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RumorTT: RIM could license BB10 OS to Samsung

We all know Research in Motion (RIM) is in trouble, and one of, if not their only safe haven, is their forthcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. But now there's some new spark to rumors that the troubled company could be saved by Samsung.




This is all according to Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek, who believes that RIM's strategic review will end up with a decision to license the company's BlackBerry 10 OS, and that the company best suited to handle it, is Samsung. Misek wrote in a note to clients:


Given recent management comments in the press, it now appears that RIM is realizing what Wall Street has been saying for some time: they are a subscale manufacturer and desperately need a partner. We believe RIM is attempting to revive discussions with Samsung regarding a BB10 licensing deal.


Does it seem far fetched? Not really, considering that RIM's CEO, Thorsten Heins said that licensing BB10 was definitely an option under serious consideration at RIM, and considering the stress the company is under right now with the competition from Google and Apple, it seems like a viable option. Heins said:


We don't have the economy of scale to compete against the guys who crank out 60 handsets a year. To deliver BB10, we may need to look at licensing it to someone who can do this at a way better cost proposition than [we] can do it.

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iOS 6 could add an extra row of icons, I hope you were sitting down for that one

So, Apple have cut YouTube out of iOS 6, and now they've added an extra row for icons. There just doesn't seem to be anything worth drooling over for the next-gen mobile OS from Apple. BGR reports from a 9to5Mac post that we could be looking at a fifth row of icons on iOS 6.




Using Apple's Xcode development application, BGR used a simple tweak to show what iOS 6 would look like when the resolution is bumped up to 640x1136, as shown above. 9to5Mac says that five rows of icons will fit on the screen instead of 4 on the current iPhone's, and that apps will scale accordingly to take advantage of the extra height.

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"Xbox Windows" branded games are invading Windows 8

Windows 8 is bringing a lot of new changes to the Windows operating system. Beyond a completely new Start/desktop interface, Microsoft has fully integrated Windows and Xbox as shown by the new "Xbox Windows" branded games. These games will live separately from the Games for Windows Live service.




The games that fall under this banner will provide in-game achievements which award Gamerscore to players. This way you can boost your Gamerscore while killing time at work. As of right now, the games that fall under this title give up to 50 Gamerscore and are Microsoft productions: Minesweeper, Solitaire, and Majong.


Minesweeper provides the most chance to increase your Gamerscore with a possible 50 spread out over 4 achievements. You get 5 Gamerscore just for being blown up by your first mine. Solitaire provides up to 40 Gamerscore with 10 being awarded for just flipping over your first card. Majong has 25 Gamerscore with 5 being awarded for changing the game's theme.


Microsoft has promised to not drop support for the Games for Windows Live brand and instead promised "new investments in Metro style games" such as Minesweeper, presumably. Windows 8, with all these new features, will be released on October 26.

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 packaging

The Verge has been the first out of the gate with exclusive pictures of the retail packaging of Microsoft's upcoming, and already leaked OS, Windows 8. Packaging has been shown off for Windows 8, and Windows 8 Pro, which will be the only boxed versions of the OS to hit retail shelves.




Microsoft have opted to show off their Windows 8-style UI on the boxes, which looks quite delicious, if I may say so myself. Windows 8 sports a brighter styled package in white, with the Professional version shown off in black. Both are looking very nice indeed.


Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT will be available either on new PCs, and tablets from October 26. Upgrade versions will hit stores, or as a download on the same day. What do you think of the newly-styled Windows 8 boxes?

Windows 8 won't be allowing you to boot to desktop, you'll have to say hello to the 'I'm not Metro' homescreen first

If you were looking forward to booting directly to the desktop in Windows 8, you're going to be sorry, because Microsoft won't be allowing this. This means that users will be totally forced to look at that "Windows 8-style UI", aka Metro, before you can hit that usual desktop screen you're used to.




We don't know if this will effect all users, but right now it looks like it is a possibility. If the move is concrete, we can see just how serious Microsoft are at pushing their new Windows 8-style UI, or Metro, and how its going to effect Microsoft going forward. The Windows 8 Start Screen isn't just a feature that can be ignored, but will be a component of every single system that sports the OS. Maybe it sounds annoying now, but when we're used to it, we could have tiles for temperatures, e-mail, and the like, and we'll totally get over it.


But, Microsoft have also been talking about this type of move since BUILD, with it looking like it's going to be a staple feature of the OS now. The more I think about it, the more it doesn't directly effect me, as I don't fully turn off my PC all that often anyway.

Microsoft tightening Windows 8 activation policy to curb piracy

There's no denying that piracy is a huge problem for Microsoft. Just two days after Windows 8 was released to OEMs, the operating system showed up on file sharing sites for download. Microsoft has declined to comment on the leak, but there's little reason to think it was someone other than an employee at an OEM.




This isn't the first example of piracy for Microsoft. Almost every previous product they have released has been pirated to some extent. While they won't be able to get the problem completely stamped out with the changes they are making, it should at least close some loopholes and make it harder for pirates to do what they do best.


The changes relate to how OEMs active Windows on pre-built machines. Windows is activated at the factory so that consumers don't have to take any additional steps when they purchase a computer. Prior activation schemes saw OEMs using a single activation key on all machines so that they could use the same image across them all.


Now, however, OEMs will be required to write a unique code into the BIOS of the machines based upon the hardware configuration. Furthermore, this key isn't generated by the OEM. Instead, it will be delivered by Microsoft via electronic delivery and factories will have to file production reports detailing licensing compliance so they can no longer avoid paying licensing fees.

Windows 8 RTM supposedly leaks out just two days after release

Windows 8 isn't due out for consumers until October 26, yet it appears a final version has already been leaked out onto the web. Even early access people, those with TechNet, MSDN, and other subscriptions and contracts don't get access until August 15 at minimum, so if this a true version, it had to come from a hardware manufacturer.




"It looks like our first leak has occurred, as Windows 8 Enterprise N has appeared on torrenting sites and has been confirmed by several that it's the real deal," said in a post earlier today. is a site which follows Windows betas. They throw out a disclaimer: "Remember, we are yet to confirm this as real or fake."


Of course, Microsoft would encourage you not to download a copy for several reasons. One, they have no control over what's contained in the package, so it could be packed full of malware. Two, they'd much rather sell the operating system to you than have you get a copy for free. Microsoft declined to comment on this issue.

Multiple user accounts could be coming to Android soon

This is one thing that really upsets me, in this technologically-driven age we live in, why do tablets and smartphones not feature the ability to include multiple users? I'd love for my iPad to have a 'login screen', where I can select myself and have the iPad set out how I want. Then, if my wife, or a guest wanted to use it, they would use an appropriate account.




But, it looks like this might come to Android first, and I can't be anymore excited. According to a report from Android Police, "miles of code" for multiple user accounts has already been written into the Android source code. Better yet, it looks as if lock screen information, installed applications, running applications, application data, default applications, home screen widgets, accounts, syncing and language settings are already separated for multiple users.


Google supposedly began work on the multiple user account feature more than a year ago, and maybe this will be the selling point of Android 4.2 "Key Lime Pie".

Microsoft dumps "Metro" name, now calls it "Windows 8-style UI", escapes trademark dispute

Well, Microsoft is having quite the week, aren't they? First they hit the Release to Manufacturing state for Windows 8, meaning that is is finished and shipped off for mass duplication. Then, just hours ago, we reported that an 'N' version of Windows 8 RTM had hit file sharing sites, and now the company is having to fight off rumors of a possible trademark infringement for the use of the word "Metro" for their user interface in Windows 8, according to a piece over at Ars Technica.




I stumbled over it, and first thought it was a joke, but realised that I was fooling myself. Sources have told Ars that Metro is now dead after the company's Legal and Corporate Affairs team sent out a memo banning the word "Metro". LCA's memo reportedly said that Microsoft had been threatened with legal action for infringing on "Metro" trademarks that are held by German retailer Metro AG.

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Windows 8 RTM build has already arrived on file sharing sites

That didn't take long, did it? The Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build of Windows 8 has leaked. The leaked build is an 'N' build, which means it doesn't include Windows Media Player. Microsoft were forced to make an 'N' version of Windows after a 2004 European Union ruling mandating the company to provide a copy of Windows that didn't include the media player.




This would annoy Microsoft surely, and a lot of other people considering that developers don't even have their paws on the operating system yet. Another thing to consider is that the OS doesn't arrive until October 26, which is still miles away.


We can't link you to the leaked 'N' build of Windows, but if you do end up using it, we would recommend caution.

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