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Skype is developing 3-D video calls, says launch is years away

It appears that Skype wants to make your video chats a little more realistic. In a recent interview with the BBC, a senior executive at Skype confirmed that the company has been developing 3-D video call technology. Mark Gillett, Microsoft's corporate vice President for Skype, said that the company had been working on the R&D side of things in its laboratories.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32595_1_skype_is_developing_3d_video_calls_says_launch_is_years_away.jpg


He said that the company has been studying the capability of 3-D screens as well as 3-D capture devices, but said that "the capture devices are not there yet" in terms of consumer viability. He said that they've already managed to get 3-D video calls working in the lab, but for the moment, the lack of a 3-D video standard for devices is the major obstacle.


"As we work with that kind of technology, you have to add multiple cameras to your computer, precisely calibrate them, and point them at the right angle," he explains. He went on to say that Skype will likely offer 1080p HD video calls to more devices than just the upcoming Xbox One.

Score one for innovation: New Zealand bans software patents

In what can only be described as a win for humanity, the New Zealand government today passed a new Patents Bill that effectively makes patenting software illegal. In what many are calling a major victory for innovation, the bill was passed earlier this week after more than five years of debate and intensive lobbying for multinational software vendors.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32572_1_score_one_for_innovation_new_zealand_bans_software_patents.png


New Zealand's Minister of commerce Craig Foss openly welcomed the updated Patents Bill and said that it marked a "significant step towards driving innovation in New Zealand." He went on to say: "By clarifying the definition of what can be patented, we are giving New Zealand businesses more flexibility to adapt and improve existing inventions, while continuing to protect genuine innovations,"


The bill passed by a unanimous vote and was praised by the Institute of IT Professionals. Its chief executive, Paul Matthews, had the following to say: "The patents system doesn't work for software because it is almost impossible for genuine technology companies to create new software without breaching some of the hundreds of thousands of software patents that exist, often for very obvious work... Today's historic legislation will support our innovative technology industry, and sends a clear message to the rest of the world that New Zealand won't tolerate the vexatious practice of 'patent trolls'"

Flash Memory Summit 2013 - OCZ's Allon Cohen on enterprise SSDs

Flash Memory Summit 2013 - Earlier this week, we had the chance to talk with OCZ's Allon Cohen about the company's software and hardware for the enterprise SSD market.



Cohen said that since being acquired by OCZ, SANRAD has had the opportunity to take a look at the entire data path from the time it is requested by the application until it gets stored in the flash.


He said that their software has added on top of this, another element that will make policy based decisions on what data should be stored into the flash, which helps provide their end users a much more efficient and better performing solution.

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AMD: NVIDIA's CUDA and PhysX are 'doomed'

According to AMD's Vice President of Channel Sales, Roy Taylor, NVIDIA's CUDA and PhysX platforms are an utter failure. How does he get to that conclusion? Because the industry doesn't like proprietary standards.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32181_01_amd_nvidia_s_cuda_and_physx_are_doomed.png


Taylor continued: "NVIDIA should be congratulated for its invention. As a trend, GPGPU is absolutely fantastic and fabulous. But that was then, this is now. Now, collectively our industry doesn't want a proprietary standard. That's why people are migrating to OpenCL." The AMD VP says that Intel will continue adding more GPU to their die.


Taylor said that with Intel's Sandy Bridge platform, 17% of the die was GPU. Ivy Bridge notched that up to 27%, and Haswell sees 32% of its die reserved for GPU silicon. He thinks that Intel will eventually use the term APU, but not for a little while yet. He adds: "We think the reason they're doing that is because of GPGPU. It's not because of games. I think they see that HSA is an absolutely unstoppable force. I just don't know why they don't call [Haswell] an APU... it seems just like pride. If you remember [ATI] tried to join the coin term VPU... 'No, no, no, it's a VPU not a GPU,' they would say. GPU just became widely adopted they just quietly adopted it, and I believe Intel will do the same. Look [Intel] it's an APU, why are you protesting?"

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AMD release Catalyst 13.8 Beta drivers, fixes frame latency issues

AMD have been promising a huge driver update for a little while now, and before we receive this new wonder driver, AMD have released the Catalyst 13.8 Beta drivers.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32128_08_amd_release_catalyst_13_8_beta_drivers_fixes_frame_latency_issues.jpg


The new AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta drivers fix the frame latency issues that are apparent on Graphics CoreNext (GCN) GPUs, meaning micro-stuttering issues with CrossFire configurations should see some big improvements. The driver also includes a fix that ensures frames generated by member GPUs of a CrossFire configuration are displayed in an even and regular pace.


AMD have also provided full support for the OpenGL 4.3 API in the latest Catalyst 13.8 Beta drivers. Once you've downloaded them, you can create application profiles within Catalyst Control Center for OpenGL applications, with CAP updates now pushed out for such apps.

Spotify joins forces with Official Comedy for the good of comedy

Spotify are now working with YouTube channel Official Comedy, where they've launched an app that collects content into a large comedy audio library for your pleasure.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32047_02_spotify_joins_forces_with_official_comedy_curates_a_comedy_playlist.jpg


The new app features stand-up specials from comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K., Mike Birbiglia, George Carlin, Margaret Cho and Kevin. I didn't know who or what Official Comedy was until today, but they're a division of new media and entertainment company Bedrocket Media Ventures. Spotify's Chief Content Officer, Ken Parks, said in a statement: "The Official Comedy app on Spotify gives our users access to a customized comedy experience that is just as extensive as our music experience."


Spotify's new comedy-themed app is curated and edited by Official Comedy, who provide playlists that are based on specific themes. The app will also be updated regularly and will feature new comedians and playlists. Upon launch of the new Spotify app, there are a bunch of other comedians included: Hannibal Buress, Bill Cosby, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Gaffigan, Artie Lange, Steve Martin, Patton Oswalt, Monty Python, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Daniel Tosh.

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to 10.0.9

Today, Apple began pushing out an update that will bring its Final Cut Pro X software up to version 10.0.9. The new update addresses several issues that result in green artifacts when using Sony XAVC media and issues related to interlaced media and retimed segments that have been causing exports to fail.


TweakTown image news/3/2/32044_1_apple_updates_final_cut_pro_x_to_10_0_9.jpg


Also included in the update are several unnamed stability fixes which we can assume fix issues with other file formats. The update is significant at 1.64GB and can be downloaded via the software's built in update tool. This is the first update since 10.0.8 which was released back in March and included several feature enhancements in a move to hopefully lure back many of the pros that jumped ship to Adobe's Premiere Pro when Final Cut Pro 10 was released.

CCleaner reaches version 4.04, includes Windows 8.1 preview support

Piriform have just released the latest version of CCleaner, bringing the cleaning software to version number 4.04. CCleaner 4.04 includes support for the latest operating system from Microsoft, as well as all the latest browser updates from the last month or so.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31995_08_ccleaner_reaches_version_4_04_includes_windows_8_1_preview_support.png


This version includes support for Windows 8.1 preview, and more:


  • Added Windows 8.1 Preview support.
  • Added Internet Explorer 11 cleaning.
  • Added Opera 15 cleaning.
  • Improved Google Chrome cleaning: Flash Cookies, Channel ID Cookies and Last Download Location.
  • Improved detection of Chromium based browsers.
  • Added Comodo IceDragon cleaning.
  • Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers.
  • Improved Monitoring notifications (Pro version).
  • Added cleaning for Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Bing Search, Bing Finance, Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Sports and Bing Travel.
  • Added Hindi translation.
  • Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes.


You can download CCleaner 4.04 right here.

ASUS ROG unveils RAIDR Express PCIe-based SSD

Today, ASUS ROG launched the first PCIe-based SSD in the world that works with either Legacy or Modern UEFI BIOS. The RAIDR Express is geared towards hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best performance possible for their PC. ASUS says that the new PCIe-based SSD combines the best compatibility with incredible performance and durability.


TweakTown image asus_rog_unveils_raidr_express_pcie_based_ssdTweakTown image asus_rog_unveils_raidr_express_pcie_based_ssd


We have seen many other PCIe-based SSDs, but what makes the RAIDR Express so unique is a hardware switch that allows users to switch to either Legacy BIOS or use the more modern UEFI BIOS that is found on more modern high-end motherboards. The switching is made possible because ASUS has included dual BIOS chips on the board, something that has never been done in the SSD world until now.


The RAIDR Express features the latest-generation dual LSI SandForce controller, Toshiba-made 19nm 16K-page size multi-level cell (MLC) sync-NAND flash, 100,000 4K read/write input/output operations per second (IOPS), and 830/810 MB/s sequential read/write speeds, meaning RAIDR Express truly lives up to its name.

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Piriform adds Windows 8.1 support in CCleaner update

Today, Piriform released an update to everyone's favorite PC cleaning utility, CCleaner. The company says that they have been keeping up with the latest operating system and browser updates and have updated CCleaner to version 4.04 to meet all your system tuning needs. This update brings forth support for Windows 8.1 Preview as well as cleaning for Internet Explorer 11 and Opera 15. The company says that they have also improved the way the program cleans unwanted data from Chrome.


TweakTown image news/3/1/31939_1_piriform_adds_windows_8_1_support_in_ccleaner_update.png


The improvements for cleaning Chrome include the ability to remove Flash Cookies, Channel ID cookies, and the last download location. The company also added Comodo Ice Dragon cleaning and improved the detection and cleaning of portable browsers. The professional version added improved monitoring notifications and several bug fixes as well. Finally, cleaning has been added for Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Bing Search, Bing Finance, Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Sports, and Bing Travel. You can update CCleaner by simply loading it up on your machine or you can head over to Source #2 and download the latest version.

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