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OCZ intros Vertex SSD series to market

With the SSD market continuing to heat up at rapid pace, OCZ has expended its lineup once again with the addition of the Vertex series of solid state disks today.


OCZ Technology Introduces the High Performance Vertex Series Solid State Drive


These 2.5" SATA-II drives are MLC (multi-level cell) based offerings to keep costs at bay whilst giving blazing performance of 200MB/sec reads and 160MB/sec writes. The series comprises storage capacities of 30GB, 60GB, 120GB, and 250GB with pricing currently set at $129, $249, $469, and $869USD respectively.


For further information on the new Vertex series of SSDs from OCZ, check out the press release here and the product page here folks.


Sunnyvale, CA-December 9, 2008-OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled the OCZ Vertex SATA II 2.5" Solid State Drive (SSD) Series, a premium offering for enthusiasts demanding the latest technology in this fast-developing sector of the storage market. The latest high-performance and cost-efficient SSD, OCZ has gained momentum in pioneering flash storage technology while maintaining a price point that is truly within the reach of a wide range of consumers.


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Super Talent Announces Enterprise Class SSDs

The Solid State drive market is booming. It seems that just about everyone has one, including all of the memory manufacturers.


Super Talent is known for its good memory products and iPod competitors.
But now they have launched a series of high end UltraDrive SSDs for the enterprise user.

Read the Press Release here.


Super Talent Announces Enterprise Class SSDs

UltraDrive LE SSDs are designed expressly for enterprise servers and data centers where exceptional performance, reliability and endurance are paramount. The UltraDrive LE supports very high transaction speeds (IOPS), and supports sequential read/write speeds of 230/170 MB per second. While outperforming 10,000 RPM hard drives, the UltraDrive LE uses substantially less power and generates less heat. Based on SLC NAND Flash, the UltraDrive LE is offered in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.


"The UltraDrive LE represents a quantum leap forward in storage performance that is simply staggering. It excels in every metric that's relevant to data centers: sequential and random read and write speeds, transaction rates and access and seek times. It also has a considerable advantage over 10,000 RPM hard drives in power consumption and MTBF. This product sets a new standard in enterprise storage" said Super Talent Chief Operating Officer, Mr. C.H. Lee.


UltraDrive ME SSDs now represent the fastest available 2.5-inch internal storage solution for SATA-II notebooks. With sequential read/write speeds up to 200/160 MB per second, the UltraDrive ME outperforms the fastest desktop hard drives available, making it an outstanding upgrade for mobile professionals and gamers alike. As the company's third generation MLC NAND based SSD, the UltraDrive ME offers reliability not found in competing SSDs.


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OCZ releases Slate ExpressCard storage solutions

OCZ along with many other storage makers are holding tight onto a piece of the solid state storage market, knowing full well it is the way of the future. We've even started to see flash drives with eSATA connectivity of late which boost transfer speeds far beyond the aging USB 2.0 standard.


Now OCZ turns its attention to notebooks with a new family of ExpressCards called the Slate series.


OCZ Technology Introduces Slate Series ExpressCards for Notebooks


These NAND flash-based storage cards are the perfect partner for notebooks featuring an ExpressCard slot. They come in capacities of 8, 16 and 32GB and also feature a mini-USB port for added flexibility.


OCZ claim read and write speeds of 18MB/sec and 12.5MB/sec, certainly nothing special there. However, they would serve as a convenient backup solution and the internal design may be more appealing than an external flash drive of sorts as well.


You can read more about the Slate series of Expresscards within the PR here and also over at OCZ's product page here folks.


Sunnyvale, Calif.-December 8, 2008-OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today introduced the Slate Series ExpressCard™, a storage expansion drive for the latest generation of performance notebooks. The integration of express card storage is ideal for mobile users who want the peace of mind knowing they will always have a backup option and experience the convenience of an internal solution that eliminates peripheral devices.


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Maxell also intro eSATA equipped pen drives

It seems Silicon Power and OCZ were the first to kick off a new trend of flash drives with eSATA+miniUSB ports to give the best of both worlds in terms of speed and flexibility. Maxell has now introduced a new family of their own which come in capacities of 16, 32 and 64GB.


Maxell also intro eSATA equipped pen drives


Read and write speeds are said to be around 24 MB/s - 16MB/sec for USB and 75MB/sec - 24MB/sec when connecting with eSATA. have the 32GB drive up for pre-order on their website at a price of 80 pounds (around $119USD) and the series is expected to reach shelves a little later this month.


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Akasa wraps HDD enclosures in leather

In up-class style Akasa has just come forward with the introduction of its Elite series HDD enclosure line-up. The most stand-out feature across this line of external HDD enclosures is the soft leather finish which is further complimented by an aluminum body with brushed aluminum fascia panels and polished edges.


Akasa wraps HDD enclosures in leather - Elite series


Two enclosures are on offer; catering to both types of HDD sizes, there's the 2.5-inch AK-IC009-BK and 3.5-inch AK-IC010-BK, measuring 136x80x16mm and 187x123x33mm respectively. Both units have connectivity for USB and eSATA.


Akasa wraps HDD enclosures in leather - Elite series


A third accompanying product also makes its way into the Elite series, this being an external card reader which in Elite style also comes wrapped in the same grade leather. Using USB2.0 connectivity, the reader can access all types of memory cards as well as having SIM and Smart Card support.


Akasa wraps HDD enclosures in leather - Elite series


For further details about each of the products in the Elite series range, head over to this section on Akasa's website.


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OCZ ramp up pen drive speeds with eSATA Flash

OCZ are on a bit of a roll with their flash drive line-up this week. After having first announced their new CrossOver USB Flash series which carries an integrated MicroSD Adapter, they now bring us the Throttle eSATA Flash Drive series.


OCZ Technology Introduces the Throttle eSATA Drive, Offering Enthusiasts Blazing Performance over Traditional USB Flash Storage


As the name implies, this drive's best feature is the inclusion of eSATA connectivity to really get those transfer speeds crankin'. OCZ claims the Throttle eSATA's read and write speeds to be up to 90MB/sec and 30MB/sec respectively; far superior to the aging USB 2.0 standard. If, however, for some reason you're wanting to access the drive's data on a system that lacks eSATA, OCZ made sure to implement a mini-USB port to cover all situations.


The Throttle eSATA can be purchased in capacities of 8, 16 and 32GB. You can find more information about it within the press release here and the product page here folks.


Sunnyvale, CA-December 4, 2008-OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today introduced the Throttle eSATA drive, which offers performance and versatility for enthusiasts that demand the best hardware. The integration of eSATA connectivity now extends beyond desktop systems to laptops, offering increased data transfer rates with extreme portability while eliminating extra cords and power cables.


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Hitachi and Intel Team up for new SSDs

Intel and Hitachi have joined forces to confront the Enterprise SSD market.


The pair (both big companies in their own right) will develop new SSDs (SAS and Fibre Channel) for the enterprise market together with Intel manufacturing them and Hitachi selling the final product.


This union should product some very nice products indeed.


Read the press release here


Hitachi and Intel Team up for new SSDs

Hitachi and Intel Team up for new SSDs

The combination of a leading Enterprise drive supplier with a NAND technology and manufacturing leader will produce world-class solutions in terms of reliability, performance and system compatibility. The two companies will work together exclusively to deliver enterprise SSDs with SAS and FC interfaces, with the first products expected to be available in early 2010.


The new generation of solid-state drive technology complements existing enterprise-class hard disk drives (HDDs) and is intended for use in storage applications that require extremely high Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) performance and power efficiency.


The new SSDs will be branded and exclusively sold and supported by Hitachi GST and use Intel NAND flash memory and SSD technology. Hitachi GST has expertise in drive firmware, reliability, qualification and system integration that, together with Intel's technology and manufacturing capabilities, is expected to deliver world-class solutions with the performance and reliability that enterprise storage customers demand.


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Pioneer to be the next big optical storage leader

The folks at Digitimes report that Pioneer has something very impressive to show at the IT Month fair currently taking place in Taipei, a new super multi-layer optical disc that's capable of holding a hell of a lot more 25GB layers than Blu-ray's two; no less than 16 of them. If all 16x25GB layers were to be filled, that's 400GB of data.


Pioneer to be the next big leader in optical storage


Although the technology behind this super multi-layer read-only disc is based on Blu-ray, the material of reflective layers is dielectric (as opposed to BD's metallic layers) which is where the biggest advancement lies.


The best thing about this disc is that the pick-up head (PUH) is the same as that of blank BD discs, meaning these discs will work just fine on existing BD players. It's this very reason that should see the new tech go into mass production (beginning in read-only format) as early as next year through to 2010, with re-writable discs hitting soon after. Pioneer are also confident they can push the limits further by 2013, introducing a 1TB disc.


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Buffalo releases Intel-built 80GB SSD

Japanese website PC Watch reveals that Buffalo has decided to release an Intel-designed 80GB Solid State Disk under its own branding.


Buffalo releases Intel-built 80GB SSD


The SHD-NSMR80G drive from Buffalo is a multi-level cell (MLC) designed SSD, 2.5-inch in size. Using the SATA II interface, it boasts a rated sequential read speed of 253MB/sec and random read speed of 241.7 MB/s.


A decent bundle of software from Acronis also accompanies the drive which includes MigrateEasy data migration, TrueImage LE data backup, DiskDirector LE partition management and DriveCleanser data secure-deletion softwares.


The drive is now available in Japan at a cost of 103,950 JPY (around $1,040).


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Plextor refreshes its optical drive lineup

Plextor aren't quite the dominant force they once were in the optical drive market, but they are still reknowned for making some of the best quality drives out there and it's this very reason that they still run a healthy business and continue to expand on their product range.


Plextor refreshes its optical drive lineup


Today sees the release of five new optical drives which include the PX-610U 8x external DVD drive, PX-B310SA 6x internal BD Combo Drive, PX-B310Q 6x external BD Combo Drive, PX-850SA 22x internal SATA DVD Drive and finally the PX-850A 22x which is the same as the SA model but uses PATA for connectivity.


Plextor refreshes its optical drive lineup


For further information about Plextor's lineup refresh, you can view the official announcement here.


FREMONT, Calif. - November 24, 2008 - Plextor, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announces new products as a part of its new 2008 lineup. Featured in the new offering are 6x Blu-Ray Combo drives, 22x Super Multi DVD±RW drives, and an 8x Slim External USB DVD±RW for PC and Mac.


"Plextor continues to strengthen its position in the optical storage market with the addition of these new drives to its already robust line of products," said Bob Gronski, vice president of sales and marketing for Plextor. "Now more than ever, people are going out less and taking advantage of home entertainment more, so it's a perfect time for us to introduce such an extensive line of products."


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