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Windows 2000 SP4 @ Tech Connect

Adek over at Tech Connect just let me know that they have mirrored the preview release Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 on their servers for registered members only - registation is free.


Take caution when downloading this monster 135mb service pack, treat it as a BETA and don't come running back to me crying if it messes up your system - I will have no pity.


Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) provides the latest updates to the Windows 2000 family of operating systems. These updates are a collection of fixes in the following areas: application compatibility, operating system reliability, security, and setup.
More information @ Tech Connect


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New nVidia Linux Display Drivers

nVidia released a bunch of new Linux display drivers for a whole range of different distributions including RedHat and Mandrake, giving AGP 8x and nForce2 support to the Linux platform.


Release Highlights:


- OpenGL 1.4 with CineFX architecture support


- Support for AGP 8x and nForce2 IGP


- Support for index overlays on Quadro4 to support legacy applications


- Support for separate X screens on nView enabled GPUs


- GLX 1.3 support

More information @ nVidia Linux Display Drivers


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Download of the Day - CD-R Media Code Identifier

Ashley Place sent me along this nifty little program which tells you which company actually produced a certain CD-R or CD-RW disk - not just the brand name it is being sold under. This program might come in handy when buying and avoiding being ripped off with expensive brand burner media when you could be buying a cheaper brand which is in fact the exact same media just with a different label.



This small tool was developed to read the ATIP from a CDR media using a CD recorder - right now there´s no CDROM reader that can do this (At least I don´t know of!). The ATIP tells who has manufactured the disc and what dye type they used. (The ATIP doesn´t tell the exact dye type - it just tells if the recording strategy to be used for this media is a "long strategy type" (e.g. Cyanine) or "short strategy type" (e.g. Phthalocyanine).

Download Here! (112kb)


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Installing Linux is Easy! No, Really!

If you tried to use Linux a few years ago, and found you were left with a bad taste in your mouth, you may be one of many. Since then, Linux has made leaps and bounds in it's growth as a desktop user OS. Where Linux used to be known as a very user UNfriendly operating system, things have changed. If you decide to pick up the newest flavor of a distribution, say RedHat Linux 8.0, you may be surprised. The Inquirer has posted the newest article in their "Installing Linux is Easy" series. This article deals with Partitions, Filesystems, and how they work. If you've missed out on the previous posts, that's OK. We'll list them for you:

Part One: Making Linux work on your PC


Part Two: Getting and preparing for Linux
Part Three: Details and precautions
Part Four: Partitioning considerations


Really. It is dead easy. Just place the coaster (Linux distro CD1) in the cup-holder (CDROM tray), and away you go. For many people this is literally about all they need to do... well, that and answer a few easy questions, get coffee, eject the CD.


But okay, it can be a little more complicated than that, I admit. What if you don't have your PC set up to boot from your CDROM drive? Do you not have a CDROM drive? That is alright: other ways work well, too.


The major Linux distros provide installers that are capable of selecting a default partitioning layout with minimal user input. However, as with many default situations, you can often do somewhat better by taking time to understand what's involved and building your own Linux partitions. To do this, you need to understand a little about disk partitions, Linux filesystems, and the Linux file hierarchy.

More information @ The Inquirer


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IBM Supercomputers to run Linux OS

Well, not a whole lot going on in the tech world this weekend, but I did manage to catch this headline.


IBM's new supercomputer family, Blue Gene, will be running Linux. The first computer in the series, Blue Gene/L, will contain 65,000 processors and 16 trillion bytes of memory. The US$100 million system will be able to perform 200 trillion calculations per second, and will be used to simulate the effects of nuclear weapons. Even more interesting: Microsoft was not even an option for consideration.


"We had two choices of operating systems for the Blue Gene family, either use a special-purpose system or Linux," Bill Pulleyblank, director of Exploratory Server Systems at IBM Research, said in a statement. "We chose Linux because it's open and because we believed it could be extended to run a computer the size of Blue Gene. We saw considerable advantage in using an operating system supported by the open-source community, so that we can get their input and feedback."
More information @ ZDNet


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Linux Cheaper than Windows?! Who Knew

The Inquirer has an interesting article that managed to catch my eye. It details a study done by IBM comparing webservers running Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Now, this is nothing new, or shocking. Everyone knows Linux is.. well.. FREE. There are circumstances and instances that a company or individual would pay for certain features of Linux, but for the most part it's a no-brainer. This report, however, is under speculation from The Inquirer due to it's shady nature. Apparently, the research was quickly pulled from IBM's site.


Unfortunately, I am constrained to comment further in any detail on this TCO study, for the simple reason that it's mysteriously disappeared from view. Linux Today cut their story to little more than a headline and dropped their link to the PDF of the study itself (at it was reported, but I didn't notice). Much as I'd like to rip them a new one for shoddy research and the nearly capital offence of PDF prevarication, I can't in good conscience do so without having their document to link to. You may imagine how frustrating this is for a cocked-and-locked hack.
More information @ The Inquirer


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The classic, Transport Tycoon - running under Windows XP

Remember the classic and highly addictive game, Transport Tycoon - The game you used to play hours on end in the semi-3D world building and growing things to your hearts content. Well sadly I gave up on the game years ago after changing to the Windows series of operating system and not wanting to boot into DOS, just to play the game. For those users of Windows XP (I know there is a few of you out there), Snuffel from our forums has posted the steps required for running Transport Tycoon, under Windows XP!


Well, I can only guess that there are many people here who want to play Transport Tycoon under Windows XP. Since the original game doesn't support XP, I'll post the steps you have to follow to get it working
I couldn't agree with you more Snuffel - You're only a single click away to finding out how it is done in our Gaming Forum.


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RedHat Linux 8.0 Released

You've seen some previews for the newest version of Linux in the RedHat flavor pop up. Now, you can download it. Featuring a sleek new "Bluecurve" GUI, and some impressive enhancements, 8.0 is sure to please!


"Red Hat Linux 8.0 is the perfect choice for small businesses and enthusiasts looking for a reliable, easy-to-use operating system with the latest productivity applications," said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of Engineering, Red Hat. "This is a major step forward for users of traditional operating systems who have been looking for an easier-to-use, more versatile open source solution."


"With this release we have given more attention than ever before to usability", said Erik Troan, senior director of product marketing at Red Hat. "Red Hat Linux 8.0 demonstrates that we can deliver great new functionality for hobbyists and professionals and at the same time make the product much more friendly for mainstream users."

More information @ RedHat | RHL8.0 Info


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Windows 2000 running on Xbox

Today the Xbox Linux Project announced that Microsoft Windows 2000 has been successfully started and run on a Microsoft Xbox gaming console. This has been accomplished by using the Linux operating system, which already works reliably on the Xbox, as host environment. Windows has been run inside Linux with common PC virtualization software.


Full networking is supported and Windows 2000 can make use of a keyboard and a mouse connected to the Xbox, as well as of any other devices connected through the USB. The performance of Windows 2000 inside Linux on the Xbox is good enough to play MPEG-4 movies at fullscreen. Common Windows applications like Microsoft Office work without any problems.
More information @ Xbox Linux Project


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Windows XP to get Bluetooth support

Microsoft has released an update to manufacturers that adds native Bluetooth support to Windows XP. I had my first taste of Bluetooth at this year's Computex Expo in Taiwan, and since then it has continued to fascinate me.


The Redmond, Wash.-based company on Thursday released to manufacturers an update that would add Bluetooth support to Windows XP. Bluetooth allows peripherals, handhelds and cell phones to connect to PCs without wires. The technology is complimentary to 802.11b wireless, or "Wi-Fi," which is used to network computers together or connect them to the Internet over the air.
More information @ C|NET News


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