. Specs include notably an AMD Geode processor running at 500MHz, Gigabit Ethernet, 1GB DDR and SATA HDD.



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Intel shows off its working 80GB SSD SATA-II drive

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 We just finished talking about Intel's G45 Express based HTPC that it had setup behind closed doors.


Possibly one of the reasons it was performing so well was the fact that it wasn't using no traditional hard disk drive, it was using an SSD.


Intel has been making noise of late about its plans to brin out an 80GB SSD this year followed by 160GB and beyond and at reasonable prices.


Today we go our first look at Intel's 80GB SATA-II solid state drive and we can confirm they are working and rather well at that. We didn't have enough time to run any read or write tests but at the same time Intel no made outrageous claims of speed.


Here's your first look at a real, live and working Intel SSD...




We got no details on pricing or availability.


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Super Talent unveil ultra-slim 1.8" SSDs for UMPCs

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Super Talent has announced today a new line of 1.8-inch Micro-SATA Solid State Drives which the company plans to showcase over the next few days.


Dubbed the MasterDrive KX series, these MLC NAND Flash based SSDs are designed to be an ideal upgrade for UMPCs thanks to their ultra-thin height of just 5mm; slimmer than usual 1.8" offerings. Three models exist in the new lineup thus far, these comprising a 30GB, 60GB and 120GB model at MSRP's of $299, $449 and $679 respectively.


Computex, Taipei, Taiwan - June 3, 2008 - Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today released a new line of 1.8-inch Micro-SATA SSDs.


At merely 5mm thick, these Micro-SATA SSDs are slimmer than most 1.8-inch hard drives, and hold up to 120GB of data. "In terms of performance, power consumption, and shock and vibration resistance the MasterDrive KX is substantially better than hard drives. The MasterDrive KX is an excellent upgrade for laptop users looking for greater reliability or to accelerate bootup and load times", Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James explained.


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OCZ has two other pen drives, Spyder rather tiny

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Among the many OCZ had to show off at its suite were a couple other pen drives - Spyder and Diesel.


Spyder is a tiny slider pen drive which as far as we know comes in sizes up to 8GB due to its form factor. It's a rather stylish looking pen drive that weighs basically nothing. On an interesting packaging note, OCZ's Alex did mention to us to pay special attention to it and the very small amount of plastic used. It is something we can expect more from OCZ as the ever busy memory company does all it can to help out Mother Nature.


Diesel is OCZ's attempt at providing a cheap pen drive but with a large storage device. It uses lower grade memory which doesn't work as fast as its top models but OCZ did mention it wil still probably beat out other brands even though it is their "cheap version".


Get yourself a look at the pen drives exclusively here...




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Patriot shows off its 256GB SSD drive - out soon

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Among its DDR3-2000 memory running at CL9, Patriot showed off its SATA-II 256GB SSD drive at its booth today out in Nangang. Here is a shot of it for all of you.


The friendly folks we talked to were hush hush on pricing but said they expected it to be on sale by July. It's going to set you back quite a few pennies, so start saving them. Patriot claim incredible read and write speeds but since we spoke to them today (Day 0), the live demo was not up and running when we visited them.


We will check back with them later in the week and see what it is capable of when put to the HD Tach test.


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OCZ shows us its upcoming Fortress pen drive

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 While we visited Alex and Jessica at their suite at Computex this afternoon, we got a look at a company that is obviously busier than ever.


First up we get an exclusive look at OCZ's soon to be released Fortress pen drive - it will go head to head with Corsair's Survivor pen drive for toughness and durability. Some folks have done such extreme things as running Corsair's pen drive over in an army tank.


OCZ steps things up a notch by adding in a display screen which will display things such as free storage space and so on. We don't know how that screen will go getting smashed by hammers and whatever else, but we will see later when we actually get a closer look a the product, which was all on the plane coming over from the US when we visited OCZ.


Tomorrow OCZ is also releasing a new line of memory but we were sworn to secrecy - about all we can say is that involves gaming. Check back at this space tomorrow for more details!


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TEAM Group has 64GB SSD PCMCIA cards on display

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Stopping in at TEAM Group we get treated to a quick tour of their SSD offerings.


They focus on multi form factor SSD solutions with everything from plug in stubby SSD drives that fit IDE slots, non-standard sized laptop drives and PCMCIA-express slot cards which you can see from the snap we took below.


Availability within the next month (early July) they should proved a useful for Vista PC's wanting to use an SSD to Ready Boost their system and gain additional storage.


Soon we will be seeing PCMCIA-express ready boosting cards and SATAII SSD's combined to improve laptop speeds immensely and decrease power drain on the batteries.


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