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Google send an Android into Space - no one hears it scream

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Google have sent their mascot, the Android, into space. The 30, 000m trip was done with a Nexus S and recorded various data with it's GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.



A few super-powers of the Nexus S were found in the process. The Nexus S can function up to an altitude of 18, 000m and temperatures of as low as -50c.


Voyager 1 to exit our solar system soon

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NASA's Voyager 1 began it's journey in 1977 leaving Earth for the unknown. It has been surfing the solar winds for this entire time taking pictures along it's journey and slowly updating it's Facebook status update.


TweakTown image news/1/8/18068_429.jpg


It's now on it's way out of our solar system and nearing the edge of the Heliopause (the official edge of our solar system). Voyager 1 is currently a staggering 10-billion miles away and it issuing out "solid zeroes" which means it's not detecting any more outward movement from solar winds.


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NASA shuttle PC's sold with sensitive data on HDD

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Want secret NASA data? Want the FBI chasing you down? Want to be on the run and live a life of looking over your back? Look no further than your trusty TweakTown news post.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17965_401.jpg


NASA has sold a bunch of PC's and components from NASA's shuttles from four different centers - Kennedy and Johnson Space Centers as well as Ames and Langley Research Centers. The various bits had reportedly "failed sanitization verification testing" or, weren't tested, period.


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SpaceX becomes first privately owned company to put capsule in space

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Space X has successfully launched a large capsule into Earth's orbit today, with this success it makes them the first private corporation to reach this milestone.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17964_400.jpg


Elon Musk made a fortune by co-founding PayPal and lives the kind of life Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) but, in real life. He's a billionaire who is also the founder of Space X. He is also the co-founder of Tesla Motors and has spent $400 million of his own fortune to advance Space X to it's current point in time.


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Japanese battery invented that makes power from vibration

By: Array

I want my notebook and smartphone to perform well with lots of speed for games and other uses, but I also want the battery to last a really long time. Some of the biggest advances in technology over the next few years will be in the battery market as makers seek to improve the battery to make it last longer and charge quicker. Researchers from Japan have shown off a new battery device that is much more powerful than other batteries of the type.




The little battery is actually a power generator that is able to make power by harnessing vibrations. The battery is made from an alloy of iron and gallium called galfenol that changes shape when exposed to a magnetic field. The little battery is able to generate 20x more power from vibrations that similar devices of its size.


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NASA finds new type of life - here on Earth

By: Array

Not directly tech related - but more "science" related and I thought it would appeal to tech fans, but I'm sure you've heard NASA was set to make an announcement based on a form of life not yet known to our race.


TweakTown image news/1/7/17871_368.jpg


Obviously people thought this was from another planet, or something "out there" where the truth is (nodding to you X-Files fans here). But, NASA found DNA which consists of arsenic right here on Earth and more precisely in California. Please note - there is no other life on this planet whose DNA consists of Arsenic, period.


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Invincible matches - nothing will put them out

By: Array

Bit of a fun post here - but Superman, if you're reading this, please email me as I'll require a meeting with you (and no I won't be wearing the same lingerie Lois wore in the original movie, sorry).



These matches are earth proof, water proof, boot-smashing proof, puddle of water/boot smash/dirt proof. They won't die. Ever. In the above video, they are put through torture tests and just as you think it's going to go out and you are about to scream "HAHA TweakTown your news poster is fai...... wait, what!" and yes, they are back on fire.


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New research indicates a manned mission to Mars poses serious health risks

By: Array

It wasn't all that long ago when it was thought to be impossible for man to set foot on Mars. But that hasn't stopped the likes of NASA researching continuously to find out if there's a way to accomplish it without kicking the bucket (short or long term).


However, recent studies have determined that a mission to the Red Planet would be a significant health concern for those willing to suit up for the 3 year return trip (if a one year stay on the planet is factored in).


TweakTown image news/1/6/16486_01.jpg


Researchers at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have taken samples of tissue from nine US and Russian astronauts who spent around six months on the International Space Station. Biopsies were taken 45 days before launch and again on the day of return. The results showed dramatic muscle atrophy which was caused by a prolonged period in zero gravity.


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InstaLoad battery technology does away with positive and negative sides

By: Array

TweakTown image news/1/5/15941_001.jpg


Ever say a few choice words after installing eight batteries into a device and having to redo it because you stuck one in the wrong way? Microsoft is looking to save you from that kind of hassle with InstaLoad, a new battery technology that will allow you to install batteries without having to worry about those pesky positive and negative signs. Instaload's patented contact design doesn't require expensive circuitry or drain battery power while sitting on the shelf and will be compatible with most of the battery types you use every day: CR123, AA, AAA, C or D size.


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sOccket soccer ball generates power as it is kicked around

By: Array

When it comes to electricity most of us in the well established countries of the world take our electric power for granted. In some countries like Africa, electricity is still not stable and often simply not available.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15708_4.jpg


A cool green gadget called the sOccket looks like a soccer ball and is able to generate power from being kicked around. The company behind the device wants to give it to kids in Africa.


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