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Microsoft's Windows Store will offer "a bigger bite of the apple"

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AllThingsD have some live coverage from a just-held Microsoft event, where they talked about their upcoming Windows Store that features in their next OS, Windows 8. Windows President Steven Sinofsky was on hand, as well as Windows Web Services VP Antoine Leblond.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21814_9_microsoft_s_windows_store_will_offer_a_bigger_bite_of_the_apple.jpg


Both took the stage and talked up the Windows Store, where a fair amount of information was unleashed onto the public. First off, Microsoft are promising the best economics of any app store by saying "we're going to give you a bigger bite of the apple". I don't know if that could be put in better words, but I love it.


Leblond recapped that Microsoft is proud to have Windows 8 working on ARM and x86 chips, small and big computers, with "it's the biggest and most significant developer opportunity ever", he promised. Windows Store is set to offer some differences to what the Apple App Store and Google Android Market offer, by giving free trial versions of apps, Leblond says "the best advertisement for your app will be the app itself," and I totally agree.

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Windows 8 should have public beta in late February

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The Next Web claims that sources close to Microsoft have said that we should expect the pubic Windows 8 beta sometime in late February 2012. Windows 8 is expected in 2H 2012, but an exact date for release is currently unknown.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21785_9_windows_8_should_have_public_beta_in_late_february.jpg


But, knowing the release date of the public beta paints a better picture of when to expect the RTM copy of Windows 8. If we use Windows 7's release milestones, we should expect Windows 8 hit the released to manufacturers (RTM) release in June. If this happens, Microsoft could enjoy a very, very good 2H of 2012, by selling its new OS, pushing tablets powered with the OS and pre-built systems with Windows 8 baked in.


What is unknown about the Windows 8 beta is what exactly will be included in the beta itself. No feature set is known, but we should find some information closer to release. I'm incredibly excited myself.

Google releases Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for x86 chipsets

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Google's Android dev team have just released Android 4.0.1/Ice Cream Sandwich for x86 chipsets, which has been a promise of theirs to open Android up to both Intel and AMD-based systems.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21757_10_google_releases_android_4_0_ice_cream_sandwich_for_x86_chipsets.jpg


Of course, with any new release, its not fully stable with many bits missing such as sound, camera, ethernet, and hardware acceleration for Intel chips. Included and working however is, Wi-Fi, sound, and hardware acceleration for AMD chipsets. If you'd like the instructions on how to download the source code, check below [or over the page]:

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Windows 8 will have support for some seriously large HDDs

By: Array

As always, the MSDN blog has a long, but interesting read on large disks and large sectors in Windows 8 and goes into lengthy detail of how the upcoming OS will handle such things.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21756_9_windows_8_will_have_support_for_some_seriously_large_hdds.jpg


I will note, that in the article, they state that from a recent IDC market research report, that they estimate the maximum capacity of a single hard disk will reach 8TB in 2015. But, does this take into consideration the flooding in Thailand? I don't know. Impressive to think though, 8TB in a single disk. Imagine losing all that data. Eep.

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Microsoft are improving the setup experience of Windows 8

By: Array

There is a huge post on the MSDN blog about Windows 8, and how they are improving the setup experience. Microsoft are really working hard on perfecting Windows 8 and after reading the blog I'm 100-percent confident they are on the road to success.


They've got some big challenges ahead of them, and are committed to get more PCs working with Windows 8 than any previous version of Windows was capable of. With more than 450 millin PCs that will be Windows 8-capable, Microsoft expect that many systems that are currently rocking along with Windows Vista and even Windows XP will be eligible.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21642_5_microsoft_are_improving_the_setup_experience_of_windows_8.png


Windows 8 will also now be offered through an online installation, with a "pre-key" inside the setup image that is downloaded to a unique user, this means that you won't even need to enter the 25-digit product key during installation. In pre-installation, Windows 8 will scan your PC to determine compatibility, resulting in a summary report that shows what programs and devices on your system will/won't work, and what items require your attention.

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Microsoft will be tweaking Windows Update, and its handling of restarts in Windows 8

By: Array

One thing that really irks me with Windows (and even OS X) is updating and the requirement of restarting. I've never understood how operating systems have come this far with everything happening behind the scenes, yet it requires user intervention to do simple things like "when would you like to restart, I've just done updates, come on!".


TweakTown image news/2/1/21559_5_microsoft_will_be_tweaking_windows_update_and_its_handling_of_restarts_in_windows_8.png


Microsoft are working on this for Windows 8, which will see Windows Update consolidate all the restarts in a month, synchronizing with the monthly security release. This means that your PC will only restart when security updates are installed and actually require a restart. Security updates are released in a single batch on the second Tuesday of every month, where this will keep the system secure, in a timely manner, reduces restarts and makes restarts more predictable.

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Windows XP turns 10 today, kicks feet up and begins retirement with a glass of scotch

By: Array

My, my, how time has flown by. I still remember triple-booting my PC with Windows 98SE, Windows 2K and Windows XP, how has ten years gone by? Microsoft include the infographic below, which is not only cool, but it shows just how long ago 2001 was with all of the old technology (or lack thereof).


TweakTown image news/2/1/21285_38_windows_xp_turns_10_today_kicks_feet_up_and_begins_retirement_with_a_glass_of_scotch.jpg


For example, in 2001 we have in-person meetings, now we have video conferencing. Working at the office, can now be done anywhere (such as me posting this news out to the world, I can do so in my boxer shorts and you wouldn't even know it - begin dreams, now). Chat rooms have been swapped for social networking, dial-up for broadband/Wi-Fi, and hard drives for "the cloud".

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Linux kernel hits 3.1, now supports NFC, Wiimotes

By: Array

Linux Kernel version 3.1 has popped its head up and offers support for a range of technologies such as Intel's Ivy Bridge and Cedar Trail chips, NFC and drivers for Wiimotes. It also has improved power management. It's available to download right now, but of course you may want to wait for the distro of your choice for an official update or release.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21256_16_linux_kernel_hits_3_1_now_supports_nfc_wiimotes.jpg


Its own summary sums it up quite well:


Support for the OpenRISC opensource CPU, performance improvements to the writeback throttling, some speedups in the slab allocator, a new iSCSI implementation, support for Near-Field Communication chips used to enable mobile payments, bad block management in the generic software RAID layer, a new "cpupowerutils" userspace utility for power management, filesystem barriers enabled by default in Ext3, Wii Controller support and new drivers and many small improvements.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Start Menu search function blogged

By: Array

In a new posting on Microsoft's MSDN Blog pages we can get a better idea of how the search function available in the start menu will work, and it is indeed quite different to what we're used to with the likes of Windows 7.


While the start search in Windows 8 takes up a lot more space, it is a lot easier (and quicker) to make use of when it comes to looking for a program, file(s), or settings windows. As there will inevitably be a ton of apps included with Windows 8, which would only grow a lot more once all the 3rd party stuff starts getting installed, Microsoft has made the decision to split the search feature into three sections.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21188_03_microsoft_windows_8_start_menu_search_function_blogged.jpg


One section will focus solely on all the apps and programs installed; another will be dedicated to listing settings and Control Panel items, while the third will display files and gives a range of filters to trim down the search.

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Windows 7 overtakes XP with biggest market share worldwide

By: Array

Right from the get go Windows 7 was looking strong out the gate and allowed Microsoft to take a quick U-turn away from the rocky road they travelled down with Vista, but it's been Windows XP that has retained the biggest impact in the OS world for MS all this time.


However, if the latest consolidation of data from StatCounter is accurate, the first half of this October has seen Windows 7 actually overtake XP in becoming the primary operating system of choice worldwide. The data was collected from over 3 million sites in total and it was discovered that Windows 7 now has a market share of over 40%, which is up from 39.04% last month.


TweakTown image news/2/1/21132_05_windows_7_overtakes_xp_with_biggest_market_share_worldwide.jpg


Windows XP is still going super strong, though, with a 38.62% market share. Meanwhile, Vista continues to dwindle in third place at a far distant 11.18% market share. Trailing behind Vista in fourth is Apple with Mac OS X at 7.3%, then in fifth sits iOS at 1.1%.


With Windows 7 now making it into pole position as the leading OS of choice, it's not hard to believe that it will remain in that position for quite a long time; especially due to Windows 8 still being a ways off and needing to prove itself as the OS of choice well after its release.

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